İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

came into effect   (yürürlüğe girdi)

This legislation came into effect in January 1958.

The changes came into effect on 16 November 2018.

The renaming came into effect on 1 January 2011.

took effect   (yürürlüğe girdi)

It took effect beginning in the school year 1965.

Her appointment took effect on November 10, 2016.

The new constitution took effect on 6 November 2009.

no effect   (etkisi yok)

Kirby's ruling has no effect on Frank's conviction.

Vowel length has no effect and is thus unmarked.

Surprisingly, efforts of the pope had no effect.

went into effect   (yürürlüğe girdi)

This change went into effect on January 1, 1907.

The measure went into effect on January 1, 2014.

The legislation went into effect on January 1, 2014.

side effect   (yan etki)

Thrombocytopenia is a rare but known side effect.

It also can be a side effect of many medications.

side effect of medicine or symptom of liver problems.

take effect   (yürürlüğe girmek)

The new regulations were to take effect the next day.

The new minimum wage will take effect from January 1.

The changes are scheduled to take effect on 1 April 2022.

little effect   (küçük etki)

The short dry season has little effect on the overall climate.

They had, however, little effect on both Kazanowski and Władysław.

Removal of such factor from the population will have little effect.

immediate effect   (ani etki)

It was revealed he had resigned with immediate effect.

However, there was a more immediate effect.

<br> Hart's letter had an immediate effect.

negative effect   (olumsuz etki)

There is no evidence of a negative effect of French invasion."

Emigration too had a negative effect on the growth of cities in Quebec.

It also has a negative effect on the accuracy of navigational instruments.

significant effect   (önemli etki)

The format has a significant effect on strategy.

The institute had a significant effect on the town of Nevada, Missouri.

However, subsequent studies showed no significant effect on the brains.

same effect

So the copula has the same effect as "exists".

Reducing the total FM transmit noise by half has the same effect.

They have the same effect in law as a sworn statement or affidavit.

profound effect   (derin etkisi)

Colonial rule had a profound effect on Southeast Asia.

The misdialed phone calls had a profound effect on Katz.

Their work had a profound effect on his artistic direction.

positive effect   (olumlu etki)

It showed a positive effect in restless legs syndrome.

Regarding environmental health, studies have found no or a positive effect.

He has made a positive effect in the centre of defence, replacing former captain Steven Pressley.

great effect   (harika etki)

Frost uses personification to great effect throughout the poem.

On “Mack the Knife,” he and Person trade phrases to great effect.

He reappeared again in two matches in 1919, again to no great effect.

adverse effect   (yan etki)

This has an adverse effect on the genus "Bombus".

One common adverse effect is an upset stomach.

put into effect   (yürürlüğe koymak)

Its recommendations were only put into effect after the Stockade.

As bishop he put into effect the reforming decrees of the Council of Trent.

On November 28, 1966 a constitution was created, signed, and put into effect.

effect upon   (üzerine etkisi)

Trade winds have a significant effect upon the climate of Central America.

This proposal took effect upon the conclusion of the 1959 general election.

The particles produce a scattering effect upon the component parts of white light.

dramatic effect   (dramatik efekt)

Burgundians, Sciri and Franks) for dramatic effect.

But Édouard Manet used blacks for their strength and dramatic effect.

What befalls his parents on the cotton field was added for dramatic effect...

cause and effect   (Sebep ve sonuç)

The idiom is about confusing cause and effect.

Hume elaborates more on this last principle of cause and effect.

Humans understand cause and effect.

come into effect   (yürürlüğe girmesi)

To come into effect, it must be ratified by the new parliament.

The new plates are expected to come into effect in September 2018.

similar effect

The manganese has a similar effect as nickel, i.e.

A similar effect happens with image formats.

Sculptured's "NHL Stanley Cup" featured a similar effect.

taking effect

He retired in 1964, taking effect in 1965.

He held the seat until his defeat in 1937, taking effect in 1938.

He held the seat until his retirement in 1970, taking effect in 1971.

opposite effect   (ters etki)

However, Arnold found it to have the opposite effect.

Reversing the voltage has the opposite effect.

An opposite effect could be created with a dark overcoat.

overall effect   (Genel etki)

The overall effect was one of airiness and a neoclassical appearance.

The overall effect has also been described as lilac, dark taupe, and even green.

The overall effect of this regulation has a marked impact on the hydrograph of the River Dee.

desired effect   (istenen etki)

This was just a warning shot, which had the desired effect.

This had the desired effect of forcing Essex to move to intercept them.

This had the desired effect.

sound effect

There is also no shouting sound effect when ninjutsu are activated.

These reverse recorded words were only used because of the sound effect.

The resulting sound effect was 'SIZZZA - FITZZ' or something like that."

direct effect

The health of our oceans has a direct effect on the health humans.

However, a better experiment is to compute the natural direct effect.

Time-consuming nit removal, therefore, has no direct effect on transmission.

effect when   (ne zaman etki)

There is the beauty and beast effect when taking this pathway.

There is also no shouting sound effect when ninjutsu are activated.

The dried leaves and flowers have a mild calming effect when smoked.

remained in effect

These changes remained in effect until 8 December.

This measure remained in effect until the service frequency had sufficiently increased.

This order was strengthened in 1977 and remained in effect until 2003, when it was rescinded.

devastating effect   (Yıkıcı etki)

The Danish raids had a devastating effect on learning in England.

The hind legs can also be used to kill or maim with devastating effect.

The defeat by the despised Indians had a devastating effect on white morale.

still in effect   (hala yürürlükte)

A cooling period featuring seasonal rains was still in effect.

This arrangement is still in effect.

Legislation first introduced by the British is still in effect in modified form today.

greenhouse effect   (sera etkisi)

The greenhouse effect can be illustrated with an idealized planet.

However, a greenhouse is not primarily warmed by the "greenhouse effect".

Titan is a body with both a greenhouse effect and an anti-greenhouse effect.

net effect

Therefore, the net effect is the interplay of direct and reflex actions.

The net effect was to swap the numbers between roads on opposing ends of the state.

The net effect of all of this is "the reversal of [the Lion's] status as the King of the Jungle."

full effect   (Tam etki)

Order actions take an entire turn and usually have a more full effect.

The changes appeared to have gone into full effect on October 18, 2007.

The smoking ban had been passed in 2015 and was meant to go into full effect in May 2018.

detrimental effect   (zararlı etki)

A psychologist discusses the detrimental effect of an absentee father on his children.

The excessive weight and the soft suspension had a detrimental effect on handling and on cornering ability.

Because abiotic stress is widely considered a detrimental effect, the research on this branch of the issue is extensive.

good effect

Using his pace to good effect, while continuing to provide goals with his accurate diagonal balls.

He employed rough blots and smudges to good effect, but used meticulous brushstrokes when required.

In the 2007 season, Christensen's offense used this scheme to good effect by scoring a school record 558 points.

lasting effect

They had a lasting effect on the trajectory of his life and thought.

Ehlen distinguished himself with lasting effect in this young movement.

The student's struggle had also a lasting effect on Greek anarchism and terrorism.

go into effect   (yürürlüğe girmek)

The United States followed with its own prohibition, to go into effect in 1808.

To go into effect, it would have to be approved by the New York State Legislature.

These new regulations go into effect 15 months after publication in the Federal Register.

visual effect

The opening sequence has an intentionally distorted visual effect.

The only visual effect is the huge field where she is seen walking.

Spinners and spinsocks can be attached to the flying line for visual effect.

comic effect

Surzhyk is often also used for comic effect in the arts.

Roy Estrada provided falsetto vocals to create a comic effect to the song.

Acme siren The Acme siren is a musical instrument used in concert bands for comic effect.

legal effect

The jury's verdict is being set aside and has no legal effect."

An affirmation, however, has exactly the same legal effect as an oath.

The Treaty of Lisbon was signed in 2007 and came into legal effect on 1 December 2009.

ground effect

It uses the ground effect.

The technical regulations will allow for the reintroduction of ground effect.

The company also builds ground effect vehicles, airboats and propellor-driven snowmobiles.

major effect   (büyük etki)

Kaiser learned that poverty has a major effect on life expectancy.

21 never had a major effect on the combat box formations of Fortresses.

This had a major effect on the local economy: many downtown shops closed.

special effect

The night's best special effect was Pink herself.

He also did some special effect work, normally for action sequences.

They thought that the blood spilling from Hoevels's neck was some sort of special effect.

give effect

One aspect of such a duty is the obligation on authorities in some cases to give effect to procedural legitimate expectations.

In some courts, violations of the stay are treated as void "ab initio" as a matter of law, although the court may annul the stay to give effect to otherwise void acts.

beneficial effect   (faydalı etki)

Unlike the robber, the merchant has a beneficial effect.

Beaver ponds have been shown to have a beneficial effect on trout and salmon populations.

Imipramine had a beneficial effect in patients with depression who showed mental and motor retardation.

practical effect

Under heavy U.S. pressure, Spain rescinded this welcome, but the change had little practical effect.

This difference is tiny, and the consensus at the time would have been that it should have no practical effect.

It has also been in a supranational union with Russia since 2 April 1996, although this has had little practical effect.

cumulative effect   (birikimli etki)

The cumulative effect is lower property values for homeowners.

"The cumulative effect isn't pretty.

Solvent radiolysis due to the cumulative effect of astatine decay is a related problem.

greater effect

I simply combined them for greater effect."

These particles can be combined with the vocative particles for greater effect, e.g.

In turn, the lead oscillator is used to greater effect, reflecting this newfound intensity."

chilling effect   (soğutma etkisi)

To chilling effect, they are colorless.

Such abuse has had a chilling effect and disrupted the online participation of these communities.

Many of the injured were reported to have suffered from frostbite caused by the chilling effect of the gas.

takes effect   (yürürlüğe girer)

1301 takes effect on January 1, 2015.

Ahead of any national election a period of prohibition takes effect.

No filing or legal fees is required for Amparo which takes effect on October 24.

effect during

The amendment took effect during the 2005 elections.

The plan went into effect during the 2007-2008 academic year.

A common side effect during IV administration is reflex bradycardia.

combined effect

The key to this dramatic performance, validated in peer-reviewed professional papers, is the combined effect of vacuum and gravity.

The combined effect of the case fan and the floppy motor resulted in an extremely noisy computer compared to the nearly silent Model I/III.

Hence on experimental time scales and temperatures above the first (stage I) recombination temperature, what one sees is the combined effect of stage A and B.

effect occurs

A therapeutic effect occurs after two to four weeks or longer.

formula_4 The related piezoelectric effect occurs only in a particular class of dielectrics.

A runaway greenhouse effect occurs if positive feedbacks lead to the evaporation of all greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

contracts in effect

Act 1 included 10 exceptions, including: increasing pension costs, increases in special education costs, a catastrophe like a fire or flood, increase in health insurance costs for contracts in effect in 2006 or dwindling tax bases.

effect size

For MDD, the authors note that the pooled effect size was very low.

One type of effect size estimator was named after Glass by Larry V. Hedges.

Deficits in effortful control also showed a very modest effect size in the male direction.

effect against   (karşı etki)

Cooking dairy products may reduce a protective effect against colon cancer.

It is believed that estrogens have a protective effect against the symptoms of schizophrenia.

It may confer a modest protective effect against some diseases, including Parkinson's disease.

effect of making

Banning had the effect of making "the dance craze" even greater.

This had the effect of making breaches of airport bylaws punishable under criminal law.

This immunity from arrest and punishment has had the effect of making Ballade think he was above the ordinary process of law.

cooling effect

Reforestation in tropical areas has a cooling effect.

A dissipation device is attached to the hot side to maintain cooling effect on the cold side.

Other human effects are relevant—for example, sulphate aerosols are believed to have a cooling effect.

large effect

The mountains have a large effect on the temperatures of nearby areas.

The Aegean dispute has had a large effect on Greek-Turkish relations since the 1970s.

However, extensive screening have failed to identify many single gene variants of large effect.

protective effect   (koruyucu etki)

In those studies showing a protective effect, the data are inconsistent.

Cooking dairy products may reduce a protective effect against colon cancer.

The protective effect which is imparted by IPC has two windows of protection.

domino effect   (Domino etkisi)

The domino effect is exploited in Rube Goldberg machines.

People began to stumble over the bodies of those who were crushed in a domino effect.

This police response reform had a domino effect for police departments across the country.

photoelectric effect

In 1887, Heinrich Hertz discovered the photoelectric effect.

The radiated photon gives energy deposition by photoelectric effect, and the signal is detected as ionization.

But he does suggest that this idea would explain certain experimental results, notably the photoelectric effect.

remain in effect   (yürürlükte kal)

The armistice and boundary remain in effect today.

Fines for these offenses remain in effect.

Many laws and decrees from before independence remain in effect.

comedic effect   (komedi etkisi)

[[One-liner joke]]s and satire are also used to comedic effect in literature.

Its scenes contrast the life of the upper and lower classes to comedic effect.

Howard Stern uses it for comedic effect when discussing aspects of Jewish life.

placebo effect   (Plasebo etkisi)

Other sources attribute the benefit to a simple placebo effect.

Largely the use of fossils as medicine is a matter of placebo effect.

A 1955 study suggested that a substantial part of a medicine's impact was due to the placebo effect.

inhibitory effect   (önleyici etki)

It has strong antioxidant properties, and a nonspecific inhibitory effect on cytochrome P450 enzymes..

The inhibitory effect of the available GABA is potentiated, leading to sedative and anxiolytic effects.

However, BACE1 expression can be activated by phosphorylation of eIF2a, which reverses the inhibitory effect exerted by BACE1 5′UTR.