elder brother   (兄)

He succeeded his elder brother Sukkhasoem in 1852.

123) that his elder brother was flying in with No.

She is the second child and has an elder brother.

elder sister   (姉)

Gaur has one elder sister and one younger brother.

She forced her elder sister to return to her grave.

His elder sister Monika also swam for the Congo.

elder son   (長男)

He is the elder son of famous manager Tommy Docherty.

He was succeeded by his elder son, the second Baronet.

elder daughter   (長女)

His wife was the elder daughter of Prince Kaya Kuninori, Yukiko.

Her elder daughter had died in 1937.

He has two children, elder daughter Nupur and younger son Mohit.

elder brothers   (兄)

She has two elder brothers (six and three years older).

Two of her elder brothers also served Yoshinaka as generals.

Two elder brothers joined the company but died in 1834 and 1843.

elder sisters

She also had two elder sisters named Zoe and Kim.

He has one elder brother and two elder sisters.

Her elder sisters are actresses Kalaranjini and Kalpana.

succeeded his elder

He succeeded his elder brother Sukkhasoem in 1852.

He succeeded his elder brother James in the barony in 1836.

He succeeded his elder brother Mutwa Liswani II who died in 1996.

elder statesman

'The Doctor' was considered a class act and Italian elder statesman.

As a recognised elder statesman of his profession, more honorary fellowships followed.

He is the grandson and heir of Viscount Beckwith, an elder statesman and a recent peer.