İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

ease of use   (kullanım kolaylığı)

Its ease of use made it especially attractive to beginners.

One reason for the popularity of flat rates is their ease of use.

Bambra concluded that newer games systems provided better ease of use.

relative ease   (göreceli kolaylık)

Pearce won all of his races with relative ease.

Group B started with Gaming taking down Furia eSports with relative ease.

NTC was able to take care of Swole Patrol with relative ease to stay alive.

chapel of ease   (kolay şapel)

It is a chapel of ease belonging to the Parish of Kamnik.

It was built as a chapel of ease to St. Laurence, Northfield.

The church, originally a chapel of ease, was completed in 1874.

ease of access   (erişim kolaylığı)

Benefits associated with ease of access to museum records (e.g.

After World War II, it developed due it its ease of access to Osaka and Kyoto.

Escalators are installed on all levels (including ground level) for ease of access going upwards.

help ease   (yardım kolaylığı)

Looking to other people can help ease fears, but unfortunately they are not always right.

To help ease her trauma, her friend Kyōji Shinkawa convinced her to play "Gun Gale Online".

In an apparent effort to help ease this dominance, combo breakers are now easier to perform.

order to ease   (kolaylaştırmak için sipariş)

Lowe played xylophones with rounded bars in order to ease the execution of glissandi.

Different herbs are ground and converted into a paste in order to ease tension while pulling.

During adolescent years, students may obtain membership to a certain clique in order to ease the process of secondary school.