Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

early years   (những năm đầu)

The family moved to Switzerland in his early years.

He struggled in his early years as an entrepreneur.

He spent his early years in Monmouthshire, Wales.

during the early   (trong thời gian đầu)

The station was upgraded during the early 1990s.

Clay was also used during the early Parthian period.

Sturn came to Windsor, Ontario during the early 1930s.

early age   (sớm)

He was a talented mathematician from an early age.

He showed an interest in aviation at an early age.

He began his martial arts studies at an early age.

early days   (những ngày đầu)

In the early days, much of Hillhurst was a slough.

In its early days, WCOW signed on with a cowbell.

In its early days, it was also called Coalfield.

early stages   (giai đoạn đầu)

In the early stages people used to build dingies.

He was responsible for recruitment in the early stages.

early part

In the early part of the war, he was a Swordfish pilot.

These events appear to refer to the early part of 368 BC.

He missed much of the early part of that year due to injuries.

until the early   (cho đến đầu)

The temple remained until the early 4th century.

It was used to hold prisoners until the early 1980s.

In Lyon, the circles survived until the early 1930s.

early morning   (sáng sớm)

Bhairav is an early morning (pratham prahar) raag.

The effect is accentuated by the early morning mist.

A fire started in the early morning of 25 April 1962.

very early

She started learning music from a very early age.

mRNA decay is triggered very early in apoptosis.

The exercise of her profession began very early.

early life   (đầu đời)

Little is known for certain of Cyril's early life.

Little is known about Hussein Nasser's early life.

He spent most of his early life in West Lafayette.

early twentieth   (đầu hai mươi)

It operated in Asia in the early twentieth century.

He was prominent in the early twentieth century.

This situation still obtained in the early twentieth century.

early childhood   (thời thơ ấu)

The onset of myopia is often in early childhood.

Lovelace was often ill, beginning in early childhood.

From early childhood, he was nicknamed "Buddy".

early work   (đi làm sớm)

All were completely ignorant of Cremer's early work.

San Sebastiano, Venice, begun 1506, is an early work.

Pielke's early work was on the Space Shuttle program.

early career

Information about Qurra's early career is obscure.

A pagan, Valerius Maximus’ early career is unknown.

In his early career he competed in the coxless pair.

early twentieth century   (đầu thế kỉ hai mươi)

It operated in Asia in the early twentieth century.

He was prominent in the early twentieth century.

This situation still obtained in the early twentieth century.

until early

B. Vallely was programmed here until early 2009.

She remained with the show until early 1998.

Most of the houses were still inhabited until early 2007.

early history

Little is known about the early history of Gimo.

Little is known of the islands' early history.

The early history of the Ross Sea Sector" (London, 1967).

early modern

The early modern period saw great improvements.

Folklore about Donn survived into the early modern era.

Young boys often took part in battles during early modern warfare.

early hours

The collision took place in the early hours around 2am.

Falfemont Farm was captured in the early hours of 7 September.

Alexander died on June 11, 323 BC, in the early hours of the morning.

early stage

Research on this subject is still at an early stage.

These fuel cells are at an early stage of development.

The "Rigveda" records an early stage of Vedic religion.

early medieval   (đầu thời trung cổ)

On top of the cape is an early medieval cemetery.

This early medieval settlement continued until around 580.

The early medieval history of the town relies heavily on tradition.

early education

As a consequence, he had a simple early education.

Adams received his early education in Seychelles.

His early education was at Varagavank monastery.

early settlers   (những người di cư thuở đầu)

The DeGuire family were early settlers in Silverton.

Other early settlers were largely slave-holding families.

It is also believed the early settlers originated from Mt.

early example   (ví dụ sớm)

Daniel Defoe's "Moll Flanders" is an early example.

An early example appears in ancient Egyptian texts.

featuring an early example of Linear B writing.

early summer

The Ainu hunted from late autumn to early summer.

He then travelled to New York in early summer.

During early summer 2002, Rosa suddenly laid down work.

early works

Resnick's early works with Rau included the Rabbi Dr.

Other notable artists recorded his early works.

Many of Castellari's early works are Westerns.

early development   (phát triển sớm)

It is also involved in the early development of the heart.

The early development of the basin went hand in hand with volcanism.

The game was originally named "Project Automata" in early development.

early settler   (người định cư sớm)

Edwards Creek has the name of an early settler.

It was named for the dog of an early settler.

Halls Creek was named after an early settler.

early period   (giai đoạn sớm)

Some topics are without precedent in Islam's early period.

Some events and their timing are unclear during this early period.

In this early period they were playing rock and metal covers, e.g.

early spring   (Đầu xuân)

The breeding season is autumn, winter and early spring.

The flowering period extends from early spring to autumn.

Eagles can be seen here from late fall through early spring.

other early   (khác sớm)

The other early favourite corgi during the same time was Jane.

The concept was also used by several other early television series.

The bandeirantes and other early settlers ate virado cold or warmed.

early death   (chết sớm)

On the cause of his early death, accounts diverge.

Matthew Arnold's poem "A Southern Night" mourns his early death.

The engagement was, however, broken by the early death of Tideman.

early nineteenth   (đầu mười chín)

The couple moved to London in the early nineteenth century.

The variation in spelling is typical of early nineteenth century orthography.

Gaelic settlement in Cape Breton began in earnest in the early nineteenth century.

early version

This is an early version of the game The Sims.

The early version of the Krug entered service in 1965.

This was very much like an early version of a franchise.

released in early

An album "Vaudeville" was released in early 1987.

"McDull, The Alumni", was released in early 2006.

His self-titled debut album was released in early 2005.

early nineteenth century   (đầu thế kỷ XIX)

The couple moved to London in the early nineteenth century.

The variation in spelling is typical of early nineteenth century orthography.

Gaelic settlement in Cape Breton began in earnest in the early nineteenth century.

early lead   (dẫn đầu)

Pettway built an early lead but faded as the fight went on.

Monomoy Girl went to the early lead and set a sensible pace.

Linfield took an early lead, before an equaliser by Rory Hamill.

during early

They are mostly active during early morning and night.

32 in the UK during early 1987 for a total of 10 weeks.

Other problems were encountered during early carrier trials.

early warning   (cảnh báo sớm)

It also gets data from the early warning radars.

APMSS provides early warning of a potential pirate attack.

Also in Azerbaijan there was a former Soviet early warning radar.

through the early

The rivalry remained heated through the early 2000s.

The redevelopment continued through the early 2000s decade.

It ran through the early months of 2017.

spent his early

He spent his early years in Monmouthshire, Wales.

He spent his early life in Liverpool and Chester.

Hansen spent his early career with Brøndby and HB Køge.

early success

Despite early success, the club folded in 2014.

An early success was Electronic Quarterback.

However the early success of the group proved to be short-lived.

early medieval period   (thời trung cổ)

From the early medieval period, Coalbrookdale was a centre of extraction of coal.

The first Christian foundation was probably a clas and a monastery in the early medieval period.

During the early medieval period Dunaverty became the location where Saint Columba first set foot in Scotland.

too early

It is too early to divulge more about both.

Born 100 days too early, Nicholas weighed only one pound.

The timing was too early in the season.

century and early   (thế kỷ và đầu)

Slavic people entered the town in the late 18th century and early 19th century.

Slavery was prevalent until the late 19th century and early 20th century China.

They wrote in journals and magazines in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

many early

This belief was shared by many early Christians.

The trend had substantial implications for many early skyscrapers.

In 1978 he became the Director of Photography on many early music videos.

early months

However, he died in the early months of 453.

Tropical cyclones may occur in the early months of the year.

It ran through the early months of 2017.

early twenties   (tuổi đôi mươi)

He became managing director in his early twenties.

Joey Zuray: Joey is Stan's son in his early twenties.

Winfrey's best friend since their early twenties is Gayle King.

early retirement   (Nghỉ hưu sớm)

He chose early retirement under the VERIP plan in 1994.

Injuries forced him into early retirement.

Reason of his early retirement was because of on-going knee issues.

early morning hours

They arrived at Kvam in the early morning hours of the 25th.

The NRB Network on DirecTV plays Worship during the early morning hours.

The edifice burned entirely in the early morning hours of March 24, 1861.

early form

Sarpir-maṇḍa was most probably the early form of ghee.

Person promoted an early form of sales process engineering.

The name is generally thought to be an early form of Street.

early music

The band's early music was more influenced by Oi!

Interpretations of historical scope of "early music" vary.

Romeo Antonio's early music career started in Sydney, Australia.

early evening   (xế chiều)

The Ora is a south wind, which starts at noon and blows until the early evening hours.

The parade lasted more than two hours during the afternoon and early evening following the inaugural ceremony.

They are diurnal, and are particularly active in the early morning and in the later afternoon or early evening.

received his early

Adams received his early education in Seychelles.

He received his early education in Orangeville.

He received his early education in Kabul, Afghanistan.

early versions

Niles and Associates produced early versions of EndNote.

Among early versions is the French Lai d'Aristote from 1220.

In early versions of Boner's Ark, Dum-Dum is generally naked.

early interest

She developed an early interest in song and dance.

Hayne showed an early interest in the plant world.

Miller showed an early interest in photography.

nineteenth and early

The names given were common usage in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Together, they were significant in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century Hungarian art.

The Order experienced "unparalleled success" in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

began in early

Production of the Black Prince began in early 1955.

The first army trial series began in early 1948.

Principal photography began in early September 2017.

early teens

Xtravaganza took the name Venus in her early teens.

He learned to play the guitar in his early teens.

She started to paint when she was in her early teens.

through early

Planning is underway and will continue through early 2020.

Eagles can be seen here from late fall through early spring.

The Sugarloaf season runs from mid-November through early May.

early decades

In the early decades the film industry was centred on Shanghai.

In its early decades it was one of the most prestigious horseraces in Europe.

This goal was widely shared among Esperanto speakers in the early decades of the movement.

early member

Sirén was an early member of the theosophist movement.

Heiden became an early member of the Nazi Party and the SA.

She was also an early member of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.

important early

Another important early player was Comedia, founded in 1978 by Charles Landry.

Some of his most important early works were portraits or family-oriented paintings.

Elias or Helias de Say was an important early benefactor, giving lands around Hodnet.

early modern period   (thời kỳ đầu hiện đại)

The early modern period saw great improvements.

This word became partly synonymous with "elf" by the early modern period.

The concept of the nation state began to emerge in the early modern period.

during his early

Vivian Potter mostly lived in Auckland during his early life.

Thorn discovers his sexuality rather unorthodoxly during his early teens.

He would often serve as uke, for Ueshiba during his early morning classes.

early date

The name is common from an early date in Wales and Yorkshire.

The Knights of Columbus were active politically from an early date.

The faith arrived in Ethiopia at an early date, shortly before the hijira.

early colonial

Cookhouse was an early colonial settlement.

It retains the low lines and broad proportions of early colonial dwellings.

The Fischer family settled the area after arrival on one of the early colonial ships.

took an early

Linfield took an early lead, before an equaliser by Rory Hamill.

UConn took an early 3–0 lead, with 11:55 left in the first quarter.

Allen took an early, active interest in politics and civic affairs.

very early age

She started learning music from a very early age.

He excelled at gymnastics at a very early age.

Josh Brown wanted to be a rock-star at a very early age.

early the next

Wilson Lumpkin assumed the governorship early the next year.

He was deported back to Australia on a flight early the next day.

Mary's younger brother John was gravely ill and died early the next morning.

early in life   (Sớm trong cuộc đời)

Washington was a talented equestrian early in life.

In addition, it can present early in life or later.

From early in life, Gerard Ekdom had the ambition to become a DJ.

early season

11 of the 14 Big Ten teams participated in early season tournaments.

Discovery (apple) 'Discovery' is an early season dessert apple cultivar.

His early season form was solid, but he struggled to have the impact on games.

early afternoon   (đầu giờ chiều)

By the early afternoon, the wreckers were called off.

It was transmitted in the early afternoon.

Victory was secured by early afternoon.

early to mid   (từ sớm đến giữa)

During the early to mid 1900s, the South upheld Jim Crow Laws.

The group released 3 successful albums in the early to mid nineties.

The railroad played a vital part in the growth of the area in the early to mid 1900s.

s early

May’s early adult life centered on marriage and domesticity.

George Awsumb’s early career took root in Chicago, Illinois.

Catius Celer’s early career is unknown.

least as early

It has existed at least as early as the Carter Administration.

At least as early as 1907, jazz songs carried titles such as "Funky".

Rudd have been reported in the United States at least as early as 1925.

early settlement

The early settlement was on the edge of a moor.

It is the site of an early settlement.

The history of the parish is tied to the early settlement of Terceira.

completed in early

These refurbishments were completed in early 2009.

The chancellery was completed in early January 1939.

Restoration began in 2005 and was completed in early 2009.

early release

Speer's efforts for an early release came to nought.

He was granted early release in February 2020.

A few hours after its early release to iTunes, it shot to No.

died early

He died early on the morning of January 2, 2009.

Their eldest son, Mohim Chandra Nandy, died early in 1906.

He was married to Hatice, who died early.

s early

May’s early adult life centered on marriage and domesticity.

George Awsumb’s early career took root in Chicago, Illinois.

Catius Celer’s early career is unknown.

early church

This early church was attributed to the architect Andrea Ciccione.

"James": identified by early church leaders (Eusebius, Origen, etc.)

Therefore, divination was arguably an accepted practice in the early church.

early times

Dogs were associated with hunting from very early times.

The goddess Astarte seems to have been popular in early times.

In early times, humans were in awe of the changes in nature, and believed.

several early

There were several early newspapers in Ellensburg.

Flat-plane crankshafts were used on several early V8 engines.

There were several early failed attempts at proving the theorem.

early pioneer   (tiên phong sớm)

Edward Lorenz was an early pioneer of the theory.

Boutan was named to the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame as an early pioneer in 2010.

In-flight Music: He was an early pioneer in creating in-flight music with compositions for Indian Airlines.

early fall

Flowering lasts from late spring to early fall.

It mates and lays eggs in the late summer and early fall.

It typically occurs in early fall.

early twentieth centuries

The names given were common usage in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The Order experienced "unparalleled success" in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Various other records of it come from the latter half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

throughout the early

Q65's line-up changed throughout the early 1970s.

The Grateful Dead played it twenty times throughout the early 1990s.

As a consequence, Australia supported South Vietnam throughout the early 1960s.

released early

He served four months and was released early for good behavior.

Their third album "Here Come The Runts" was released early 2018.

He was finally released early 1982.

early episodes

Many early episodes relate to Australian cases (e.g.

He wrote several early episodes of "Zagor" (issues #6–10, 13–14).

In early episodes, it was often Gordon introducing and concluding the program.

early access   (truy cập sớm)

It was released out of early access on 29 May 2019.

It was released in early access for Steam August 28, 2018.

The game was released on Steam in early access on 12 December 2017.

early use

An early use of CGI scripts was to process forms.

This large site is significant for the early use of horses there.

During asphalt's early use in modern paving, oil refiners gave it away.

early phase   (Giai đoạn đầu)

It is expressed in an early phase of infection.

The "Scientific Renaissance" was the early phase of the Scientific Revolution.

On low BASE jumps, parachute deployment takes place during this early phase of flight.

early childhood education

He has been notably active in the promotion of early childhood education.

Facilities for art, early childhood education and home economics were added.

Dwight is married to Carol who has focused her career on early childhood education.

early nineties

James would later re-record the song in the early nineties.

In the early nineties it was released on VHS by "Krupnyy Plan".

Soon he became skilled at DJ-ing, beginning to MC in the early nineties.

early research

His early research was on inorganic substances.

This theme is connected to her early research.

Much of his early research was conducted in the attic of his parents’ house.

early examples

These early examples were all out of service by 2010.

Other early examples were analyzing sonar data to detect Russian submarines.

Schelling worked on dynamic models, early examples of evolutionary game theory.

early recordings

Hill joined the band after helping engineer early recordings in 1997.

These include early recordings by Beth Jeans Houghton and Emma Tricca.

Wilkinson's early recordings as an engineer were for monaural 78 rpm releases.

early members

In Canada, a similar sentiment held among early members.

Its early members imbued the order with a mysticism and learning.

Some early members of the group originally performed as the Moppets.

early detection   (phát hiện sớm)

It is used for the early detection of anal cancer.

She remains an advocate for early detection.

The rebellion was crippled by early detection and timid leadership.