İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

later editions   (sonraki baskılar)

All later editions are derived from this original.

Ten further designs were added in later editions.

It survived only in later editions of the 15th century.

several editions   (birkaç baskı)

It went through several editions until 1860.

Ulead MediaStudio Pro had several editions before version 7.0.

The volume passed through several editions, and the critics received it favorably.

limited editions   (sınırlı baskı)

The European version came in standard and limited editions.

Sylvester & Orphanos published in total 25 limited editions:

As its name states, Ediciónes Limitadas are limited editions.

special editions   (özel baskılar)

It is sold on single disc and two-disc special editions.

Several special editions of "The Black Parade" were released.

The album has been offered in several special editions and bundles.

previous editions

The growth that had already been noticed in previous editions, continued.

APP-6C modified some symbol frames from previous editions of the standard.

Groening wrote an introduction to the book, as he had for the previous editions.

new editions

Two new editions were issued, first in 1956 then in 1962.

This compilation was re-released in May, 2008 and 2012 in new editions.

In the 18th and 19th centuries new editions appeared in Basel und Strasbourg.

critical editions   (kritik basımlar)

Subsequent studies are beginning to provide the first critical editions of his works.

This proclamation was made before critical editions of Ephrem's authentic writings were available.

Sampson paid special attention to the study of Hebrew and New Testament Greek, and collected a library of critical editions of the scriptures.

first editions

All page totals given below are for the US first editions.

He collects first editions of twentieth century literature.

As such there are often three different kinds of ‘first editions’.

subsequent editions

She has revised many of the books for subsequent editions.

For the subsequent editions, the tournament moved to the Portimão Arena.

The first Italian edition has a red spine, while subsequent editions have a blue one.

different editions

It was released in October 24, 2012 in three different editions.

The different editions of IOL can be summarized on the following table:

He published over 200 articles and introductions to different editions.

many editions

There are many editions of this work, notably:

The book was expanded in 1858, going through many editions.

2002) tells the story of the first publication and many editions.

editions were published

Three more editions were published through 1872.

Three editions were published in 1923, 1925 and 1929.

Later editions were published in 1893, 1896, and 1910.

printed editions

(There are also CD and printed editions, covering a smaller number of journals).

Twelve printed editions of "Hürnen Seyfrid" are known from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

However, in some printed editions of his plays he often turned the Venetian texts into Tuscan, too.

early editions

Only the early editions have the adapters.

Dewey and a small editorial staff managed the administration of the very early editions.

Combined track and field events were held jointly at early editions of the competitions.

other editions   (diğer basımlar)

In other editions (for example, Aristotelis Athenaion politeia, ed.

The company produced several other editions for Windows, Android, and iOS.

China was awarded champions of the nine other editions of the tournaments.

all editions

All tracks on all editions are produced by Dieter Bohlen.

Unlike the 15th edition, it did not contain and sections, but ran A through Z as all editions up to the 14th had.

The "Asta" was present in all editions, with the exceptions of the "Scala & vinci" and "Super Sarabanda" versions.

various editions

Several reviews of various editions appeared in "White Dwarf".

Several reviews of various editions appeared in "Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer".

Originally carved in stone, it was later cast in various editions in bronze.

paperback editions

It is available in both hardcover and trade paperback editions.

Later paperback editions were issued by Ace Books (April 1987 and March 1991).

Bestsellers also may be ranked separately for hardcover and paperback editions.

earlier editions

Game systems based on earlier editions of "D&D".

The cover of the earlier editions features a photo of M16 (also known as the "Eagle Nebula").

She appeared in earlier editions of Grove's and Baker's Dictionaries, but does not appear in the more recent editions.

print editions

Except where noted, they were originally published in print editions of "The Miami Herald" newspaper.

Not only were there no places to print editions of artistic prints, it was also considered a secondary art.

In addition to their print editions, Philanthropy Kids publishes these stories on their online blogs and social media platforms.

editions published

There were 33 editions published sporadically until 1903.

All of these drawings are present in editions published through 2009.

The first editions published under the new combined name were those of June 19, 1972.

modern editions

"Unveiling a Parallel" has been reprinted in several modern editions.

Most modern editions of the book have been divided into chapters and verses.

It has received three modern editions, the first by the philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in 1698.

first two editions

The first two editions were more qualitative.

Arsenal and Chapman won the first two editions of the FA WSL in 2011 and 2012.

The first two editions were however only in category 2.2, before upgrading in 2020..

numerous editions

His "Geography, or a Brief Description of the Whole World" (1599), passed through numerous editions.

There have been numerous editions by publishers based in Britain, Ireland and the United States since 1962.

Printed in numerous editions, it is a classic in Feminist Studies, Black Studies, and Black Women's Studies.

both editions

In both editions to date, the Swiss have finished runners-up.

The changes made by Campbell-Watson were withdrawn in both editions.

While both editions contained the title track, the b-sides "Get Dizzy!"