energy efficiency   (エネルギー効率)

A new building code promoted energy efficiency.

If energy efficiency goes down, performance is negative.

Improved energy efficiency is one of Germany's official targets.

fuel efficiency   (燃料効率)

thrust and better fuel efficiency.

This is done to increase fuel efficiency while under varying loads.

The requisite decrease in rotor size would also decrease fuel efficiency.

high efficiency   (高効率)

The blue crude is then refined to produce high efficiency E-diesel.

Two longer range investigations into high efficiency solar cells was undertaken.

Online marketers can offer lower prices, greater product selection, and high efficiency rates.

improve the efficiency   (効率を改善する)

These patches may improve the efficiency of the cellular immune response.

Protocol 14 follows on from Protocol 11 in proposing to further improve the efficiency of the Court.

Catalysts are usually used to improve the efficiency of the reaction and create the desired type of hydrocarbon fuel.

improve efficiency   (効率を改善する)

Higher-pressure steam generators and turbines improve efficiency downstream of the reactor.

Coatings only 2–3 micrometers thick have been found to improve efficiency and reduce wear in cutting tools.

GPGPU pipelines may improve efficiency on especially large data sets and/or data containing 2D or 3D imagery.

greater efficiency

Companies seek ways to draw greater efficiency from their designs.

Rice-based solutions are preferred to glucose-based ones due to greater efficiency.

It can also ligate blunt-ended DNA with much greater efficiency than "E. coli" DNA ligase.

increase efficiency

This merger was intended to increase efficiency.

Wind turbine rotor blades are being made longer to increase efficiency.

Mass production techniques were implemented in heavy industry to increase efficiency.

thermal efficiency

This formula only gives the ideal thermal efficiency.

Maximum thermal efficiency is about 38.5%.

The engine has an overall thermal efficiency of 37 percent.

increase the efficiency

Modelling languages increase the efficiency of enterprise modelling.

To increase the efficiency, he decreased the frequency to 43 MHz ( 7 metre wavelength ).

conversion efficiency   (変換効率)

recharge) and therefore suffers from a low energy conversion efficiency.

Fish can suffer reductions in food intake and food conversion efficiency.

As of April 2019, current conversion efficiency record for a laboratory CIGS cell stands at 22.9%.

increased efficiency

A Worthington-pattern feedwater heater was fitted for increased efficiency.

Most offered increased efficiency from both added speed and greater payload.

The introduction of the superheater further increased efficiency and made it much easier to maintain.

higher efficiency

They have much higher efficiency than incandescent lamps.

Similarly, higher efficiency multijunction cells also improve in performance with high concentration.

WR-1 operated successfully for many years and promised a significantly higher efficiency than water-cooled versions.

economic efficiency

There was a definite emphasis on economic efficiency and the delivery of services.

Pareto efficiency is often used in economics as a minimal sense of economic efficiency.

Ammonia volatilization reduces the economic efficiency of agricultural cropping systems.

overall efficiency   (全体的な効率)

This increases the overall efficiency of each unit.

This increases the overall efficiency since the liquid used to lubricate the shaft bearings is also used to cool the motor.

By stacking these layers on top of one other, a broader range of the light spectra is absorbed, improving the cell's overall efficiency.

maximum efficiency

As they usually don't operate at full load, they are designed to have maximum efficiency at lower loads.

The Rainbow featured a wing of straight taper with squared tips and high aspect ratio for maximum efficiency.

It is designed for low overhead, and the Solaris implementation uses some assembly code for maximum efficiency.

operational efficiency

The recent construction of new aircraft parking boxes on the aprons has improved the airport's operational efficiency.

A World Bank study argues that the most consistent improvement made by public-private partnerships in water supply was in operational efficiency.

On 1 November 2014, BT created a new central business services (CBS) organisation to provide customer services and improve operational efficiency levels.