along the edges   (端に沿って)

They are wavy along the edges and may have reddish margins.

Wetland plants flourish along the edges.

Its belly is gray-green with small dark spots along the edges.

around the edges   (縁の周り)

They are shallowly rounded or toothed around the edges.

There are teeth or serrations up to long around the edges of the labellum.

Other activities around the edges of the water included fishing and agriculture.

leading edges   (リーディングエッジ)

Both dorsal fins bear stout spines on their leading edges.

Each had two spars, plywood skinned leading edges and was fabric covered.

The legs are marked with dull orange as are the leading edges of the wings (costae).

forest edges

The habitat consists of forests and forest edges.

The habitat consists of forest edges and shaded lawns.

Typical habitat for it is on river banks and forest edges.

number of edges   (エッジの数)

Now, the "degree" of a vertex is the number of edges abutting it.

The length of a path is the number of edges (connections between nodes) that the path passes through.

The friendly index of the labeling is the absolute value of the difference between the number of edges labeled 0 and the number of edges labeled 1.

outer edges

Her designs usually began at the centre fold, and moved towards the outer edges.

However, the preserved portion can be seen to stretch along the outer edges of the parietal bones.

The outer edges of the forearms, legs, and feet have crests jutting out; fingers and toes are partly webbed.

trailing edges   (後縁)

Narrow chord ailerons occupied the whole of the trailing edges.

Its leading and trailing edges were metal, with fabric elsewhere.

The trailing edges of the wings were taken up by landing flaps inboard of the gull joint and ailerons outboard.

sharp edges

It is usually macular with sharp edges and not itchy.

Instead, it had sharp edges.

The leaves are large, palmate and often with spines or sharp edges along the petioles.