economies of scale   (規模の経済)

Extreme economies of scale are one possible cause.

Conventional food systems operate on economies of scale.

This offers excellent economies of scale.

emerging economies   (新興国)

The 2017 report covers 144 major and emerging economies.

For emerging economies in Africa, the term "lion economy" is used as an analogy.

Among emerging economies, China's e-commerce presence continues to expand every year.

local economies   (地域経済)

The Detroit River provides substantial revenue for the local economies.

While local economies were devastated, the overall impact on the national economies was minor.

This idea encourages competition in quality and variety and supports diversity in local economies.

market economies   (市場経済)

The book provides a survey of central bank policies in emerging market economies.

Market economies that use indicative planning can be referred to as planned market economies.

All the states have open market economies, most of which are in the upper-middle income range ($4,000–12,000 p.c.