more easily   (もっと簡単に)

This allows it to absorb solar heat more easily.

They tend to be more easily found in desert landscapes.

In autonomous cars, V can more easily engage in gunplay.

not easily   (簡単ではない)

Bacardi drinks are not easily found in Cuba today.

The text of this document is not easily accessible.

The president decided this was not easily accomplished.

easily accessible   (簡単にアクセスできます)

The text of this document is not easily accessible.

The school is easily accessible by train or bus.

The Temple can be easily accessible by Ropeway.

easily won   (簡単に勝った)

She easily won reappointment for a second term.

The Cardinals easily won Game 7, 11–0, behind Dizzy Dean.

Racing easily won the match, defeating Stade Bordelais 37–7.

easily defeated   (簡単に敗北)

Mouton easily defeated Miller, 57 to 43 percent.

Wilson easily defeated Roosevelt and won the election.

The other two divisions easily defeated their enemies.

most easily   (最も簡単に)

PSNR is most easily defined via the mean squared error ("MSE").

Retrolistheses are most easily diagnosed on lateral x-ray views of the spine.

won easily

Lakshman and Chattur Singh, but won easily.

She started 4/5 favourite and won easily by three lengths.

England won easily and Robertson presented the Shield personally.

very easily

However, the chair design proved too unstable, tipping very easily.

Anti-virus have to be updated very easily and fast to counter these viruses.

Al-Khushoo is a necessary component of Salaah, however can be very easily lost.

so easily

A victory against the city wasn't so easily achieved.

Miller, however, would not give up so easily.

He just covers the ground so easily."

easily seen

This can be easily seen in phrases such as: "Ent it?"

At this distance, the acceleration of the universe will be easily seen.

This feature is easily seen in photographs of the channel without water.

easily distinguished

Kawamoto designed the characters so they were easily distinguished from one another.

Females are easily distinguished from males by their more elongated lower row of dots.

Adults of this species are easily distinguished by their black and yellow striped legs.

not be easily

Ways of alkaloid biosynthesis are too numerous and cannot be easily classified.

The C class, with a narrow firebox between the frames, could not be easily converted.

Additionally, this cannot be easily and reliably measured in the field with living birds.

easily identified

They are easily identified by the visible seam.

Visibility was excellent and the target easily identified.

However, acute toxicity is not always as easily identified.

easily available   (簡単に入手可能)

Basic accommodation is quite easily available.

Passenger buses and jeeps to Taplejung are easily available in Birtamod.

An avant-garde roofing and super-elevated passageways make the visit easily available.

easily recognizable   (簡単に認識できる)

Most members of these two groups are easily recognizable as cacti.

Sometimes, the relationship is easily recognizable: "baggage, drainage, blockade".

He developed an easily recognizable style of Late Baroque, both sumptuous and majestic.

easily visible

It is easily visible in satellite imagery at .

It is easily visible from the SS6 road that runs from Canelli to Asti.

Both Bali and Lombok are easily visible from the Gilis in clear weather.

easily accessed

The village can be easily accessed from the A49 road.

Many of the caves are easily accessed.

Compost sequesters carbon in a stable (not easily accessed) form.

easily identifiable

Most of the birds are easily identifiable.

ACE inhibitors are easily identifiable by their common suffix, '-pril'.

Chris Rene's musical style is described as both "current and easily identifiable."

easily recognized

Ceratopsians are easily recognized by features of the skull.

With his long dreadlocks and turban, Idan is easily recognized.

The song is easily recognized by many for its rocky tune and smooth melody.

easily understood

The model is clearly defined and easily understood.

News Stories with a strong impact can be easily understood by a reader.

Brahman is, in western contexts, easily understood as Brahmana or Brahmin, which means "priest".

easily confused   (混乱しやすい)

This use of "se" is easily confused with the medial "se".

It can be easily confused with "B. catharticus" and "B. stamineus".

They are easily confused but can not be used interchangeably, requiring care in usage.

easily found

Bacardi drinks are not easily found in Cuba today.

Soldier's Spring is not as easily found today.

They tend to be more easily found in desert landscapes.

easily reached

Böblingen is easily reached by multiple forms of transport.

Klungkung town is easily reached from Gianyar via the highway.

Home, however, was not easily reached.

too easily

I also felt the cartoons were being too easily accepted."

"The problem raised by the Swartz case is … [that] felony liability under the statute is triggered much too easily.

This coin faced controversy due to being too easily mistaken as a $1, as it was only slightly larger of the same color.

relatively easily   (比較的簡単に)

It can be relatively easily ascended over the Ober Hüfifirn glacier.

As hydrogen bonds are not covalent, they can be broken and rejoined relatively easily.

Men could relatively easily push floating logs into position to be lifted by the hoist.

easily removed

This surface glue can be easily removed, using a cabinet scraper or cold water.

When an inner cover is used, the top cover is more easily removed from the hive.

This allows the cleaner to break down the dirt and oils to be more easily removed.

just as easily   (同様に簡単に)

In fact, the room can just as easily be redesigned to "weaken" our intuitions.

"I could get hurt just as easily on a wire here as walking over Niagara Falls."

It fell together really fast and worked, but it could just as easily not [have] been on the record."

able to easily   (簡単にできる)

Hailman is then able to easily freeze the helpless Teapackman and decapitate him.

PC World thought that lovers of art would be able to easily sink hours into the title.

Some Borg have been shown to be far stronger than humans, able to easily overpower most humans and similar species.

easily the most   (一番簡単に)

Grimaldi became "easily the most popular English entertainer of his day".

In 1949-50 he was easily the most successful bowler when Ceylon toured Pakistan.

He earnings of £22,316 made her easily the most financially successful horse of the year.

quite easily

Bob "the Beast" Sapp won the Japan GP quite easily.

Basic accommodation is quite easily available.

He seems to understand the Italian language quite easily.

quickly and easily

Indexes are also designed to help the reader find information quickly and easily.

This allows the sail(s) to quickly and easily be deployed and reefed by pulling lines.

The book was written for students to quickly and easily learn the art of ornamentation.

how easily

Hausdorff was aware of how easily the human mind can err while also seeking for rigor and truth.

The fact that Kitchener's name was not used in the poster demonstrates how easily he was visually recognized.

However, lay people and construction professionals seldom recognise how easily or indirectly a tree can be killed.

easily able   (簡単にできる)

He is easily able to befriend characters along the way who support his cause.

The Shepherd machine was easily able to sway popular support in favor of the notion.

However, their efforts amount to nothing as Cota is easily able to post bail and escape.

easily beat

Love went on to easily beat Smith in the run-off.

The Bruins easily beat Ball State in their semi-final.

In the final, Maccabi easily beat TAU, by a score of 90–78.

easily distinguishable   (簡単に区別できる)

"Scindapsus" is not easily distinguishable from "Epipremnum".

The unique double z in his name makes him easily distinguishable from the other singers with the name Vincent.

Adults are easily distinguishable by the combination of an oblique postmedial and distal subdorsal black disc on forewings.

easily the best

... easily the best looking and smoothest controlling version for any home system."

She's easily the best truly country female singer mainstream Nashville can claim these days."

Rapzilla went further and said that the song is easily the best sonically, lyrically, and conceptually on the album.

easily recognised

The species of "Enoploteuthis"are most easily recognised by having a larger tail when compared to the other genera in the Enoploteuthidae.

The name used is typically the trading name of the business rather than the legal name so that it can be easily recognised by the customer.

Cognates may often be less easily recognised than the above examples, and authorities sometimes differ in their interpretations of the evidence.

easily obtained

It is easily obtained that: It is obvious that δ'Ω' > δΩ.

The permits to explore the Western Desert were not so easily obtained.

Elemental gallium is not found in nature, but it is easily obtained by smelting.