İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

more effectively   (daha etkili)

This in turn allowed the team to more effectively set up the AI racers.

Communicators face different challenges to communicate more effectively.

The boat has a trapeze which allows the sailor to use their weight more effectively.

effectively ended   (etkili bir şekilde sona erdi)

The war effectively ended their career as performers.

That effectively ended the Landt Trio's singing career.

This effectively ended her political career.

effectively ending   (etkili bir şekilde biten)

On July 25, 2018, Bill 2 received Royal Assent, effectively ending the York Strike.

The following day, the Steelers placed him on injured reserve, effectively ending his season.

According to Raven, once the tour ended he never contacted her, effectively ending the relationship.

effectively making   (etkili bir şekilde yapmak)

This allows him to absorb any attacks directed at him, effectively making him impervious to pain.

Other languages may use a Semitic abjad with mandatory vowel diacritics, effectively making them abugidas.

This incident further consolidated Hoxha's power, effectively making Khrushchev-esque reforms nearly impossible.

not effectively   (etkili değil)

Finally underground fencing is not effectively accepted by every animal.

They passed a decree banning the committees, but could not effectively enforce it.

Twins may be more vulnerable to foxes than singlets, as ewes cannot effectively defend both simultaneously.

most effectively   (en etkili)

These needs must all be balanced and met for a person to function most effectively.

New specimens may exhibit a reluctance to eat, and can be most effectively tempted with live food.

The excitation spectra used are broad-band and can be evaluated most effectively using vibration-fatigue methods.

effectively became

The hundred of Wittery effectively became Chirbury.

Under Sambanthan's leadership, the MIC effectively became a Tamil party.

FORTRAN 66 effectively became the first industry-standard version of FORTRAN.

used effectively

From that point, he was used effectively to break up partnerships.

These are not mutually exclusive and are used effectively in combinations.

Estrogen has been used effectively as an adjunctive treatment in women with schizophrenia.

effectively used

This tactic was effectively used by the early French Revolutionary Armies.

In reality, German attacks effectively used combined arms on the ground, fighting cohesively.

Bacteriostatic agents have been effectively used for treatment that are considered to require bactericidal activity.

thus effectively

Throughout 2017 Trump contemplated not re-certifying, and thus effectively pulling out of the deal.

Frederiksberg is thus effectively a municipal island within the country's capital – a unique phenomenon in present-day Europe.

They claimed that the project would have hiked water tariffs ten-fold, thus effectively cutting off the water supply to the city's poor.

effectively ceased

On January 1, 2013, the EJ&E effectively ceased to exist, 124 years to the day it was founded.

The Force effectively ceased to exist as a separate unit after the British attack on Mers-el-Kébir.

General Georges Blanchard, whose First French Army had effectively ceased to exist, arrived at the fort on 30 May.

effectively controlled   (etkili kontrol)

The Killer Beez effectively controlled the record label Colourway Records.

Between 239 and 249, the regent Cao Shuang effectively controlled the central government and monopolised power.

The south was effectively controlled by the High Priests of Amun at Thebes, who recognized Smendes in name only.

effectively made

His point effectively made, Akaitcho discussed his terms with Franklin.

The restoration of Charles II in 1660 effectively made this legislation a nullity.

Following his father's death in 1032, Harun was effectively made governor of Khwarazm by the Ghaznavid sultan Mas'ud.

effectively replaced

It effectively replaced the aged O and G classes still working on lighter parts of the network.

This effectively replaced what was previously known as Especially for Youth, offered through BYU.

When Troost died on January 21, 1934, Speer effectively replaced him as the Party's chief architect.

so effectively

Although the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Mineral Resources are supposed to act against child labor, they do not do so effectively.

Most of central Asmara was built between 1935 and 1941, so effectively the Italians managed to build almost an entire city, in just six years.

Emperors in the forty years preceding Diocletian's reign had not managed these duties so effectively, and their output in attested rescripts is low.

able to effectively   (etkin bir şekilde yapabilmek)

Through this monergistic activity, God is able to effectively cause people to come to faith.

Throughout the game, Georgia was able to effectively apply pressure rushing only three defensive linemen, allowing Georgia to drop eight men into coverage.

Many of Norman's studies has demonstrated that older adults are able to effectively perceive many aspects of 3-D object shape well into their 70s and 80s (e.g.,).

effectively destroyed

The corps was effectively destroyed during the retreat.

The massacre effectively destroyed the Tarnbeere Gundidj clan.

It is estimated that three battalions were effectively destroyed.

work effectively   (etkili çalış)

If such issues are not addressed properly, concurrent design may not work effectively.

Also known as the , these nanomachines can eliminate nuclear fallout, although they must be distributed before a blast occurs to work effectively.

Rugby Mission opened Hankey's eyes to what it might take to work effectively with young people in the slums, but he did succeed in entering Oxford.

very effectively   (çok etkili)

CBI P-40 pilots used the aircraft very effectively as a fighter-bomber.

She moved on stage by herself very effectively and gave one of the best performances of the night.

Using the instrument as a drummer would has been achieved very effectively for use in live concert performances.