years earlier   (年前)

Husserl, of course, had died three years earlier.

(Lee graduated from Harvard five years earlier.)

His wife, Anne Decker, had died several years earlier.

months earlier   (数か月前)

Winners were announced to media three months earlier.

Part 3" that was released two months earlier.

The setting changes to several months earlier, on Earth.

days earlier   (数日前)

He was released five days earlier on August 17, 1999.

The official music video premiered three days earlier.

Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus had landed two days earlier.

year earlier

One year earlier, he won the Boston Marathon.

A year earlier, Gramm met his future bandmate Mick Jones.

A year earlier, this charity show had won a Marconi Award.

earlier work   (前作)

He argues that Planck misread his own earlier work.

By 1943 he was known because of his earlier work.

He relied heavily on earlier work by Stephen Kleene.

much earlier

This had been suggested much earlier by Lane.

Accusations of similar cases had occurred much earlier.

But it was certainly inhabited much earlier.

earlier that year

He had just lost his mother earlier that year.

Another important game for Kapengwe came earlier that year in June.

Copenhagen earlier that year, winning the Superliga would propel F.C.

weeks earlier

It followed the vote in Bavaria two weeks earlier.

Construction had begun two weeks earlier on May 4.

His wife Kay had died a few weeks earlier.

earlier works

There is a clear link with her earlier works in etching.

This work builds upon the earlier works of Suneson et al.

It expanded on themes in his earlier works.

earlier years

This work set forth results from earlier years.

It holds for neither later nor earlier years”.

In earlier years his daughters performed with the band.

few years earlier

He had suffered a stroke a few years earlier.

Rousseau and the garden's founder had visited Stowe a few years earlier.

Forge wrote the string intro of "Pro Memoria" a few years earlier than this album.

earlier times

In earlier times, the island was known by other names.

This constitutes a significant change from earlier times.

In earlier times, it was often served as a dish on festive days.

month earlier

A month earlier, the first units were made with ABS (option).

Smith had already replaced Thompson as chairman a month earlier.

They used a soundtrack which had been pre-recorded a month earlier.

earlier version

An earlier version, for the special case of i.i.d.

There is no mention of the Olympics in the earlier version.

For example, Tetsuya pilots an earlier version of Mazinger Z called Energer Z.

decade earlier   (10年前)

This grew by 41.65% from a decade earlier.

The budget included repealing the campaign finance reform bill passed a decade earlier.

This achievement is miraculous considering that she only began sculpture a decade earlier.

week earlier

Townsend died June 1, 1995, of injuries from a fall that he suffered a week earlier.

Some believed the game could have been played a week earlier to avoid adverse weather conditions.

A studio take of the song, recorded about a week earlier, was released on the "Anthology 3" compilation in 1996.

decades earlier

The Malton Town Gaol had been opened decades earlier.

But the origins of the blues were some decades earlier, probably around 1890.

As Toussaint Louverture had done two decades earlier, the Haitians abolished slavery.

even earlier

Finds of Roman coins point to even earlier habitation.

It begins about noon, or even earlier.

Research of the 21st century has established even earlier dates.

earlier versions

There are two earlier versions of "Thou Knowest Lord".

The earlier versions are performed occasionally as historical curiosities.

Examples of object-based languages include earlier versions of Visual Basic.

earlier that day

They had celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary earlier that day.

The story was first announced on Bonds's own web site earlier that day.

He made his ESPN debut on the midnight edition of "SportsCenter" earlier that day.

several years earlier

His wife, Anne Decker, had died several years earlier.

However, the flag itself dates several years earlier to around 1900.

The embarrassed Taylor admits that he had lost his fortune several years earlier.

ten years earlier

In 1900 there were actually fewer houses than there had been ten years earlier.

The Thunderbird was AMD's most successful product since the Am386DX-40 ten years earlier.

She learns from Sartorius that the original Hari had committed suicide ten years earlier.

few months earlier

Mize won the 1987 Masters Championship just a few months earlier.

A few months earlier he appeared in a text story titled "La Piñata".

One of them, Ahgamahwegezhig or "Chief Sky", brought a pet eaglet he had captured a few months earlier.

few days earlier

In "Eucera nigrilabris", the males also emerge a few days earlier than females.

He died on 6 November 1895 aged 66, having suffered a stroke a few days earlier.

He made his test debut against India in 1982, and had also made his ODI debut a few days earlier.

day earlier

was later added, for the day earlier, March 31, 2018.

However, the game released a day earlier than planned.

He had become an ordained priest only one day earlier.

replaced an earlier

It is probable that it replaced an earlier building.

The building replaced an earlier mill on the same site.

It replaced an earlier scheme running from 2009 to 2013.

no earlier

Thus, Jackalow could have been tried no earlier than January 1861.

The appointment probably took place no earlier than the mid-1370s.

Females become sexually mature at 8 months old, but mate no earlier than 2 years.

mentioned earlier

As mentioned earlier they had a system called sawei.

The car also, as mentioned earlier, is an "Urban Sanctuary".

As mentioned earlier, Allen had initially been a segregationist.

century earlier   (世紀前)

By comparison, fewer than 5,000 people had lived in Düren a century earlier.

According to the 2001 census, its population was 235, compared to 190 a century earlier.

In the 2018 game "God of War", Fimbulwinter occurs a century earlier than it was supposed to.

earlier days

The news followed six earlier days of local strike action.

In the earlier days, agriculture was the main source for their livelihood.

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay was in-charge of the subdivision in its earlier days.

earlier church

It was built in 1738, on the site of an earlier church.

An earlier church on the site was dated 1758.

It was built in 1871 at the location of an earlier church.

earlier date

He lived at an earlier date than Philo the philosopher.

Another book which gives this earlier date is "Canyon of Eagles" by C.L.

Originally planned for a December 2012 premiere, it was later moved to an earlier date.

earlier part

In the earlier part of his life Tonson was much associated with Dryden.

Corn exchanges start appearing in the earlier part of the 18th century.

This was the most common type in the earlier part of the twentieth century.

earlier known

The waterfall was earlier known as Droond Tangai.

The magazine was earlier known as "Movie".

The place was earlier known as Kashipur.

earlier period   (前期)

The barony probably dates from an earlier period.

The viharas of the earlier period are much simpler, and lack shrines.

They often lacked the aesthetic delicacy of coins of the earlier period.

earlier film   (以前の映画)

Omar Sharif also appeared in one of his earlier film roles.

Other than the sets, this remake had little in common with the earlier film.

The earlier film rigorously stuck within the logical confines of its premise.

centuries earlier

The troupe bears a resemblance to actors who had visited the manor centuries earlier.

However, the water bath was known many centuries earlier (Hippocrates and Theophrastus).

They had also converted to Islam centuries earlier and resided in Turkestan and Khorasan.

earlier films

Among her earlier films were "Blonde Fire", "Easy" and "Insatiable".

While the two earlier films are now lost, this production still survives.

Compared to her earlier films, "A Woman There Was" was a commercial flop.

earlier models

The 810A and 840A are somewhat enhanced versions of the earlier models.

It was one of the first handheld cell phones, when compared to earlier models.

Its one-piece cargo-box walls eliminated the rust-prone seams that were found in earlier models.

earlier when   (以前のとき)

A priest had been murdered at the house twelve years earlier when the house was a rectory.

He had made the acquaintance of their daughter Maria in Poland five years earlier when she was eleven.

The bill had gone through the assembly 77 days earlier when Representatives voted 91-6 in favor of the bill.

released earlier

However, "Pranam Khareedu" was released earlier at the box office.

Plečkaitis received a three-year prison sentence, but was released earlier.

It had been released earlier in 2006 through digital retailers such as iTunes.

earlier albums

The name "1984" refers to his earlier albums.

Is it as evocative and emotive as their earlier albums?

The band had previously struggled to break into the mainstream American market with their earlier albums.

earlier building

It is probable that it replaced an earlier building.

It was built in 1629, replacing an earlier building deemed to have become unsafe.

The present building was completed in 1924, and replaced an earlier building on the site.

hours earlier

They found that the single bridge over the swamp had been burned two hours earlier.

About three hours earlier, the JTWC had also upgraded the storm to tropical cyclone status.

The quake lasted for over a minute and had been preceded by a foreshock three hours earlier at 8.15 pm.

replaced the earlier

It replaced the earlier and more narrow term Rādhān.

It replaced the earlier constitution of 1925.

It replaced the earlier Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906.

earlier time

We have had our flags since an earlier time.

The 2009 premiere was on February 20 at the earlier time of 10:00pm EST.

During the earlier time period of "", the transporter is a relatively new innovation.

earlier periods

In earlier periods it was sometimes known as St Stephen's.

It is thought a cross existed at the point during earlier periods.

The other three had been used in earlier periods, but were no longer in use in his time.

replacing an earlier

It was built in 1629, replacing an earlier building deemed to have become unsafe.

The 1930s lighthouse, replacing an earlier wooden structure, was built for $35,310.

Its construction was finished in 1991, replacing an earlier bridge destroyed by a collision.

having earlier

Hopkins, however, having earlier learned that Sara was in Lavenham, has set a trap to capture Marshall.

Nagendra had shifted to doing character roles after having earlier directed films (Filmindia June 1942).

Butten retired from PA in 1970, having earlier sold his 100% shareholding in PA to the Butten Trust in 1958.

few weeks earlier

His wife Kay had died a few weeks earlier.

He said that twin girls, Lulu and Nana, had been born a few weeks earlier.

Both had begun only a few weeks earlier, in issues 156 and 158 respectively.

slightly earlier

The high altar of the church was rededicated in 1336; part of the chancel dates from slightly earlier than that.

Some of the musical features used are reminiscent of "L'Orfeo", written slightly earlier for similar instrumental and vocal forces.

Zeus intended his son to rule Greece but according to the rules of succession Eurystheus, born slightly earlier, preempted the right.

earlier name

... Ramaraya Kavi's earlier name was Rama Rao.

The earlier name of Rasulnagar was Ramnagar.

Its earlier name was "Stark Key".

twenty years earlier

1 Stanford twenty years earlier.

He had come to prominence about twenty years earlier, while working on the translation of Chambers's "Cyclopaedia".

of Kirkcaldy, Scotland, whose firm of Lockart & Co. twenty years earlier in 1853 had first purchased the "Ravenscraig".

earlier that month

Filming in New York City had been completed earlier that month.

The nationalisation of Anglo Irish Bank on 21 January 2009 followed two more resignations earlier that month.

The Arizona location closed on May 31, 2011, with a Heart Attack Grill opening in Dallas, Texas earlier that month.

earlier stages

There was no related activation in V1 or V2, the earlier stages of the visual pathway.

I really wanted to do a two-parter on that location, to see Stratos in its earlier stages."

Locative inversion in modern English is a vestige of the V2 order associated with earlier stages of the language.

died earlier

His wife Melba had died earlier in the month.

Willing) died earlier in 1874.

Also on that day, Tim Richmond who had a long battle with AIDS, died earlier in the day.

during the earlier

Some claim the same thing happened during the earlier 1921–23 famine in the Soviet Union.

A considerable cause for this was likely due to alleged censorship of user-generated content during the earlier years of growth for AOL.

However, the Song dynasty monk Zanning (919–1001 CE) writes that during the earlier Han-Wei period, the Chinese monks typically wore red.

earlier ones

This Constitution and Statutes replaced earlier ones approved in 1937 and 1944.

Players on equal goals are listed in chronological order with the earlier ones on top.

The later operas that Handel wrote for the Academy were not as successful as his earlier ones.

earlier series

The rear of the car lost the tail fins of the earlier series.

Northern Scotland and the Islands) than in the earlier series.

This was an important issue for most earlier series of the show.

earlier books

Unlike the earlier books, it often contains extensive illustrations, or vignettes.

His earlier books were illustrated by Charles Copeland; two later ones were illustrated by Charles Livingston Bull.

This debate seems in any case to have raised the composer's profile, leading to reprints of his earlier books of madrigals.

earlier decision   (先の決定)

On 1 February 2009, the ICC reversed their earlier decision, and changed the match result back to a win for England.

This had been preceded by the overturning by the High Court of her earlier decision to hold the inquest without a jury.

Reversing his earlier decision to retire, LaRussa also joined the Diamondbacks in May 2014, in a front office role as Chief Baseball Officer.

not earlier

He was allowed to perform in Bulgaria not earlier than 1980.

In the south, Mons were dominant in Lower Burma by the 13th century, if not earlier.

He was consecrated by his cousin Charles Borromeo not earlier than 1564 and no later than February 1566.

earlier during

He had joined the squad earlier during a winter training camp in Turkey.

The two had met around a year earlier during activities at All Souls Church.

The area experienced tidal flooding only about two months earlier during Tropical Storm Debby.

earlier stage

He had scored a century in the earlier stage of the tournament.

History: In the earlier stage the whole place was an open ground.

I voiced against it but accepted their terms during my earlier stage of vitiligo".

earlier than expected

The property reopened on June 27, 2018, earlier than expected.

Thus, SunTrust decided to accelerate its plan and sold the Coke shares earlier than expected.

"María José" was released on November 26 because of the finishing of the album earlier than expected.

minutes earlier

Reventlow and Kessler took off 10 minutes earlier.

Lidia calls the hospital and learns that Tommaso died ten minutes earlier.

It was an immediate impact, having being brought on for Adis Jahović just five minutes earlier.

earlier games

There is no way to reuse old measurements from earlier games.

The game made a return to the free-roaming style of earlier games.

McDonald said "The sound design is gorgeous and reminiscent of earlier games."

earlier rounds

He defeated Steve Farmer in the earlier rounds and then beat Paul Gibbs and Stephen Bunting to qualify.

Until the 2008–09 season, the BBC and Sky Sports shared television coverage, with the BBC showing three matches in the earlier rounds.

The winning club receives the FA Vase itself and, as of 2010, prize money of £20,000, in addition to that accumulated for winning earlier rounds.

earlier the same

Bailey signed to Polydor Records earlier the same year.

Stepney's dismissal from Ferrari had been announced earlier the same day.

"Alam Ara" was released earlier the same year and was the first Indian film with sound.

based on earlier

Game systems based on earlier editions of "D&D".

It is based on earlier hash function designs PANAMA and RadioGatún.

Even though it is a fiction, the tale may be based on earlier works.

used earlier

The word "foo" on its own was used earlier.

Medications are more effective if used earlier in an attack.

""The stick I used earlier felt light and I didn’t get enough power.

earlier episodes

The theme tune was composed by Mark Sayer-Wade, who also provided the background music for earlier episodes.

References to fire were cut from earlier episodes — even the original master tapes were altered permanently.

In earlier episodes, assorted topics were posted to the pane and a final subject was revealed through a rebus.

many years earlier

Then they miraculously find themselves on Karn many years earlier, before the Zarodnix Corporation came here.

Becky confronts Amelia over her obsession with the late George, showing her a love note given to her many years earlier by him.

This would suggest that the Greek phalanx was rather the culmination and perfection of a slowly developed idea that originated many years earlier.

earlier studies

Another study highlighted the flaws of the earlier studies including cross-contamination.

The strength of this relationship did not depend on sex, contradicting some earlier studies.

However, earlier studies gave it a luminosity class of IV, which suggested it is a subdwarf star.

earlier releases

Unlike earlier releases, the tracks were recorded in a studio.

Ice-T's subsequent releases went back to straight gangsta-ism, but were never as popular as his earlier releases.

At the end of 2010 "Demons" released the album "Scarcity Rock" which was more experimental than earlier releases.

replace an earlier

The village church was built in 1702 to replace an earlier chapel.

It is a brick arch bridge completed in 1775, to replace an earlier wooden bridge.

It was created in 1964 to replace an earlier numbering scheme and ratified by the state legislature in 1970.

earlier history

Two major events were turning points in the earlier history of the Gulf Coast region.

The 2009 mini-series "" clarified the earlier history of the "Planet" in the new continuity.

One Muslim family named 'Kodithodika' was the major family from the earlier history of morayur.

earlier book

It is the sequel to Halperin's earlier book, "The Truth Machine".

Her earlier book, "Moonlight and Common Day" had also reflected a definite imagist influence.

This earlier book had briefly described the importance of training the mind as a key part of meditation.

earlier career

His earlier career centred on the agricultural and fishing policies of the European Union.

During his earlier career, he established The James Gelfand Trio and The James Gelfand Group.

In 1940, Doris went to the United States, where she found it difficult to resume her earlier career as a courtesan.

made earlier

An initiative was made earlier by the American University to preserve the murals.

She waits a bit, then stands up and throws a paper airplane that she had made earlier.

In the third step, formulation of objectives and strategies based on the situation analysis made earlier was done.

earlier editions

Game systems based on earlier editions of "D&D".

The cover of the earlier editions features a photo of M16 (also known as the "Eagle Nebula").

She appeared in earlier editions of Grove's and Baker's Dictionaries, but does not appear in the more recent editions.

earlier form

These are known to derive from an earlier form ending in "-ingas".

VII, 2.16; VIII, 4.3-4); earlier form mentioned by Ptolemy is Nooῦαι (Ptol.

Racing on soft ground, she did not reproduce her earlier form and finished unplaced behind Leghinka.

several earlier

Apollo/tripod (Apollodotus II, several earlier kings) Sitting Zeus-Mithras / horse, reminiscent of coins of Hermaeus.

Lincoln had added impromptu words in several earlier speeches, but always offered a subsequent apology for the change.

The Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra formed under that name in 1931, after several earlier attempts to form an orchestra had occurred.

earlier structure

An earlier structure at the site was built after 1474.

The castle replaced an earlier structure.

It replaced an earlier structure of 1823 at the cost of £2,300.

several months earlier

The setting changes to several months earlier, on Earth.

She died in 1935, aged 71 years, from injuries sustained in a fall several months earlier.

He lost in the final to Mario Kindelán, the Cuban who had also beaten him several months earlier in the pre-Olympic match-ups in Greece.

possibly earlier

The next day, or possibly earlier on 21 August, "Satellite" captured the "Christianhaab".

The material was determined to be of Heavy Neolithic or possibly earlier Paleolithic origins.

The land was owned by the House of Borromeo of San Miniato in the 14th century and possibly earlier.

earlier seasons

This season is broadcast on TV4, as were earlier seasons.

The two were teammates on the old Baltimore Orioles in earlier seasons.

Paolo Roberto is the host as with earlier seasons of the regular series.

earlier designs

As a result, she had several features typical of Lake's earlier designs.

It encapsulates experience gained from his earlier designs of the GP14 and the Enterprise.

earlier than planned

However, the game released a day earlier than planned.

It reopened on June 27, 2018, a day earlier than planned.

The government has withdrew its contingent a month earlier than planned.

earlier songs

Several of her earlier songs relate to art music arrangements of folk tunes.

It includes acoustic versions of several of his earlier songs, as well as new material.

Spence D. of IGN Music further compared its hip hop composition to Missy Elliott's earlier songs.

hour earlier

As a result, on May 3 workers left the factory half an hour earlier.

ITV's initial plan to broadcast the programme an hour earlier at 6pm was blocked by Sky.

The main earthquake was preceded almost exactly an hour earlier by a 5.4 foreshock with a similar epicenter and focal mechanism.

century or earlier   (世紀以前)

Therefore, he must have lived in the 12th century or earlier.

Cymbals were employed by Turkish janissaries in the 14th century or earlier.

(meaning that these instruments existed since his time in 14th century or earlier).

replacing the earlier

The hotel was opened in 1863 to serve railway passengers, replacing the earlier New Passage House inn.

ETA's internal bulletin was named "Zutabe" ("Column"), replacing the earlier one (1962) "Zutik" ("Standing").

Han involvement in Central Asia and Sogdia helped establish the land route of the Silk Road, replacing the earlier path over the Himalayas to India.

earlier marriage

Details of any earlier marriage(s) are not yet available.

They have a son, and he has another son from an earlier marriage.

James had seven other siblings from his father's earlier marriage.

earlier life   (初期の人生)

Charles Lawrence's earlier life is obscure.

He falls into a swimming pool where memories from his earlier life come back to him.

Now with older features, he can portray a Mark Taylor reflecting on his earlier life.

earlier this year   (今年初め)

1 ranking earlier this year.

"The scandal may also singe BDO Seidman, a private audit firm that gave [Washington DC CFO Natwar] Gandhi its seal of approval earlier this year.

The memo added that progress had been made towards "the 10% increased performance on enforced returns, which we promised the Home Secretary earlier this year".

earlier centuries

In earlier centuries, agriculture was the main industry.

The population in earlier centuries reached four thousand.

Storytelling, music, theatre, dance and games are recognisably the same as in earlier centuries.

earlier material

The songs on "Death by Life" cover much heavier topics compared to the earlier material.

Red Pajamas releases archival live performances by Goodman, compilations, and reissues of his earlier material.

"Lost in My Bedroom" is an uptempo electropop song that was deemed largely reminiscent of her earlier material.

years earlier when   (数年前)

A priest had been murdered at the house twelve years earlier when the house was a rectory.

He had made the acquaintance of their daughter Maria in Poland five years earlier when she was eleven.

Legally, it was closed to patricians, a status that Augustus had acquired some years earlier when adopted by Julius Caesar.

earlier age

Menopause usually occurs at an earlier age.

In wealthier cities, however, French is usually taught at an earlier age.

Some girls have to do these chores at an even earlier age like three or four.