İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

local elections   (yerel seçimler)

This was on the same day as other local elections.

general elections   (Genel seçimler)

In 1951–52, India held its first general elections.

He has not contested any general elections since.

Chambeshi did not contest the 2006 general elections.

elections were held   (seçimler yapıldı)

The first multi-party elections were held in 1994.

Primary elections were held on September 11, 2012.

In 1983, the first autonomous elections were held.

parliamentary elections   (parlamento seçimleri)

List of candidates for 2018 Slovene parliamentary elections:

As a result, early parliamentary elections were held in July.

The last parliamentary elections were held on 30 September 2013.

presidential elections   (cumhurbaşkanlığı seçimleri)

So far, five presidential elections have been conducted.

The last presidential elections took place on 21 April 2019.

Another military coup led to presidential elections in 1970.

municipal elections   (belediye seçimleri)

It did not participate in the municipal elections.

The party contested the 1982 municipal elections.

She defeated him in the municipal elections of 1995.

elections held   (seçimler yapıldı)

The most recent elections held in 2015.

2006 — Parliamentary elections held.

There was no elections held for the single-member St Mary's ward.

legislative elections   (yasama seçimleri)

Local and legislative elections were delayed until 1996–97.

Tsao defeated Lin Hui-kuan in the 2008 legislative elections.

Local and legislative elections were delayed until 1996-1997.

national elections   (ulusal seçimler)

In 1940, Cuba conducted free and fair national elections.

It scored its first big successes in the 1970 national elections.

The national elections were subsequently rescheduled for 29 November.

federal elections   (federal seçimler)

Braun lost his seat in the 2005 federal elections.

In the 1965 federal elections the FDP gained 9.5 percent.

In the 2017 federal elections, he won his constituency again.

state elections   (eyalet seçimleri)

Millhouse held his seat (Mitcham) at the 1977 and 1979 state elections.

In state elections, there is no third stage because there is no nationwide vote.

At the February 2007 Manipur state elections, the party received 5 of the 60 seats.

regional elections   (bölgesel seçimler)

In 2010, she is head of the list in the regional elections French Guiana.

All councillors are chosen during regional elections for a five-year term.

This party won 1.5% of the vote and no seats in the regional elections in 2015.

assembly elections   (meclis seçimleri)

It performed poorly in 2012 assembly elections.

He again lost in the 1995 assembly elections.

She subsequently got re-elected in 2013 assembly elections.

new elections   (yeni seçimler)

The Council was replaced and new elections were held.

After five years of delays, new elections were finally held in 2010.

The rebels then held new elections for an assembly that met at Durant’s house.

primary elections   (birincil seçimler)

The party primary elections were held on June 8, 2010.

The Jewish Home held its primary elections on 14 January 2015.

The primary elections for this race were held on August 7, 2018.

council elections

At the 2014 council elections, Labour retained all three seats.

The mayor is Kon Vatskalis after council elections in August 2017.

By-elections occur when seats become vacant between council elections.

first elections

The first elections under universal male suffrage were held in 1907.

In 1985 the TRNC adopted a constitution and held its first elections.

In 1985, the TRNC adopted a constitution and held its first elections.

free elections   (serbest seçimler)

The Communist Party won the most votes in free elections but not a simple majority.

Colombia maintained a tradition of civilian government and regular, free elections.

García Moreno proposed that they disavow Robles' government and declare free elections.

democratic elections   (demokratik seçimler)

A date was set for the first democratic elections on 27 April 1994.

The communist regime gave way to democratic elections and government.

Most trade unions and cooperatives are governed by democratic elections.

midterm elections   (ara seçimler)

Money was raised for Democratic candidates in the midterm elections.

Through the site he also covered the 2006 midterm elections, correctly predicting the winner of all 33 Senate races that year.

Lincoln replaced Buell with William Rosecrans; and, after the 1862 midterm elections, replaced McClellan with Ambrose Burnside.

other local elections   (diğer yerel seçimler)

This was on the same day as other local elections.

provincial elections

Canada also uses FPTP for national and provincial elections.

In 1995 they formed communal lists for the 1995 provincial elections.

Question 1: Which system should British Columbia use for provincial elections?

elections took

The previous elections took place on 3 May 2012.

The last set of elections took place in 2006.

Primary elections took place on June 8, 2010.

elections took place   (seçimler yapıldı)

The previous elections took place on 3 May 2012.

The last set of elections took place in 2006.

Primary elections took place on June 8, 2010.

government elections   (hükümet seçimleri)

The most recent round of local government elections were held in May 2003.

As a result, local government elections slated for 2008 were delayed until 2011.

In some states it also contests local government elections or endorses local candidates.

gubernatorial elections   (valilik seçimleri)

In the gubernatorial elections, Democrats won a net gain of one seat.

The second round of the gubernatorial elections were held in October 2008.

The Whigs had won the past two gubernatorial elections, and still controlled the legislature.

elections are held

Nonpartisan elections are held in odd-numbered years.

General elections are held at least every five years.

These types of elections are held on a less regular basis.

previous elections

This is in stark contrast to previous elections.

The previous elections took place on 3 May 2012.

Turnout here was much higher than previous elections.

local government elections   (yerel yönetim seçimleri)

The most recent round of local government elections were held in May 2003.

As a result, local government elections slated for 2008 were delayed until 2011.

In some states it also contests local government elections or endorses local candidates.

elections the party

In the 1972 elections the party won two additional seats.

In the 1963 elections the party polled 6,000 votes from Amsterdam.

In the 1977 elections the party lost those two seats again, leaving only Koekoek.

won the elections

Piñera won the elections with 54% of the votes.

The PUP won the elections, with Musa continuing as Prime Minister.

The BJP-led NDA won the elections.

special elections

Both Republican holds were in special elections.

Twelve special elections were held, sorted by election date.

Their congressional seats are then filled by special elections.

following elections

After the SPÖ lost the majority again in 1978, the ÖVP was able to dominate the following elections.

Spyromilios became member of the Greek Parliament for the Argyrokastron Prefecture at the following elections.

English general election English general election may refer to the following elections to the Parliament of England:

congressional elections   (kongre seçimleri)

When voting in congressional elections, the trend is similar.

The last congressional elections were held on November 19, 2017.

The next congressional elections are scheduled for December 2021.

state assembly elections   (eyalet meclisi seçimleri)

In the 2000 state assembly elections, INLD won 47 out of the 90 seats.

She was elected from Bijawar of Madhya Pradesh seat in the 2008 state assembly elections.

Raman was selected for a second time to contest Pallipattu, this time in the 2006 state assembly elections.

subsequent elections

However, it failed to win any seat in this and subsequent elections.

Devananda has been re-elected to Parliament in all subsequent elections.

He also supervised the Cambodian peace negotiations and subsequent elections in 1993.

direct elections   (doğrudan seçimler)

In 1979, the first direct elections to the European Parliament were held.

The first direct elections for Serbia's national minority councils were held in 2010.

He left the National Assembly in 1870 after a new law on direct elections was adopted.

mayoral elections   (belediye başkanlığı seçimleri)

Six direct mayoral elections were held.

Ann Arbor holds mayoral elections to 2-year terms in even years.

A second round of mayoral elections took place on 2 December 2018.

early elections   (erken seçimler)

They may disband the parliament and call for early elections.

Otherwise parliament would be dissolved and early elections held.

In the early elections the former leading party GERB received highest vote from the people.

elections saw

The elections saw Katema elected to the National Assembly.

The parliamentary elections saw the NPP win 128 of the 230 seats.

In addition, the 2018 local council elections saw Labour gain the Ramsbottom ward.

before the elections

She had, however, already been detained under house arrest before the elections.

Díaz had Madero arrested before the elections, which were then seen as fraudulent.

On 9 May 2015, Pappu Yadav floated a new party Jan Adhikar Party before the elections.

other elections   (diğer seçimler)

For other elections, see 2018 Ontario municipal elections.

Before the sixth Belgian state reform, the term was four years without any link to the other elections.

National Rally (previously known as the National Front before a name change in 2018) has also experienced significant successes in other elections.

fair elections   (adil seçimler)

In 2014 alone, DfID will help to ensure free and fair elections in 13 countries.

In representative democracies, it may not benefit incumbents to conduct fair elections.

To support free and fair elections through pre-election, election day, and post-election observation 2.

contested elections   (tartışmalı seçimler)

There were no contested elections for the Shropshire seats in Elizabeth's reign.

The only known contested elections after 1715 were those of 1728, 1735 and 1736.

Ramasamy has contested elections as both an INC and Tamil Maanila Congress (Moopanar) (TMC) candidate.

hold elections

Smaller settlements hold elections independent of this schedule.

Maine would continue to hold elections early, in September, until 1958.

States hold elections every four years and exercise a considerable amount of power.

next elections   (gelecek seçimler)

These provided a framework for the next elections.

The next elections would be held in 2020.

The next elections is must take place on or before 21 January 2022.

elections occurred

The elections occurred after several governors had been dismissed.

In October 2000, parliamentary elections occurred for the first time since the referendum of 1996.

These midterm elections occurred 19 months after President Harry S. Truman assumed office upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

local elections held

The new constitution was promulgated in March 1967, and local elections held.

He was re-elected to the County Assembly in the local elections held in autumn.

In local elections held in November 1990 Public Against Violence came second to the Christian Democratic Movement in Slovakia.

upcoming elections   (yaklaşan seçimler)

Goud later joined the TRS, and KCR chose him as the party's MLC candidate for the region's upcoming elections.

The circumstances gets murkier with both sides trying every trick to ensure their victory in upcoming elections.

When Jewish Home announced its candidate list for the upcoming elections, five of the top six slots went to ex-NRP members.

fresh elections

In February 2004, Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga dissolved parliament and called for fresh elections.

A fresh elections was called to be held after Mohamad Hasan's appeal was dismissed by the Federal Court on 18 February 2019.

On 18 July 2002, Modi asked the governor of Gujarat, Sunder Singh Bhandari, to dissolve the state assembly and call fresh elections.

last elections   (son seçimler)

The last elections were held on 3 May 2017.

The last elections were held in June 2007.

The last elections were held in 2014.

recent elections

The most recent elections held in 2015.

Up until the most recent elections in 2018, Ulrich Baum served as mayor since 2002.

The most recent elections to the House of Representatives were held on 12 June 2014.

all elections

He got reelected in all elections till 2000.

The election was uncontested, like all elections for the Shropshire county seats in Elizabeth's reign.

The Autonomists won the first three elections, but all elections since 1870 were won by the People's Party.

during elections

It also serves as a polling place during elections.

His traditional opponents during elections were Whigs.

Campaign which became very prominent during elections.

during the elections

Also, this was the first time that a Socialist won a seat during the elections.

Meanwhile, Oscar discovers the massacres during the elections after General Borja sent it to him.

Its establishment aimed to consolidate and institutionalize Sabahi's unexpected support during the elections.

elections when   (seçimler ne zaman)

This was followed up at the 1999 local elections when he received the highest vote in the country.

This constitution proved flawed in the 1960 elections when the two major parties tied with 8 seats each.

The Lisbon Treaty merely states that they should take account of the results of the elections when choosing whom to nominate.

future elections   (gelecek seçimler)

This was often done so as to secure the support of voters in future elections.

A player who is named on fewer than 5% of ballots is dropped from future elections.

In April 1861, Mocioni persuaded the Banat Romanians to boycott future elections for the reestablished Hungarian Diet.

elections that year

It received 4.3% of the vote in the elections that year, winning seven seats.

The Justicialist Party nominated him for the Vice-Presidency in 1999, but his party lost the general elections that year.

Eleven years later, a political arm was established, and joined the One Israel alliance that won the Knesset elections that year.

general elections held   (yapılan genel seçimler)

However, after the general elections held in 2000, he left the bloc.

In the general elections held in 2006, he was elected from Budapest Regional List.

INLD has performed poorly in all the four consecutive general elections held since 1998.

further elections

The party did not contest any further elections.

They failed to regain any seats in the 1993 elections, and did not contest any further elections.

The first local elections were held in 1987, followed by further elections in 1989, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1999, 2004, and 2010.

first democratic elections   (ilk demokratik seçimler)

A date was set for the first democratic elections on 27 April 1994.

It was dissolved in 1990 ahead of the first democratic elections in 1994.

The country's first democratic elections in four decades were held on 30 July 2006.

held elections

In 1904, three states, with 8 seats among them, held elections early:

In 1902, three states, with 8 seats among them, held elections early:

Ceuta has held elections every four years since 1979, for its 25-seat assembly.

local council elections

In addition, the 2018 local council elections saw Labour gain the Ramsbottom ward.

Abid Chohan was initially a Lib Dem councillor but defected to Labour ahead of the local council elections in 2010.

After a further eight-year period of Conservative control the Labour group secured a ten-seat majority in the local council elections on 22 May 2014.

vote in elections   (seçimlerde oy)

Users can vote in elections and users can create elections.

Further opposition to Simon came from supporters of Women's suffrage (the right to vote in elections).

No one dares to stand up to the cattle smugglers, but the local people can vote in elections and vent their feelings.

contest the elections   (seçimlere itiraz)

She did not contest the elections in 1999 due to old age.

His successor, Andry Rajoelina, also announced his intention to contest the elections.

After deciding not to contest the elections on 26 May 1977, he was succeeded by José Ferreira Queimado.

partisan elections   (partizan seçimleri)

Alabama uses partisan elections to select judges.

Political parties nominate candidates for partisan elections according to their charters.

As of 2015, the Brennan Center for Justice lists 16 states in which the high court judges are appointed by the governor and reselected in unopposed retention elections, 15 states in which the high court judges are selected in contested nonpartisan elections, and 7 states in which the high court judges are selected in contested partisan elections.