İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

due to lack   (yokluk sebebiyle)

NB: Results are incomplete due to lack of sources.

Dates are approximate due to lack of documentation.

In 2005 the event was suspended due to lack of funds.

due to injury   (yaralanma nedeniyle)

However, Mir was forced to withdraw due to injury.

Clarke was forced to retire due to injury in 2001.

One month later, Riza left Newmarket due to injury.

part due   (bölümü nedeniyle)

This may be in part due to the small colony size.

This is in part due to the drop in life expectancy in Zambia.

This is at least in part due to the fact that they have overlapping genes.

due to financial   (finansal nedeniyle)

In 2008 they were disbanded due to financial crisis.

In 1873 the factory closed due to financial reasons.

The club was disbanded in 1998 due to financial strain.

season due   (vadesi gelecek)

He missed most of the season due to a hip injury.

Raji missed the 2007 season due to academic reasons.

He missed the 2013 season due to Tommy John Surgery.

largely due   (büyük ölçüde)

Clinical signs are largely due to blood loss.

This was largely due to its natural harbor.

This is largely due to the historic origin of the DIN as "NADI".

due to poor   (fakirlerden dolayı)

He was sacked in January 2013 due to poor results.

It was axed on 1 April 2013 due to poor ratings.

In 1999 the school was closed due to poor performance.

mainly due   (esas olarak)

71 civilians died, mainly due to artillery fire.

This was mainly due to his military experience in Russia.

This is mainly due to the 56-bit key size being too small.

partly due   (kısmen vadesi gelmiş)

This was partly due to director Shindo's mobility problems.

Although it is partly due to the human factor, the road has

By 1975 profits had halved, partly due to the 1974 oil crisis.

due to low   (düşük nedeniyle)

It was cancelled after its first season due to low ratings.

Hongey Judaa Na Hum ended on 20 March 2013 due to low TRP's.

The station closed on September 2, 1973, due to low ridership.

due in part   (kısmen vadesi gelmiş)

This was due in part to the increasing PC market.

This is due in part to the high rates of illiteracy in the country.

This was due in part to the institutional landscape of television in the UK.

cancelled due   (vadesi geldi)

"*" The 11th race was cancelled due to bad weather.

Kraft Hockeyville 2013 was cancelled due to the lockout.

It was cancelled due to marketing concerns.

due process   (gerekli süreç)

Many of the cases lacked due process.

EFF noted that the new law violates the principle of due process.

The law provides for due process.

due to high   (yüksek yüzünden)

The UK raised the oil levy in 2006 due to high prices.

However, due to high cost it recorded a loss of $2,480,436.

Extra dates were added in Melbourne and Sydney due to high demand.

likely due   (büyük olasılıkla)

This similarity is most likely due to technological transfer.

This is most likely due to the opening of the Central Atlantic.

Most die within three weeks after capture, most likely due to stress.

closed due   (vadesi kapalı)

On January 8, 2018, Sears closed due to bankruptcy.

Several schools in Maryland were closed due to snow.

It was closed due to a lack of students and funding.

time due   (zamanı geldi)

These TLM-properties may vary over time due to aging effects.

Shagrath had free time due to Dimmu Borgir taking a break after Ozzfest.

He was on Social Security Disability Insurance at the time due to his palsy.

possibly due   (muhtemelen ödenmesi gereken)

Wood committed suicide, possibly due to a recurring elbow injury.

Toshimasu managed to tame the wild horse, possibly due to Toshimasu's own wild personality.

UFA showed an interest, but possibly due to financial difficulties, never made a sound film.

years due   (yıl vadesi)

Maddox missed two games in both his junior and senior years due to injury.

The season 1 was a weekly show and was closed after two years due to low TRPs.

The ruins remained in place for the following 23 years due to political fighting.

due to injuries   (yaralanmalar nedeniyle)

She retired from swimming in 1976 due to injuries.

He then retired from figure skating due to injuries.

Men's team competition was forfeited due to injuries.

due to illness   (hastalıktan dolayı)

He resigned due to illness, and died on 14 July 1943.

He returned in 1938 to Amupolo due to illness.

This could be due to illness, age, or injury.

primarily due   (öncelikli olarak)

This was primarily due to the housing shortage.

The sensitivity of cilia is primarily due to ciliary length.

It is still of interest primarily due to its relatively simple form.

probably due   (muhtemelen vadesi gelmiş)

This is probably due to the mail being delivered via Cobram.

Sture died aged 40, probably due to a ruptured blood vessel in the brain.

He did not stand for election in 1695, probably due to his failing health.

mostly due

She moved mostly due to work related reasons.

This is mostly due to the influence of the Danish pastor Grundtvig.

Facing a tough campaign mostly due to redistricting, he lost 55% to 45%.

down due   (vadesi gelmiş)

The remaining walls had to be knocked down due to the damage.

Little stood down due to the party's historically low polling.

In between it slowed down due to the Naval Disarmament Treaty.

delayed due   (gecikmeli)

The shoot was initially delayed due to bad weather.

Unfortunately, the movie gets delayed due to financial problems.

The album release has since been delayed due to royalty disputes.

due to family   (aileden dolayı)

He returned to India in 1909 due to family issues.

Forty percent of pupils eligible for a free lunch due to family poverty.

In November 2011, Adams resigned from being Gabala's coach due to family problems.

year due   (vadesi dolan yıl)

However, the trials ended after a year due to lack of funds.

He missed much of the early part of that year due to injuries.

Curry's contribution was limited during his rookie year due to limited minutes.

due to concerns   (endişeler nedeniyle)

He was released on September 2 due to concerns about his knee.

The drug was mostly withdrawn in the 1980s due to concerns of liver damage.

The FDA rejected the combination drug in 2010 due to concerns over its safety.

died due   (nedeniyle öldü)

Allen died due to the cancer in December 1996.

Thousands more are thought to have died due to disease.

He died due to complications of colon cancer.

due to health   (sağlık nedeniyle)

Nutan Naidu Walked out due to health issues.

NASA reported that he had resigned due to health reasons.

He was then pulled off the road in 2008 due to health issues.

due to heavy

The second ODI match was abandoned due to heavy rain.

In September 2015, Farini suffered a major flood due to heavy rain.

Trees and shrubs are infrequent due to heavy frost in the winter months.

due to increased   (arttığı için)

Some develop angioedema due to increased bradykinin levels.

The economy had been stable since 2000 due to increased tourism.

Deaths have been reported due to increased body temperature and dehydration.

due course   (süresi dolmuş)

The dissertation was in due course published as a book.

Chandu recollects his past in the due course.

Jack, in due course, proposes to Fernie.

not due   (vadesi gelmemiş)

Trent Bridge is also not due to host an Ashes Test in 2019 or 2023.

While Hues was present for these shows, Feldman was not due to personal obligations.

If the fever persists despite stopping all TB medication, then the fever is not due to the drugs.

games due

He missed seven games due to a fractured left forearm.

He missed the next three games due to injury.

He missed four games due to a leg injury.

due to ill

Young had to retire in 1991 due to ill health.

Then in 1988, due to ill health, he returned to Malta.

He left coaching after 1945 due to ill health.

lost due

One seat was lost due to reapportionment.

One player lost due to injuries was third baseman Chris Sabo.

failed due   (nedeniyle başarısız oldu)

There Villavicencio failed due to the other teams.

A similar project in Stolp failed due to monetary shortage.

However, both initiatives failed due to financial hardships.

lunch due   (öğlen yemeği)

Forty percent of pupils eligible for a free lunch due to family poverty.

In 2013, enrollment was 778 pupils, in grades 6th through 8th, with 32% of pupils eligible for a free lunch due to family poverty.

In 2010, the district reported that 1,167 pupils received a free or reduced-price lunch due to the family meeting the federal poverty level.

due north

It then returns to a due north course for to Dexter.

West of Pittsburg US 421/SR 39 heads due north towards Monticello.

The highway crosses the Roanoke River before turning nearly due north.

postponed due   (vadesi ertelendi)

All exams were postponed due to the national crisis.

The game was subsequently postponed due to these events.

From British attacks were postponed due to rain and fog.

due to personal

Sarfaraz temporarily leaves the band due to personal reasons.

Cecil Gordon quit the race on lap 123 due to personal issues.

Orive left his position as the Mayor of Canovelles due to personal reasons.

due to having   (sahip olmaktan dolayı)

† - #51 BMS Scuderia Italia won tie-breaker due to having more race wins.

Taliaferro's original sample stories were rejected due to having "weak gags".

Initially, Tsukuba was built for travel by car due to having no train station.

abandoned due   (vadesi gelmiş)

This project had to be abandoned due to the war.

The second ODI match was abandoned due to heavy rain.

It was completely abandoned due to a lack of funding.

due to complications   (komplikasyonlar nedeniyle)

He died due to complications of colon cancer.

He died due to complications from leukemia.

Miles died on 8 April 2018, due to complications following a stroke.

due to political   (politik nedeniyle)

However, ten months later he was banned from teaching due to political concerns.

The ruins remained in place for the following 23 years due to political fighting.

But the club withdrew from Kyrgyzstan League due to political unrest in April 2010.

due east

The highway continues due east from this interchange.

US 20 heads northeast and then east and SR 2 heads due east.

It is 286 km, almost due east, from Perth, the capital of WA.

partially due   (kısmen vadesi gelmiş)

This inactivity was partially due to the shortage of food.

Sunny is obsessed with sex, this is partially due to Sunny's environment.

This is partially due to the maxim that an offeror is the "master of his offer."

game due

However it was reported on 18 January that he would miss the game due to injury.

Talajić was later suspended by the Asian Football Federation for one game due to his actions.

In the next inning Cabrera was forced to leave the game due to his hand continuing to ail him.

due to budget   (bütçe nedeniyle)

Inactivated on 30 October 1970 due to budget reductions.

However, they were let go in 2012 due to budget cutbacks.

Inactivated due to budget cuts in 1978.

due to bad   (kötü yüzünden)

The shoot was initially delayed due to bad weather.

The film was not released fully due to bad reviews.

"*" The 11th race was cancelled due to bad weather.

status due

He assumed senior status due to a certified disability on June 1, 1973.

He assumed senior status due to a certified disability on July 31, 1955.

In 2009, the school was in "Warning" status due to low student achievement.

due to problems

This failed however due to problems with the attitude control system.

The 2017 T in the Park was cancelled due to problems at the 2016 event.

She still swims daily, but does not compete due to problems with her back.

due to rain   (yağmur nedeniyle)

From British attacks were postponed due to rain and fog.

The match ended in a draw due to rain.

Final practice session for Saturday was cancelled due to rain.

canceled due   (vadesi geldi)

Eight flights were canceled due to the storm.

Pruitt's trip to Australia was canceled due to Hurricane Harvey.

There were also claims that the live EP was canceled due to legal issues.

due to various   (çeşitli nedeniyle)

The continuous changes down the water route are due to various factors.

Though filming started, it could not be completed due to various reasons.

Zimmerman would eventually be banned for life due to various accusations of corruption.

due to several

The group was short lived due to several reasons.

She was special for King Ibn Saud due to several reasons.

The Chamber let the project to collapse due to several reasons.

due to changes

Further variations exist due to changes during the colonial period.

Sales productivity has been declining due to changes in their customer's behaviors.

"Speakers' Corner Alberta" was cancelled in April 2008 due to changes in both companies.

perhaps due   (belki vadesi doldu)

This transfer to the rival club, caused him a lack of form, perhaps due to depression.

In 1688 he fled to Scotland, perhaps due to events related to the Glorious Revolution.

After 1878, he selling land from the estate, perhaps due to the agricultural recession.

retired due   (vadesi geçmiş emekli)

He retired due to a disability on 31 December 1922.

In 1919, Crawford retired due to disabilities.

She retired due to disability in June 1943.

due to differences

In 2008, he resigned from this position due to differences of opinion.

Local variations are due to differences in altitude and proximity to the sea.

Later Heinrich Zwicker withdrew from the project due to differences in personnel.

due to insufficient   (yetersizlik nedeniyle)

This was not upheld due to insufficient copyright material.

A grand jury did not indict him due to insufficient evidence.

The building is being developed in phases, due to insufficient funds.

due to both

The rivalry occurred due to both clubs in the same state's geographical location.

The decline has been due to both church membership resignations and falling baptism rates.

However all of these reactors have been shut down due to both economic and social factors.

team due   (vadesi gelen takım)

However, he never played for the first team due to injuries.

Kwasniewski did not return to the team due to lack of sponsorship.

In 1982, however, he was pushed from the Lisa team due to infighting.

due diligence   (durum tespit süreci)

They were also tasked to conduct a due diligence audit.

and "the ‘due diligence’ obligation not to cause significant harm."

She was fined $38,000 after the judge found she did not use "due diligence".

due to strong   (güçlü nedeniyle)

The storm continued to weakening due to strong wind shear.

Severe damage was reported in the state due to strong winds.

Twenty-two flights were delayed in the prefecture due to strong winds.

withdrew due   (vadesi gelmiş)

Algeria withdrew due to poor squad standards.

81 in the first race but withdrew due to age limitations.

FK Rīga withdrew due to unpaid debts.

difficult due   (nedeniyle zor)

This often proved difficult due to mist in the swamp.

Control of the species is difficult due to the lack of predators.

Intensification was almost difficult due to moderate vertical wind shear.

however due   (ancak vadesi gelmiş)

The move was delayed however due to his grandfather passing away.

This failed however due to problems with the attitude control system.

The original release date of the album was October 22, however due to legal issues it had been postponed.

due west

The highway enters Decatur by curving due west.

Glenbrook is located on the east shore of Lake Tahoe, due west of Carson City.

US 421/SR 38/SR 39 heads northwest out of Frankfort, and later SR 38 heads due west.

due to other   (diğeri nedeniyle)

This lasted until enrollment declined due to other schools opening in the area.

Marines sometimes couldn't get support due to other units getting mission priority.

Please note: some former players may be listed elsewhere due to other achievements (i.e.

due in large

This is due in large part to Artemis’s reputation as a protector of wildlife.

Ecology has a complex origin, due in large part to its interdisciplinary nature.

This was due in large part to the fact that many of the rural areas began to report first.

resigned due

He resigned due to illness, and died on 14 July 1943.

NASA reported that he had resigned due to health reasons.

It resigned due to the 2009 Icelandic financial crisis protests.

due to technical

In 2014, it went off the air due to technical difficulties in antenna and transmitter.

Not all services are available across all the various platforms due to technical constraints.

But due to technical reasons the unit was not fully equipped and trained until February 1942.

occur due

Starvation may occur due to excessive tooth damage.

Most MIs occur due to coronary artery disease.

Brain injury may occur due to removal of brain tissue.

due to not

He became a polio victim due to not having been vaccinated as an infant.

In December 2011, St. Nick's Pub closed due to not having a renewed liquor license.

On June 6, Golovkin was stripped of his IBF world title due to not adhering to the IBF rules.

again due   (yine zamanı geldi)

The industry is gaining attention again due to social media.

Lecce later relegated again due to 2011–12 Italian football scandal.

The law was again amended in 1986, again due to issues with military spending.

due to increasing

Petrassi stopped composing in 1986 due to increasing loss of eyesight.

This was however withdrawn due to increasing charges at London City Airport.

The decision was made due to increasing Asian competition and a strong Australian dollar.

due to declining   (düşüş nedeniyle)

The distance changed in 2011 due to declining numbers.

The downtown store closed in 1977 due to declining sales.

The school was closed in 1979 due to declining enrollment.

due to economic

However, "Assawt" was disestablished in January 2009 due to economic reasons.

The saving of the theater due to economic reasons was credited to Gianfrancesco Guarnieri.

However, the plans were shelved by early 2010 due to economic pressure and FAA funding cuts.

suspended due   (nedeniyle askıya alındı)

In 2005 the event was suspended due to lack of funds.

In May 2016, he was provisionally suspended due to use of meldonium.

From 1923 to 1967, immigration from China was suspended due to exclusion laws.

due to scheduling

The team disbanded in 2013 due to scheduling conflicts.

However, due to scheduling conflicts, it never happened.

Riseborough was cast but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

months due   (vadesi gelen aylar)

In 1982 all service was suspended for four months due to typhoon damage.

In 2004 and 2006, Koellerer was banned for six months due to his bad behavior.

Post production took a number of months due to incorporating the animated sequences.

off due

In March 1860, all the property was auctioned off due to insolvency.

Of the Raiders 40 home games, 6 were interrupted or called off due to rain.

But the film could not take off due to conflict between Shailendra Babu and Upendra.

declined due   (vadesi geldi)

In the 1970s, the industry declined due to Far Eastern competition.

This lasted until enrollment declined due to other schools opening in the area.

Pratt wrote the influence of the Rofft declined due to a combination of events.

due south

Another similar formation is Wright almost due south.

The Simba Plains are located some 10 kilometers due south.

It is most distinct due south of NGC 1788's central region.

due for release

Both are due for release via the INgrooves label.

This CD was due for release October 2011.

Their 12th studio album is due for release on 14th August 2020.

possible due   (mümkün olan)

Internal carriage on the F-35B isn't possible due to internal space limitations.

This is possible due to there only being a burst charge, eliminating the lift charge.

This is possible due to the large amount of spacing in between pixels in MicroLED displays.

century due   (yüzyıl sonu)

It developed in the nineteenth century due to increased coal mining and quarrying.

The city was gradually deserted after the 13th century due to change in the course of the Indus.

They will spread northwards and to higher elevations in the next century due to increasing temperatures.

area due

In 2002, the district shrank slightly in area due to redistricting.

He choose this area due to the two waterfalls on the Gananoque River.

The remnant of Rakata grew rather considerably in area due to falling pumice.

up due

Meanwhile, Ryan and Kraft decide to break up due to their trust issues.

During the late 18th century, Kyamtwara Kingdom broke up due to revolts.

He ran a ramen restaurant before having to give it up due to poor health.

due to pressure   (basınç nedeniyle)

But Khalid Mohammed decided to commercialize the film due to pressure from the distributors.

However, an interval was inserted in certain productions due to pressure from falling bar takings.

The AWU claimed that 212 workers had resigned from the AWU due to pressure from Federation organisers.

most likely due   (büyük olasılıkla)

This similarity is most likely due to technological transfer.

This is most likely due to the opening of the Central Atlantic.

Most die within three weeks after capture, most likely due to stress.

later due

His father died a year later due to a heart attack.

Publication of the finding was delayed until later due to the war.

band due

Sarfaraz temporarily leaves the band due to personal reasons.

In May, drummer Case Snedecor left the band due to musical differences.

In 2016 the singer Mickael Guirand decided to quit the band due to personal issues.

due largely   (büyük ölçüde nedeniyle)

This was due largely to the success of the singles "Piensa En Mi" and "Un Año de Amor"

In modern times however the textile industry declined due largely to lower Asian wages.

Enron grew wealthy due largely to marketing, promoting power, and its high stock price.

loss due   (vadesi gelen zarar)

Eventually became a total loss due wrecking in Fitzroy River 1905.

But due to hunting habitat loss due to mining, they were swept away.

The transmission efficiency is improved as loss due to corona effect is countered.

due to safety   (güvenlik nedeniyle)

This is generally due to safety concerns.

The two steeples were removed in 1962 due to safety concerns.

This was changed from the 2012 competitions onward due to safety concerns.

due to severe   (şiddetli)

Investigators said the victim died due to severe illness.

He was then admitted to hospital due to severe back pain.

Officials recommended boats to stay at port due to severe conditions.