edited version

"Colours" is an edited version on the CD single.

One such unlockable "prize" is an edited version of .

An edited version of the original, "Evgaines?

edited and published

In 1921, she edited and published the "Memoirs of Mary A.

She also edited and published books on poetry and anthologies.

In 1882 he edited and published Mukundaram's Kavikankan Chandi.

edited several

They edited several papers for the Académie des sciences.

He has edited several anthologies of the best mini-sagas.

Boitelle edited several reports, including:

heavily edited

All of the jam recordings were heavily edited.

Clemo then heavily edited and shaped their contributions.

"The Terror of Godzilla" was heavily edited to obtain a "G" rating from the MPAA.

founded and edited

In 1900 they founded and edited the Women's Labour News.

She also founded and edited the national newspaper, the "Woman's Helper".

Lermond founded and edited the Knox Academy's journal, "The Maine Naturalist".

later edited

He later edited the music newspaper "Top Pops".

It was later edited and released as a feature film in 1943.

It was later edited into a feature film.

edited together

used a video edited together from footage of their tour in China for "Freedom"'s US single release.

The two albums are edited together and mark a real turning point in the career of Philippe Katerine.

Topics and Issues from European Research" (edited together with Carmelo Mazza, Renate Meyer und Peter Walgenbach).

then edited

He then edited "Social-Demokraten" from 1903 to 1906.

This footage was then edited into 14 half-hour episodes.

The index is then edited to impose consistency throughout the index.

edited down   (編集された)

Mailer wound up with 150 minutes of film, which was edited down to 90 minutes.

The programmes were filmed in real time and edited down to one-hour programmes.

which is a recording of the band working in the studio edited down to 15 minutes.

directed and edited

The video was filmed, directed and edited by DADO Productions.

Raimi wrote, directed and edited, while fellow Michigander Rob Tapert was producer.

Matt has also directed and edited a number of commercial campaigns for Lagoon, an amusement park in Utah.

compiled and edited

Chi flutes are mentioned in "Shi Jing", compiled and edited by Confucius, according to tradition.

Another son, Chris Knox, has compiled and edited a collection of his writing, "Neal Knox: The Gun Rights War".

Songbook", compiled and edited by Jerzy (George) Dymny, featuring 41 songs with a Canadian slant, was published in 1990.

written and edited

Scieszka has written and edited many books for various publishers.

It was jointly written and edited by Thomas Brune and Walter George Arthur.

Rogers has written and edited various books related to the yachting industry.

edited the first

Ellen Diffin Wangner edited the first issues, October 1928 to March 1929.

In 1985 Benzi edited the first edition of her journal and did so again in 2003 alongside notes on her life.

Wollheim edited the first science fiction anthology to be mass-marketed, "The Pocket Book of Science Fiction" (1943).

anthology edited

Queer Crips Queer Crips: Disabled Gay Men and Their Stories is a 2004 anthology edited by Bob Guter and John R. Killacky.

In 2007, Clear Cut released an anthology edited by Matthew Stadler collecting work presented at the Back Room series in Portland, Oregon.

New Zealand sound art organisation, the Audio Foundation, published in 2012 an anthology edited by Bruce Russell named "Erewhon Calling" after Butler's book.

edited the magazine

He also edited the magazine "Avholds-Arbeideren" until 1961.

For a time after 1928, he edited the magazine, "World's Work".

During the Italian Campaign, she edited the magazine "Il Mondo Libero".

stories edited

"Jyotish Janini Vartasrishti" (2013) is a collection of his selected stories edited by Mohan Parmar.

"The New Dead" (2010), an anthology of previously unpublished zombie stories edited by Christopher Golden, contains an additional "World War Z" story titled "Closure, Limited".

Alternate Generals II Alternate Generals (2002) is a collection of alternate history short stories edited by Harry Turtledove.It includes Turtledove's own short story, "Uncle Alf".

wrote and edited

From 2011 to 2016 he wrote and edited a blog about photography, "Disphotic."

Hetsroni wrote and edited four books and nearly 100 journal articles and book chapters.

edited volumes

Together with Ernst Gall and some other art historians, he edited volumes 3-6 of the "".

Most of his books are edited volumes in the Earthscan Risk Society and Policy series, which he edits.

Among contemporary writers, Wilmer has written on the work of the poets Thom Gunn and Donald Davie and has edited volumes of their essays.

edited the film   (映画を編集した)

Ganesh Kumar edited the film and Mohanam was the art director.

Susan E. Morse edited the film and the production design was handled by Tim Grimes.

edited a number   (番号を編集しました)

He has also edited a number of scholarly books.

He also edited a number of science-fiction anthologies.

Wright also edited a number of publications throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

edited books

He edited books and wrote many articles on the history of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki.

Gallese has published over 200 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and edited books and three books.

These included 12 scientific reports, 28 research papers, 8 chapters in edited books and 5 articles in technical newsletters.