İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

other duties   (diğer görevler)

To his other duties he added the teaching of patrology.

Among other duties, it keeps Dresden's parasite in check.

They were therefore assigned other duties.

escort duties   (eskort görevleri)

The EIC had "Marquis Cornwallis" built for long-range convoy escort duties.

"Pontoosuc" returned to New York on 30 August 1864 and took up escort duties.

"Cornwall" was then transferred to the South Atlantic for convoy escort duties.

duties included   (görevler dahil)

His duties included coaching the baseball, basketball and football teams.

His duties included Public Works, and he was an active layman of the Anglican Church.

BISCO's duties included making the arrangements for the scrapping of surplus Royal Navy ships.

coaching duties

For his coaching duties, Wagenhorst was paid $275.

He later assumed defensive coaching duties at Florida, Ole Miss, and Notre Dame.

Zambrano assumed head coaching duties when Osiander was fired early in the 1997 season.

administrative duties

He was reassigned to administrative duties and rose through the ranks.

He focused primarily on scholarship rather than administrative duties.

Mufti became a teacher there and handled the secretarial and administrative duties.

patrol duties   (devriye görevleri)

Slave patrol duties started as breaking up slave meetings.

She was then based at Scapa Flow on screening and patrol duties.

She returned to patrol duties off the coast of Cuba at sunrise on 13 March 1800.

official duties

By April, little was left of the armaments industry, and Speer had few official duties.

The duke indulged himself in pleasure and did not attend to official duties for three days.

Tolstoy's behavior on board, where he was unencumbered by official duties, was very unpredictable.

vocal duties

They share lead vocal duties and play guitar in the group.

Nicholas assumed co-lead vocal duties with drummer Walter Orange.

Dimiter Voev's vocal duties were taken by younger brother Simeon Voev.

customs duties   (gümrük vergileri)

He received both customs duties and a "dash" (bonus gift).

In 1573, it was made a head port for collection of customs duties.

Parties often set their customs duties at the 8-digit "tariff code" level.

rights and duties   (haklar ve görevler)

Fagging carried with it well-defined rights and duties on both sides.

He wrote editorials on the rights and duties of the people of Travancore.

Any difference in rights and duties between men and women the Law of UPR does not know.

hosting duties   (barındırma görevleri)

He returned on Monday, January 4, 2010, to his regular hosting duties.

In 1972, Blyden took over hosting duties for the syndicated revival of the game show "What's My Line?"

Philbin's "Millionaire" hosting duties won him a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host in 2001.

duties during

Tuukka Rask and Jaroslav Halak split the goaltending duties during the regular season.

David (born Dorje) MacDonald briefly took over O'Connor's interpreter duties during recovery.

Students are sent around the world for religious duties during the Ashara (Moharram) and Ramadan.

duties include

Its duties include maintaining a voter registration system.

Their duties include the granting and suspending of charters.

The Court's other duties include overseeing the operations of all state trial courts.

military duties

He received the OBE for military duties in 1945.

Voss was proficient in his military duties on the Eastern Front.

When given other military duties such as recruiting, he has no success.

garrison duties   (garnizon görevleri)

It also undertook garrison duties in Syria and Egypt.

The Victorians then garrisoned Tientsin and the New South Wales contingent undertook garrison duties in Peking.

The Regiment performed garrison duties at Fort Barrancas and Fort Pickens from November 1862 until August 1864.

assumed duties

In 2013, K. D. W. D. R. Fernando assumed duties as the principal.

In December, she assumed duties as station oiler at Espiritu Santo.

Jack Steadman assumed duties from Rossi and served in the position until 1976.

powers and duties   (yetki ve görevler)

Being Zeus' favorite children, they were given more powers and duties.

Provision was made for the division of powers and duties between the federal and territorial governments.

The body has its powers and duties according to the Regimental Structure approved by Decree 7.9744, April 1, 2013.

ceremonial duties

They spend most of their time on ceremonial duties and drilling with new weapons.

The position of the first lady is not an elected one and carries only ceremonial duties.

Between the wars, the Battery spent several years based at St John's Wood performing ceremonial duties.

duties and responsibilities

Also called the "Truck Team," this unit has many duties and responsibilities.

But when Blaine became ill in 1892, Wharton's duties and responsibilities increased.

Their Constitution enumerated the duties and responsibilities of officers and members.

public duties   (kamu görevleri)

It is responsible for the performance of public duties in the U.S. Navy.

In 1977 they left Malta and in 1979 carried out public duties in London.

Another of her public duties was handing diplomas to graduates at the commencement ceremony.

training duties

Resuming ASW training duties, "S-42" remained in the Admiralties into October.

151 Squadron operating a variety of aircraft on development and training duties.

After these modernization efforts were completed, "U-1" returned to training duties until 4 October 1915.

occupation duties

Moved in August 1945 to AAF Horsching, Austria, for occupation duties.

The battalion began occupation duties near Linz in June, and was inactivated in July.

The Division was stationed on Kyushu and maintained order during the occupation duties.

convoy escort duties   (konvoy eskort görevleri)

The EIC had "Marquis Cornwallis" built for long-range convoy escort duties.

"Cornwall" was then transferred to the South Atlantic for convoy escort duties.

After a refit in 1917, she conducted patrol and convoy escort duties in the Atlantic.

import duties   (ithalat vergileri)

The local tax system depends upon import duties, payroll taxes and consumption taxes.

According to him, this aid could take the form of import duties or, in rare cases, prohibition of imports.

The Indian government has taken steps to enhance power generation from gas-based power plants by waiving import duties and taxes.

production duties

Chase & Status were on additional production duties for "Mosh Pit".

They recorded the album with Robert Orton who has handled production duties on Police and Lady Gaga albums.

Brad Pitt was initially to star as Fawcett, additionally providing production duties through his company Plan B Entertainment.

guitar duties

He was successfully treated and resumed his guitar duties in 2015.

Harold Hollingsworth was recruited to take over lead guitar duties.

Valentine moved to guitar duties, and Paula Jean Brown was hired to play bass.

duties such

When given other military duties such as recruiting, he has no success.

The manifesto covers issues ranging from domestic duties such as cooking, to gendered baby clothes.

ThyssenKrupp will also build four Sa'ar patrol vessels for EEZ duties such as protecting offshore gas fields.

teaching duties

In Fall 2008, he resumed teaching duties at Trinity College in Hartford.

She continued her teaching duties, while working part-time as a radio continuity announcer on RTÉ Radio 1.

Being then free from his teaching duties, he undertook extended trips to Southern Italy, Egypt, and Scandinavia.

security duties

It is also performing internal security duties i.e.

Armored cars are popular for peacekeeping or internal security duties.

The Volunteer Force units were later absorbed into the Auxiliary Force India, which was created in 1920 for internal security duties.

guard duties

He became critically ill during the performance of his civil guard duties.

The Australians were then assigned to guard duties, but soon a camel corps was raised and 50 men volunteered.

The 21st Battalion had been detached for guard duties at Piræus so did not join up with the brigade at first.

assumed the duties

On 4 March 1955, he assumed the duties of chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics.

Schultz assumed the duties as Commander, Coast Guard Atlantic Area in August 2016.

Shifting to a berth off the city of Opon at Mactan Island on 5 April 1945, she there assumed the duties of station tender, Cebu.

religious duties

Observance of one’s religious duties only purifies mind.

Augustus took for himself its powers over various religious duties.

The former parishioner finished his religious duties in October 1934.

death duties   (ölüm görevleri)

In 1972, the Macdonald estates were sold off to pay death duties.

She had inherited it and sold it for a sum when Father died, to pay death duties, she said.

Many of the houses and the golf course and country club had to be sold to pay death duties.

whose duties

The first was to the position of bugler, whose duties had fallen to the bandmaster since 1894.

5 mentions officers whose duties include supervising the welfare of "the families of his brothers, sisters, and other relatives".

The mayor was flanked by a chancellor whose duties were similar to those of the municipal secretary in the contemporary Italian order.

new duties   (yeni görevler)

The Federal Trade Commission also received new duties.

He resigned as archbishop in early 1982, in light of his new duties as prefect.

There, she received additional electronic equipment enabling her to carry out her new duties.

head coaching duties   (baş koçluk görevleri)

Zambrano assumed head coaching duties when Osiander was fired early in the 1997 season.

John Mackovic took over head coaching duties for the 1983 season after Marv Levy was fired.

In Kubiak's absence, Phillips was given the head coaching duties as the acting head coach for the remainder of the game.

bass duties

In this band, he also performed the bass duties live.

For touring bass duties, Superjoint Ritual recruited Hank Williams III.

Anderson resumed bass duties.

defensive duties

The 66th Brigades and 67th Brigades were fit only for defensive duties and did not participate.

At the outbreak of war, the squadron was called up to full-time service and initially served on defensive duties in the North of England.

The Active Forces mainly have peacekeeping and defensive duties, and are further divided into Deployment Forces, Immediate Reaction, and Main Defense Forces.

police duties

Municipal police duties are performed by the Columbus Division of Police.

In general, the recruits were poorly trained for police duties and received much less training than the existing Irish RIC constables.

It carries out nearly all general police duties including criminal investigation, patrol activity, traffic policing and border control.