editorial board   (編集委員会)

Welch also served on the editorial board of "Biometrika".

Member of the editorial board of the magazine ""Rodina"".

Served on the editorial board of "Pathologia Veterinaria".

editorial staff   (編集スタッフ)

It had 321 employees, including 40 on the editorial staff.

In 1914 Mickevičius became a member of "Vilnis" editorial staff.

The editorial staff then condenses the debates into Atlantic Memos.

editorial boards   (編集委員会)

Lawler also served on the editorial boards of several journals.

Foner serves on the editorial boards of "Past and Present" and "The Nation".

He serves on the editorial boards or as a reviewer for many scientific journals.

editorial team   (編集チーム)

He became head of the editorial team in 1965.

The permanent editorial team consisted of about 15 people.

A different editorial team was established to run the website.

editorial director   (編集部長)

In 1974, he joined WBBM-TV as the station's editorial director.

Howes eventually served as the editorial director of the paper.

from 1997-2002; and the editorial director for music at citysearch.com.

editorial page

The stated position of the editorial page is liberal.

An "editorial opinion" is the evaluation of a topic by a newspaper as conveyed on its editorial page.

He was an editorial page editor for the "Rutland Herald" and the "Barre Montpelier Times Argus" from 1992-2018.

editorial work   (編集作業)

Through his editorial work, Elkus has focused on the music of Charles Ives.

Her financial records indicate that she received $10,400 a year for her editorial work.

Her most notable editorial work includes covers for "Vogue" (Spain and United States) and "Amica Italy".

editorial content

The issue had 60 per cent editorial content, compared to the regular 70 per cent.

The editorial content is archived for viewing past its initial month of publication.

Reflecting the print publication, it is a mixture of editorial content and classified advertising.

editorial cartoonist   (社説漫画家)

"I'm not really an editorial cartoonist.

In 1987 he began drawing for "The Charlotte Observer" as an editorial cartoonist.

This was during the two years that he was the chief editorial cartoonist (1941-1943).

editorial policy

"Nation Review" editorial policy was egalitarian and anti-establishment.

Hamling's editorial policy was consciously slanted against intellectualism.

The newspaper said it has a "long standing editorial policy" of not publishing women's images.

editorial writer

He was an editorial writer for the "Chicago Tribune" from 1885 to 1890.

Harding was the chief editorial writer for WRVA from 1981 through 1996.

After graduation, he joined The Star (Malaysia) newspaper as subeditor and editorial writer.

editorial office

The magazine has an editorial office in Front Royal, VA.

The printing house was in Geneva and the editorial office was in Paris.

At that year, Hadi started working in the editorial office of the “Iqbal” newspaper.

editorial control   (編集制御)

This is the only version over which Scott had complete artistic and editorial control.

Campbell resigned in protest against the editorial control exerted by the financial backer of the magazine.

"Le Monde" took full editorial control of the magazine in 2003, appointing Jean-Michel Frodon as editor-in-chief.

editorial cartoons

The paper included the Cox & Forkum editorial cartoons.

Over the course of his career he was responsible for drawing over 10,000 editorial cartoons.

Cartoons can be divided into gag cartoons, which include editorial cartoons, and comic strips.

editorial offices

The Toronto editorial offices are located in Agincourt.

Young fascists took their revenge, attacking the editorial offices of left-wing periodicals.

The editorial offices moved to Indiana University in 1989, when William Becker became editor.

editorial assistant

Thornton started her career at the "Sunday Mirror" in 1992 as an editorial assistant.

In 1930, he married Catherine Carlson, who had been an editorial assistant at "The Youth's Companion".

Previously, Gethard served as an editorial assistant for the popular "Weird NJ" and "Weird US" publications.

published an editorial

On September 21, 2006, "The Globe and Mail" published an editorial on the affair.

In 1997, British Vogue published an editorial with Sara Morrison photographed by Nick Knight.

The Egyptian government-run newspaper, "Al Akhbar", on April 29, 2002, published an editorial denying the Holocaust as a fraud.

editorial committee   (編集委員会)

In 1962 Leo Pardi also became part of the editorial committee.

An editorial committee was formed.

In 1968 and 1970 Valdo Mazzi and Baccio Baccetti join the editorial committee.

joined the editorial

In 2013, she joined the editorial board of the Jane Austen Society of North America.

In 1997 he joined the editorial board of the Access Research Network's "Origins & Design Journal".

Later he returned to Saurashtra and joined the editorial board of the weekly "Saurashtra" at Rajkot in 1922.

editorial board member

He is also an editorial board member of “Scientific Reports”.

He became Editor in Chief after a long term as an MNRAS editorial board member.

And he also worked as a visiting editorial board member of "The Guardian" and "The Compass" newspapers.

editorial line

Its editorial line is parallel to those of the US Foreign policy in almost every aspect.

"CTXT" accepts only sponsors and advertisers that do not interfere with the editorial line.

"Development Today" claims to be the only specialised aid publication with this strict editorial line.