İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

western edge   (batı kenarı)

There is a BMX track on the western edge of the site.

The college is situated on the western edge of Ghazipur.

Garden of the Gods is on Colorado Springs's western edge.

eastern edge   (doğu kenarı)

The eastern edge abutted the Laurentide ice sheet.

It is near the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies.

On the eastern edge of town is Truett-McConnell College.

northern edge   (kuzey kenarı)

At the northern edge of Lake Tapps is Auburn.

On the northern edge of Whiteface, SH 125 ends at SH 114.

on the northern edge wrapping around to its southern edge.

southern edge   (güney kenarı)

Rudky Arboretum is on the southern edge of the town.

EastLink Trail skirts the southern edge of the park.

Linton Zoo is on the southern edge of Linton village.

leading edge   (öncü)

They're on the leading edge of something extraordinary."

The wooden wings include leading edge slots.

Its span wing has an area of leading edge slots and flaps.

cutting edge   (keskin kenar)

A House approach gives this tune a cutting edge feel.

He has been at the cutting edge of animatronic puppetry since 1979.

It was equipped with two circular mills and cutting edge technology.

trailing edge   (arka kenar)

The mourning dove does not have the white trailing edge.

The pilot sat in a cockpit aft of the wing trailing edge.

Builders have solved this with a trailing edge wing cut-out.

outer edge   (dış kenar)

Some estimates place the outer edge at between .

The lirae become narrow toward the outer edge.

The foliage is green with pale inner edge and dark outer edge.

along the edge   (kenar boyunca)

The Grantham Canal runs along the edge of the village.

A balustrade runs along the edge of the roof.

These run east-to-west along the edge of the Cannop Valley.

costal edge

The males have a tooth-like projection on the costal edge of the wing.

Very similar to the preceding [ "S. telephassa" ], especially in the female sex but with the reddish yellow band of the forewing with the proximal edge less straight, neither being interrupted below the apical ocellus as in the "pelopea"- forms , nor strongly constricted as in "telephassa".The band of the hindwing more even than in "telephassa", almost reaching the costal edge.

each edge

a directed graph where each edge has a weight of 1).

This reduction is done locally at each edge in G that has a weight larger than 1.

On the right is shown the reweighted graph, formed by replacing each edge weight by .

around the edge   (kenarın etrafında)

The inscription around the edge of the limb reads: '1659 .

A gold band around the edge includes the mission and astronaut names.

A roughly circular fracture, the "ring fault", develops around the edge of the chamber.

lower edge

The lower edge of this belt was a uniform in thickness.

The edges of the labellum have tiny teeth and there is a small tail-like tip on the lower edge.

Above the main belt was a strake of armor thick that extended up to the lower edge of the main deck.

edge of town   (şehrin kenarı)

On the eastern edge of town is Truett-McConnell College.

On the eastern edge of town, the road comes to an intersection with US 61.

Therefore, a new cemetery site was purchased in 1800 on the western edge of town.

straight edge   (düz kenar)

Jason Shrout was straight edge.

He is also straight edge.

As a youth he was a member of the Long Island straight edge band "XbustedX."

upper edge

Moulding on upper edge of frame front and sides.

The upper edge of the front wings consists of almost square cells.

On the front upper edge of the maxilla a triangular depression is present.

near the edge   (kenarın yakınında)

There is a safety fence near the edge of the quarries.

The Sun is near the edge of the Local Interstellar Cloud.

She asked where it was; he told her in the Bonnach stone, near the edge.

inner edge

The foliage is green with pale inner edge and dark outer edge.

The arm of the chelipeds has a row of short blunt spines on the inner edge.

This distance is about closer to the star than the inner edge of the debris disk.

north edge

On the north edge of the village is the hill top parish church.

On modern maps, its north edge is the southern branch of Ringway Road.

The remains of the railroad grade can still be seen today at the north edge of the hamlet.

front edge   (ön kenar)

On the front edge of the top slab is written: ""1663 ffalax saepe fides testam.

The underside is smooth except for the front edge of the disc, base of the tail, and tail.

Thelateral grooves join before reaching their common origin at the front edge of themantle.

southwestern edge

They are on the southwestern edge of the San Joaquin Valley.

The range runs along the southwestern edge of the Sacramento Valley.

Kronach is located at the southwestern edge of the Franconian Forest.

southeastern edge   (güneydoğu kenarı)

It is in the southeastern edge of the county.

In early November 1944, the first Russian units appeared on the southeastern edge of Budapest.

Fulton is situated on the southeastern edge of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, an area with a high earthquake risk.

south edge

Ōe () on the south edge of the city of Kyoto.

A portion of the east branch flows along the south edge of this moraine.

The station's 280-foot tower is located at the south edge of the city of Lamesa.

northwestern edge   (kuzeybatı kenarı)

There is a magnitude 9.6 star on the northwestern edge of the galaxy.

Fort Sewall is also located along the northwestern edge of the harbor.

Just after crossing over Tudor Branch, the highway begins skirting the northwestern edge of the city limits of Evans.

northeastern edge

Little Minsterley is a hamlet on the northeastern edge of the village, which was founded in 1901.

On Wednesday, arrived in Galway Bay and shelled the countryside on the northeastern edge of Galway.

This is a roughly circular, bowl-shaped crater that lies along the northeastern edge of the Montes Rook.

wing leading edge

According to the ground crews, several people had touched the wing leading edge to detect ice.

Its two-seat tandem cockpit is enclosed, the top of the canopy blending into the wing leading edge.

The pilot sat upright just ahead of the wing leading edge under a multi-piece canopy which merged into the aft fuselage.

top edge

The larger the area of the sheet the stronger the updraft created at the top edge.

The crew's names are along the top edge of the circle, with APOLLO IX at the bottom.

Early versions of the F3 had the "chicken wire" grilles along the top edge of the carbody.

bottom edge

Undercutting means chamfering the bottom edge of tone holes inside the bore.

Each level is limited to a single screen, with no scrolling; however, if a screen has gaps in its bottom edge, players can fall through these and reappear at the top.

The British and Europeans could also install a front bumper bull bar and an thick steel sump guard that extended from the bottom edge of the front bumper to the front suspension.

off the edge

The patient lies face down with feet hanging off the edge of the bed.

Rather than surrender, he galloped his horse off the edge falling some 200 feet.

On a flat turntable, the inertia of a co-rotating object forces it off the edge.

west edge

The municipality is located on the south west edge of the Brütten plateau.

The Buffalo AME Church, on the west edge of the block, was built in 1953 and still stands.

Stations would be built at Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Hopkins (west edge of Oshawa), Simcoe (downtown Oshawa), Oshawa east (at Stevenson) and finally Harmony.

edge length

This can be represented by a cube with an edge length of about 21 meters.

The distance from the solid's center to its vertices is equal to its edge length.

If the original cube has edge length 1, its dual polyhedron (an octahedron) has edge length formula_6.

sharp edge

The rim is not significantly worn, and displays a sharp edge.

The sharp edge of the CIA's sword has been let loose with few strings attached.

The rim along the east and southeast flanks displays slumping, producing a sharp edge.

rear edge

The postorbital bone does not contribute to the rear edge of the eye socket.

The tail club is hexagonal in top view, with the widest point located near the rear edge.

It possesses vomerine teeth with two slightly oblique oval groups just behind the level of the rear edge of the choanae.

competitive edge   (rekabet avantajı)

This gave Cuban sugar a competitive edge in the American marketplace.

Athletes or individuals who wish to gain a competitive edge for endurance events can take advantage of exercising at high altitude.

This was not without significant physical danger, as British companies did not wish to lose their competitive edge and market share.

anterior edge

The anterior edge of a gill slit is motile, moving outward to allow water to exit, but closing to prevent reverse flow.

"Chelidonura" always have well-developed sensory cilia on the anterior edge of the head which are used to find the prey.

The light organs are embedded in suborbital cavities and are connected at the anterior edge via a cartilaginous rod like attachment.

outside edge   (dış kenar)

from inside to outside edge.

Johnston took Compton's outside edge and Miller completed the catch in slips.

The lady is caught by her waist in the air and lands on the backward outside edge.

east edge

The hut is situated above Bow Lake on the east edge of the Wapta Icefield, at an altitude of .

It was built on farm property on the east edge of the City but is now fully within the city proper.

At the east edge of downtown, SR 91 Business veers southeast to reach its northern terminus at SR 91.