eastern part   (東部)

4,883 in 2011), in the eastern part of the island.

The eastern part of Vechoor includes rice fields.

Over of rain fell in the eastern part of the state.

eastern side   (東側)

They define the eastern side of the Panoche Valley.

The lock uses a guillotine gate on its eastern side.

In 1582 bastions were added to the eastern side.

eastern end   (東端)

Black Rock is located at the eastern end of the bay.

(Park Avenue) at the eastern end of downtown Norton.

The halt was at its eastern end near the SPO paper mill.

eastern terminus   (東端)

The eastern terminus is in New City at Haverstraw Road.

The eastern terminus is at US 209 in Newtown.

The eastern terminus at State Route 7 is in Gallipolis.

eastern edge   (東端)

The eastern edge abutted the Laurentide ice sheet.

It is near the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies.

On the eastern edge of town is Truett-McConnell College.

along the eastern   (東に沿って)

A public footpath runs along the eastern boundary.

A highway runs along the eastern arm of the lake.

By 1963 Horne's had 44 units mostly along the eastern seaboard.

eastern border   (東国境)

The eastern border is the Carpathian Mountain Range.

The Andes Mountains are located on the eastern border.

It is mountainous, especially near the eastern border.

eastern boundary   (東の境界)

A public footpath runs along the eastern boundary.

Its eastern boundary has the Trichur-Kodungallor road.

It forms the eastern boundary of the Gulf of Patience.

eastern portion   (東部)

from the eastern portion of pre-war Poland.

In 1934 Wright Junior College was built in the eastern portion.

The eastern portion by NNSI and NTCL from Churchill and Montreal.

eastern half   (東半分)

US 17 is a major highway in the eastern half of Virginia.

The eastern half is possessed by the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan.

The hurst frame occupies the eastern half of the first two levels.

eastern coast   (東海岸)

It is found on the eastern coast of North America.

Many live in Sambutsu especially, on the eastern coast.

Belfast is situated on Northern Ireland's eastern coast at .

eastern shore   (東海岸)

It is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Garda.

Mount Michener is situated on the eastern shore.

It is located on the eastern shore of Lake Trasimeno.

eastern and western   (東西)

There are two other gates on the eastern and western sides.

The eastern and western facades are decorated with wall setbacks.

The eastern and western craters are and in diameter, respectively.

southern and eastern   (南部および東部)

It is confined to the southern and eastern Altai.

It is found in the southern and eastern Philippines.

It is found in southern and eastern Nigeria and Cameroon.

eastern parts   (東部)

Republican strength is still greatest in eastern parts of the state.

Most of the heights and all plateaus are situated in the eastern parts.

The central and eastern parts of the county have old desert poplar forests.

northern and eastern   (北部および東部)

The northern and eastern borders remained the same.

The northern and eastern sections were built afresh.

The northern and eastern sides of the island are steep and mountainous.

central and eastern   (中央および東部)

It is found in central and eastern Ivory Coast and Ghana.

It is found in central and eastern Ivory Coast, Ghana and Togo.

It is found in central and eastern Liberia, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

eastern section   (東部)

The eastern section is also known as Hooker Boulevard.

Beverly view is located in the far eastern section of Ashburn.

The beach is located in the eastern section of Pelham Bay Park.

eastern bank   (東岸)

The 41st Ohio was with Buell's army on the eastern bank of the river.

It lies on the eastern bank of the Winyaw River about two kilometres.

This city was on the eastern bank, about 20 to 25 km from Indus River.

eastern and southern   (東部および南部)

The more exposed eastern and southern sides featured no towers.

The modern major road runs along the eastern and southern coast.

Cultivation also spread throughout eastern and southern parts of Africa.

south eastern   (南東)

The south eastern end is on the "western" bank at York Haven.

Merv) Tajikistan and south eastern Kyrgyzstan (in the Chui Valley).

At the south eastern end of the island is the Illa des Penjats lighthouse.

eastern slopes   (東斜面)

It rises on the eastern slopes of Queensberry.

The eastern slopes above Thirlmere have been planted with conifers.

The Middle Teton Glacier is located on the eastern slopes of the peak.

north eastern   (北東)

A colonnaded pergola is located on the north eastern elevation.

Explosions vented on the north eastern slope of Barujari volcano.

The range of the skink is in north eastern Queensland and into Papua New Guinea.

western and eastern   (西部および東部)

India retaliated in both the western and eastern fronts.

It has a western and eastern stand.

Glacial cirques are found on Sara Sara's western and eastern flanks.

eastern suburbs   (東部郊外)

It covers the inner eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

He attended Kew High School in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

By 22 April 1BF had penetrated the northern and eastern suburbs of Berlin.

located in eastern   (東部に位置する)

Knollwood is located in eastern Lake County at .

It is located in eastern part of Hukkeri.

Achrafieh is located in eastern Beirut.

found in eastern   (東部で発見)

It is found in eastern Uganda and western Kenya.

It is found in eastern Nigeria and western Cameroon.

It is found in eastern Ivory Coast and western Ghana.

through the eastern   (東部を通って)

In their absence, had entered the harbour through the eastern channel.

Contacts were mediated especially through the eastern Lau Islands of Fiji.

In 1869 General Edward O. C. Ord sent him on a reconnaissance through the eastern Nevada.

eastern seaboard   (東海岸)

By 1963 Horne's had 44 units mostly along the eastern seaboard.

Most of the important economic centers of China lay on its eastern seaboard.

For her second foray, "U-541" headed toward the eastern seaboard of North America.

near the eastern   (東の近く)

It is near the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies.

It is mountainous, especially near the eastern border.

There is a small island near the eastern shore called Deowongo Island.

native to eastern   (東部原産)

Ruschi's rat is native to eastern South America.

Most are native to eastern Asia, with a few in Europe.

It is native to eastern North America.

region in eastern   (東部地域)

It lies in the Székely Land, an ethno-cultural region in eastern Transylvania.

far eastern   (極東)

Beverly view is located in the far eastern section of Ashburn.

Mudburra is one of the far eastern forms of the Pama-Nyungan Ngumbin languages.

The far eastern half of the crater is marked by a ray system running north–south.

eastern slope   (東斜面)

The grave is on the eastern slope facing a north-south path.

Hamayun lies on the eastern slope of Mt.

Explosions vented on the north eastern slope of Barujari volcano.

eastern flank   (東部の側面)

The range forms the eastern flank of the Lake Perris reservoir.

A tramway ran in the same direction on the eastern flank of the bings.

The Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park is located on the mountain's eastern flank.

eastern region   (東の地域)

Most of the land under cultivation is in the eastern region.

Chainpur is an ancient market place of the eastern region of Nepal.

Barahachhetra is taken as the most important pilgrimage site in eastern region of Nepal.

eastern provinces   (東部州)

In the eastern provinces of the country Muslims are predominant.

In AD 18, Agrippina left for the eastern provinces with her family.

The following year, Germanicus was sent to govern over the eastern provinces.

forms the eastern   (東部を形成する)

It forms the eastern boundary of the Gulf of Patience.

Vembanad Lake forms the eastern boundary of the village.

The range forms the eastern boundary of the Cache Valley.

eastern wall   (東の壁)

His large tomb lies midway along the eastern wall amongst other large monuments.

On February 11, 2004, the eastern wall of the Temple Mount was damaged by an earthquake.

On the eastern wall of the fountain, four semi-circular steps lead up to the entrance door.

eastern and central   (東部および中部)

The nonvenomous, colubrid snake is indigenous to eastern and central North America.

In 1255, the Mongols swept through eastern and central Anatolia, and would remain until 1335.

The rufous-fronted bushtit is found in the eastern and central Himalayas in Bhutan, China, India and Nepal.

region of eastern   (東部)

Paspébiac Paspébiac is a city on Baie des Chaleurs in the Gaspésie region of eastern Quebec, Canada.

Kokad Kokad is a village in Hajdú-Bihar county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.

"T. albispinus" is found in a relatively small region of eastern Brazil, in the states of Sergipe and Bahia.

department in eastern   (東部)

Varambon Varambon is a commune in the Ain department in eastern France.

Friron was born on 7 February 1766 in Vandieres in what later became Meurthe department in eastern France.

Servanin Servanin is a red French wine grape variety grown predominantly in the Isère department in eastern France.

eastern states   (東部州)

This was the most devastating blow Qin delivered to the two eastern states to date.

Tollways are found in the eastern states of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Dutch is taught in states bordering the Netherlands, and Polish in the eastern states bordering Poland.

eastern and northern   (東部および北部)

The top, eastern and northern faces have been discoloured by lichen.

Four solfatara fields lie at the eastern and northern flanks of the central cone.

On the eastern and northern horizon lies the Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country.

eastern regions   (東部)

The eastern regions of Afghanistan were considered politically as parts of India.

During their time there, Germanicus was active in his administration of the eastern regions.

Mansouri Mansouri (, ) is a surname common amongst the North Africa and Middle eastern regions.

eastern front   (東部戦線)

Similarly, Panzer II tanks were used on the eastern front.

Király saw combat on the eastern front and was twice wounded.

Machliniec found itself in the middle of the eastern front during the First World War.

eastern corner   (東角)

The tomb was located the eastern corner of the church and "Misericórdia Velha".

The post became the north eastern corner of the new Australian position at Lone Pine.

Pico Alto, resulted from fissural eruption developing in the eastern corner of the island.

eastern tip   (東端)

It is located on the eastern tip of the island of Rolla.

The highway continued to Goetzville and ran to DeTour Village at the eastern tip of the UP.

He charted the eastern tip of Vanua Levu and Cikobia before making his way back into the open sea.

off the eastern   (東方沖)

The Laurentian Abyss is found off the eastern coast of Canada.

It is located just off the eastern coast of the large island of Magerøya.

It lies off the eastern shore of Lopez Island, between it and Decatur Island.

eastern entrance   (東口)

the eastern entrance gate in the bulwark.

The eastern entrance is connected to Prince Regent station.

The highway begins at Osawatomie Road at the eastern entrance to the psychiatric hospital grounds.

eastern outskirts   (東部郊外)

An international border between Russia-Ukraine runs along the eastern outskirts of the city.

It flows southward and discharges at the eastern outskirts of Rengsdorf into the Engelsbach from the right.

MT 35 begins within the Flathead Indian Reservation, in the eastern outskirts of Polson, at an intersection with US 93.

endemic to eastern   (東風)

The species is endemic to eastern Iran and Pakistan.

The species is endemic to eastern Australia.

The species is endemic to eastern Nepal.

eastern shores   (東海岸)

The eastern shores have a height of 10 meters, while the western shores are flat.

The expedition landed on the eastern shores of Siberia, where Kern spent several weeks.

The NWWR continues south along PTH 6 and parallel to the eastern shores of Lake Manitoba.

eastern portions   (東部)

It consists of several ridges in the eastern portions of Gladwyne and Villanova.

Between 1996 and 2005, the Thirteenth District covered the central and eastern portions of Iztacalco.

In 1977, their musical "Petra" was shown in both the Muslim western and Christian eastern portions of Beirut.

eastern territories   (東部領土)

He feared that Germany would eventually lose these eastern territories.

Caligula needed to quell several riots and conspiracies in the eastern territories during his reign.

Around 110 people worked there, mostly German refugees from the eastern territories lost after WW II.

between the eastern   (東部の間)

It forms the intersection between the eastern 4th Ring Road and the Jingtong Expressway.

In the remaining arc between the eastern rim clockwise to the north, the inner wall is much wider.

Marked differences in vocabulary and usage still exist between the eastern and western parts of Cornwall.

through eastern   (東から)

She left to travel through eastern Taiwan with a friendly nun by the name of Xiūdào (修道法師).

In 1255, the Mongols swept through eastern and central Anatolia, and would remain until 1335.

Here, the valley and NY 228 curve northeastward, following Taughannock Creek through eastern Schuyler County.

eastern frontier   (東フロンティア)

In response to border raids, Constantine sent Constantius to guard the eastern frontier in 335.

Europe's eastern frontier was defined in the 1st century by geographer Strabo at the River Don.

The Gamtoos River had been declared, c. 1740, the eastern frontier of the colony; but it was soon passed.

eastern wing   (東翼)

Also demolished was the eastern wing, but the wing was later rebuilt in a reduced size.

The main building of note is the Phalawang Palace which houses documents in the eastern wing.

Cultural discrimination also prevailed, causing the eastern wing to forge a distinct political identity.

parts of eastern   (東部)

More specifically the Mosetse River discharges to Sua Pan, draining parts of eastern Botswana.

The North Vietnamese quickly overran large parts of eastern Cambodia, reaching to within of Phnom Penh.

Tukul Tukul is a term used to refer to round homes in Ethiopia, Sudan and other parts of eastern Africa.

eastern areas   (東部)

Sheldon would take pupils from the southern and eastern areas of the town and adjacent villages.

The broadcasts from this transmitter reach all northern Germany during daylight, except the most eastern areas.

Catalogue of Indian troops: fourteen contingents from the Indus valley and the eastern areas of the Median empire.

eastern suburb   (東部郊外)

Armstrong grew up in the eastern suburb of Mitcham.

Today Saqba has become a working-class eastern suburb of Damascus.

The Italian consulate is located in the eastern suburb of Payneham.

eastern area   (東部)

They also control the eastern area of the Chambucha-Karete axis.

Due to the higher elevation, the climate is cooler towards the eastern area.

Their centre was at Mountnorris Bay, in the eastern area of the Cobourg Peninsula.

eastern borders   (東部国境)

The northern and eastern borders remained the same.

The high mountains of the Ruwenzori Range on the eastern borders.

It is also found on the western, north and eastern borders of Dartmoor.

eastern extension   (東部延長)

It is part of the eastern extension of the Line 1.

An eastern extension to Zhaojiagang East is under construction.

Towne Centre Drive is the name for what is essentially an eastern extension of Hereford Farm Road.

reaches its eastern   (その東に達する)

PA 926 reaches its eastern terminus at an intersection with PA 3.

Highways and reaches its eastern terminus at MD 179 (St. Margarets Road).

Passing to the north of Newcastle upon Tyne the route reaches its eastern trailhead at Percy Main, North Shields.

across the eastern   (東を渡って)

A merged chain of tiny craters lies across the eastern rim.

The cult grew and built up momentum, sweeping across the eastern Cape.

There is a shallow sandbar extending across the eastern end of the lake.

state in eastern   (東部の州)

The Uyghur state in eastern Xinjiang was initially Manicheaean, but later converted to Buddhism.

The Muslim homeland movement pushed for a sovereign state in eastern British India with the Lahore Resolution in 1943.

across eastern   (東を渡って)

A deep mid-latitude shortwave trough was tracking northeastward across eastern China.

It fought at Kovel, during the withdrawal across eastern Poland and at the Baranov bridgehead on the Vistula.

Weak tornadoes, known as landspouts, across eastern Colorado have been witnessed to develop in a similar manner.

eastern city   (東部の都市)

Hanaei targeted female sex workers in the eastern city of Mashhad.

The university occupies 205 acres at the eastern city limit of Greenville.

The U.S. Highway diverge at a large trumpet interchange at the eastern city limit of Lynchburg.

village in eastern   (東部の村)

She was born in Brzezice, a village in eastern Poland.

Nemetin Nemetin is a village in eastern Slavonia, Croatia, located near Osijek.

Kamchia, Burgas Province Kamchia () is a village in eastern Bulgaria, located in Sungurlare Municipality of the Burgas Province.

eastern sides   (東側)

The northern and eastern sides of the island are steep and mountainous.

Its name derives from a rivulet flowing on northern and eastern sides of the city.

There he discovers a small group of shepherds that complains of being attacked by the wolves from eastern sides (i.e.

other eastern   (他の東部)

Decorating eggs for Easter using wax resistant batik is a popular method in some other eastern European countries.

However, many other eastern Mediterranean states and polities adopted Rhodian (Chian) monetary standard following Rhodes.

Like many other eastern European countries, Belarus has a negative population growth rate and a negative natural growth rate.

eastern capital   (東の首都)

In 927, Emperor Mingzong had briefly moved his court from Luoyang to the eastern capital Kaifeng.

He also engaged Qidan forces, capturing their chief Abugu () and taking him back to the eastern capital Luoyang.

Huige sent 3,000 soldiers to aid Zhu Tao in his efforts to further advance south to capture the eastern capital Luoyang.

eastern segment   (東部)

The eastern segment was redesignated MS 594 in 1958.

At 97 Street it becomes the eastern segment of 167 Avenue.

The roadway had an eastern segment built by the end of 1953.

around the eastern   (東部周辺)

Catalan evolved from Vulgar Latin in the Middle Ages around the eastern Pyrenees.

The insurance industry is focused around the eastern side of the City, around Lloyd's building.

They dwelt around the eastern shore of Lake Eyre, running northwards from Muloorina to the Warburton River.

throughout the eastern   (東部全体)

They operate booths and a variety of railroad and model railroad shows and meets throughout the eastern US.

The eastern chipmunk lives in deciduous wooded areas and urban parks throughout the eastern United States and southern Canada.

Physocephala tibialis Physocephala tibialis is a species of thick-headed fly in the family Conopidae found throughout the eastern United States, often near flowering plants.

eastern branch   (東支部)

Diffloth places Khmer in an eastern branch of the Mon-Khmer languages.

The language belongs to the eastern branch of the Nahuan language family, and exhibits a number of divergent features.

While he moves the others to the northern branch of the Ometo languages, he leaves Gatame/Haruro in the eastern branch.

extreme eastern   (極東)

This range was not sufficient to reach targets on the extreme eastern and northeastern region of China.

The terrain is undulating in nature and the extreme eastern side has forests bordering Karnataka state.

town in eastern   (東部の町)

She was born in Gjøvik, a town in eastern Norway.

Diamond, Utah Diamond is a ghost town in eastern Juab County, Utah, United States.

Srebrenica is a small mining town in eastern Bosnia about fifteen kilometers from the Serbian border.

entire eastern   (東部全体)

414 formerly covered the entire eastern third of the state.

Licinius departed and eventually defeated Maximinus, gaining control over the entire eastern half of the Roman Empire.

It serves as the main road on Charlotte County's Grand Manan Island, following the entire eastern coast of the island.

eastern central   (東中部)

It was described by Thomson in 1860, and is known from eastern central Mexico to Panama.

Paracirrhites xanthus Paracirrhites xanthus is a species of hawkfish from the eastern central Pacific.

It lies within the eastern central Lowlands on the north bank of the Firth of Tay, which feeds into the North Sea.

former eastern   (前東)

It was repopulated by Poles, expelled from former eastern Poland annexed by the Soviet Union.

The Seleucid Empire broke apart and its former eastern part was absorbed by the Parthian Empire.

At the end of this tolled section, SH 29 reaches a roundabout intersecting the former eastern section (now SH 29A) and SH 36.

eastern foothills   (東山foot)

"N. spinosus" has a very wide distribution encompassing much of the Amazon basin and the eastern foothills of the Andes.

Galena was developed as a mining property in 1860, with the discovery of silver in the eastern foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Belair, South Australia Belair is a suburb in the south eastern foothills of Adelaide, South Australia at the base of the Mount Lofty Ranges.

much of eastern   (東部の大部分)

Area code 920 North American telephone area code 920 covers much of eastern Wisconsin.

Bombs dropped from 279 Boeing B-29 Superfortress heavy bombers burned out much of eastern Tokyo.

He is a Democrat representing the 32 District, which includes much of eastern Loudoun County in Northern Virginia.

throughout eastern   (東部全体)

Obama did extremely well throughout eastern Pennsylvania.

Cultivation also spread throughout eastern and southern parts of Africa.

The spotted turtle is declining throughout eastern Northern America due to habitat loss and poaching.