İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

managing editor   (yönetici editör)

The managing editor since 2004 is Stefan Fischer.

Sandhya Pai is the managing editor of the magazine.

The founding managing editor was Chris Surridge.

associate editor   (yardımcı editör)

Toffler was an associate editor of "Fortune" magazine.

Harrison is an associate editor of The Computer Journal.

Weed recommended his associate editor and protégé, Rufus King.

chief editor   (şef editör)

Khalil-ur-Rehman is the chief editor of Urdu Times.

Kamalapati Tripathi also served as its chief editor.

In 1990 he became the chief editor of "Zerkalo".

newspaper editor   (Gazete editörü)

Later he became an economist and newspaper editor.

Rodney Sieh Rodney Sieh is a Liberian newspaper editor.

Christiansen's son, Michael, also became a newspaper editor.

became editor   (editör oldu)

In 1977, he became editor for the "New York Voice".

She became editor of the coffee table magazine "Taj".

Clements became editor of the "Tribune" in 1961, aged 33.

editor in chief   (Genel Yayın Yönetmeni)

Sub Board then elected a new editor in chief.

Its current director and editor in chief is Saleh Nafee.

He currently serves as the publication's editor in chief.

film editor   (film editörü)

Yannick Kergoat Yannick Kergoat is a film editor.

He later became a film editor, television producer and director.

From 2001-2013, Rowe was married to film editor and producer J.D.

founding editor   (kurucu editör)

He was founding editor of Pakin literary magazine.

He is the founding editor of "Al Watan" newspaper.

He is the founding editor of "ASSH (SA) Proceedings".

contributing editor   (katkıda bulunan editör)

Shnayerson is a contributing editor to "Vanity Fair".

In June 2000, he became a contributing editor.

She has been a contributing editor for World Tribune.com.

assistant editor

He became the assistant editor of "Desh" in 1939.

Anna Lomax also has the credit of "assistant editor."

Later, he joined Bollywood Hungama as an assistant editor.

first editor

Nilambar Rath was the channel's first editor.

In 1943, he became the first editor of Slobodna Dalmacija.

Its first editor was Norman Pearlstine.

executive editor   (yönetici editör)

The newspaper's executive editor is Diogo Paixão.

He became the paper’s executive editor on January 1, 1998.

Consequently, Schwarzenegger relinquished the executive editor role in 2005.

senior editor   (Kıdemli editör)

He joined Vanity Fair as a senior editor in May 1997.

In 2018, she was named a senior editor of "The Nation".

He was previously a senior editor at Strategy & Tactics Press.

editor and publisher   (editör ve yayıncı)

Hamling was, of course, still editor and publisher.

Nolan who took on the role of both editor and publisher.

She is the editor and publisher of arts newspaper "She-Zine".

served as editor

She served as editor of "American Esperantist."

Ishikawa Takuboku initially served as editor.

He has served as editor for many of his and his spouse's works.

former editor

Car Club and former editor of "Motor Sport".

The editor is Evan Smith, former editor of "Texas Monthly".

He replaced former editor Jan Poolman who joined "The Namibian".

writer and editor

He is the father of writer and editor Michael Korda.

1959, Pennsylvania) is an American writer and editor.

Lovell-Smith was also a writer and editor.

became the editor

He also became the editor of the Florida Sentinel.

Angella Hallstorm became the editor by early 2009.

Anwar Sadat became the editor of the daily.

story editor   (hikaye editörü)

William deMille reluctantly became a story editor.

For some time, he was story editor at May-Film in Berlin.

He was promoted to story editor for the fourth season in 2009.

magazine editor

She worked as a magazine editor and spoke to youth about patriotism.

To prove that she is business-minded, Carmella becomes a magazine editor.

Later he got the job of a magazine editor with a salary of Rs 60 per month.

news editor

Khan served as the news editor of The Daily Star.

There, by 1919, he had risen to news editor.

Griffith as manager-editor, and Leslie Wilson was made news editor.

sports editor

The Oklahoman sports editor, Mike Sherman, stood by the story.

Medworth, who at the time was sports editor of the "Natal Mercury".

In February 1964, he moved to "Newsweek" to become its sports editor.

deputy editor   (vekil editör)

Zhang took the role of editor, and Hu was manager and deputy editor.

She is now a deputy editor for the "Journal of Marriage and Family".

Other staff include deputy editor Catherine Bray and production editor Helen Byrne.

literary editor

He was made literary editor five years later.

From 1991 to 1997, Geason was literary editor of The Sydney Morning Herald.

He was the literary editor of the "Oxford Mail" newspaper from 1958 to 1969.

text editor

Also added in LS-DOS 6.3 is the simple text editor.

This kind of ASCII art is handmade in a text editor.

ASCII versions of DXF can be read with any text editor.

script editor

", "Gideon's Way", and was script editor for "Spyder's Web".

He left after six months to become the script editor for "Doctor Who".

He was also a television drama script editor for Rediffusion (1960–62).

author and editor   (yazar ve editör)

She is the author and editor of many books on film and media.

He is the author and editor of numerous books and scholarly articles.

He an author and editor known for his writings about myth and mythology.

current editor

The current editor of the journal is Harsh Trivedi.

Rudi Maxwell is the current editor of the newspaper.

The current editor, W. Curt Vincent, assumed the position in July 2018.

general editor   (genel editör)

He became the general editor of "Deportes" in 1958.

The general editor of the series is Robert E. Goodin.

He serves as general editor for the series "Foundations of Evangelical Theology".

political editor

He is the political editor of "Channel 4 News".

From 1994 to 2008 he was the political editor of "Verdens Gang".

He is the current political editor in the newspaper "Dagsavisen".

music editor

In 2000 he joined "Darkerthanblue" as online music editor.

He was the music editor of "Blender".

He also acted as music editor for a number of his contemporaries.

founder and editor

He is the founder and editor of the infinity plus webzine.

She is also the founder and editor of "Honest Mum", a parenting blog.

The founder and editor was .

publisher and editor

Goodyear was also a newspaper publisher and editor.

Its founder, publisher and editor was Ahmad Shamlou.

He is the co-founding publisher and editor of Edgewise Press.

became an editor

He became an editor of "The Wilson Quarterly" in 1977.

He became an editor of the newspaper "Alpha Ena" in 2000.

He later became an editor of "L'Humanité".

then editor

In 1892 he was director of the newspaper "Politeia" and then editor of "To Asty".

Page began his journalism career as a writer and then editor at the St. Joseph "Gazette" in Missouri.

In 2019 the Tribune's then editor Shane Clune won the Student Media 'Colour Writer of the Year' award.

journalist and editor   (gazeteci ve editör)

Born in Swellendam, she worked as journalist and editor until 1960.

In between, she worked for two years in Delhi as a journalist and editor.

Davison Maruziva Davison Maruziva is a Zimbabwean journalist and editor.

appointed editor

Edward Dickson was appointed editor of the daily paper.

In 2016 he was appointed editor of "The Sewanee Review".

He was appointed editor of the "British Medical Journal" on 11 August 1866.

new editor

Sub Board then elected a new editor in chief.

A month later, a new editor was selected and Bagley was fired.

Digby retired in 2011, leaving Michael Stirling as the new editor.

editor and writer

Michael Rose is an editor and writer at IndieGames.com.

Myrna Blyth Myrna Blyth is an American editor and writer.

Sonenshein is also a frequent editor and writer for the Jewish Journal.

city editor

In 1991, Rosenthal became the city editor.

The position was first city editor.

Lloyd Hamilton was the city editor.

book editor

He served as book editor for "Jazz Times".

From May to December 2011, she was a book editor at RAO Books.

Peede was a book editor for the Mercer University Press from 1994 to 1996.

guest editor   (konuk editör)

She was the guest editor of "Litro" Poland Issue.

Laughland was guest editor of "The Monist" in January 2007.

He also appeared as guest editor on the NPR show "Bruce Barber's Real Life Survival Guide."

editor of several

He was editor of several KPD publications.

He was at various periods editor of several Tasmanian newspapers.

He is the author or editor of several books about Montana and Tennessee.

fashion editor

Arroz became the fashion editor of "BBW" magazine after her stint with Spiegel.

In September 2011, they hosted a mutual book launch together with fashion editor Carine Roitfeld, at Colette in Paris.

The museum was established in 1984 by Jackie McMahan, a longtime collector, and Eleanor LaVove, a former fashion editor.

sound editor

Rio Mangini is the son of Academy Award-winning sound editor Mark Mangini.

David Heilbroner David Heilbroner is an American director, producer and sound editor.

The sound editor was Rick Dior, who won an Oscar for Best Sound for the film "Apollo 13".

copy editor   (kopyalama editörü)

She worked as a copy editor at the "New York Post" from early 2002 to January 2005.

Kirkpatrick spent 15 years as a reporter at the Tribune before becoming a copy editor in 1954.

At Penn State, she was a writing instructor and a copy editor for the Penn State University Press.

level editor

The series included MapMaker, a simple grid-based level editor.

The game includes a level editor.

It contains a level editor which allows users to make and share maps.

author or editor

Schneiderman is the author or editor of 10 books.

He is author or editor of six books and has published over 370 papers.

He is the author or editor of several books about Montana and Tennessee.

poetry editor

Howard was a long-time poetry editor of "The Paris Review".

Bradley has been the poetry editor of Concho River Review since 1999.

He was editor of the magazine "Oxford Poetry", as literary editor of Isis, as editor of New Poems, and as poetry editor of "The Paris Review".

art editor

Jacques was art editor for "Strand" magazine and art director for the Central Office of Information.

In 1936, he married Eleanor Treacy, an art editor at "Fortune", with whom he had a daughter, Patricia.

In 1891, he joined the staff of the "New York Tribune", writing on culture, and eventually became the art editor.

features editor

It is composed of the work of editor Robinson, features editor Michael Cragg, and a host of contributors.

From 2014 to 2017, Rosner was an editor at Eater, serving as long-form features editor and later executive editor.

After a period as features editor at "The Sunday Times" he became editor of the "Independent on Sunday"s Sunday Review.

series editor

The episode was directed by series editor David Rogers.

Wall stepped down as series editor in 2018.

The series editor is Gene Grossman.

worked as editor

He worked as editor of the "Monroe Democrat" from 1881 to 1886.

He was a lawyer by profession and also worked as editor in magazines.

He worked as editor of the "Bradford Daily Era" in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1891.

joint editor

In 1910 he became joint editor of the journal "Logos".

He was joint editor of Kharosthi Inscriptions.

In 1989, he became joint editor of the "Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History".

reporter and editor

Lavine worked as a newspaper reporter and editor prior to his legal career.

He worked as a reporter and editor for "O Estado de S. Paulo" and Veja" magazine.

From 1970 to 1972, he was a reporter and editor for "The Manchester (N.H.) American".

page editor

Morrow is married to the "Sydney Morning Herald" columnist and former opinion page editor Lisa Pryor.

He was an editorial page editor for the "Rutland Herald" and the "Barre Montpelier Times Argus" from 1992-2018.

Before becoming an editorial page editor, he was a wire editor, state editor, assisting managing editor and city editor.