Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

other elements   (otros elementos)

Carbon forms more compounds than all other elements combined.

For example, 14 karat gold is an alloy of gold with other elements.

Alloying a metal is done by combining it with one or more other elements.

elements such

It involves percussion elements such as wine barrels, wooden drums and the like.

User interface elements such as tiles are shown in the user's chosen accent color.

It prefers waters with a soft seabed, composed of elements such as mud, sand, or sea grass.

design elements

It has some Colonial Revival style design elements.

There are several examples of non-utilitarian design elements.

The interior is a mixed of simplistic and modern design elements.

many elements

Hitchcock combined many elements from his preceding films.

The Act retained many elements of control of Indigenous people.

Today, the program is very diverse and is compiled of many elements.

all elements

Since all elements of commute, it is closed under conjugation.

Carbon also has the highest sublimation point of all elements.

Nearly all elements in the periodic table form binary bromides.

key elements

During cancer, key elements of this feedback fail.

DDD was set up with a number of key elements in mind.

Vertebrates share key elements of their reproductive systems.

architectural elements

Fortification (architectural elements)

Cave 5 is devoid of sculpture and architectural elements except the door frame.

The interior of the house has exposed architectural elements showing its construction history.

decorative elements

On the old plaster the glass decorative elements can be observed.

It features terra cotta decorative elements and measures 210 feet by 201 feet.

incorporates elements

The band incorporates elements of electronic music.

It also incorporates elements from many forms of pop.

The song incorporates elements of house music.

combines elements

Golem combines elements of rock, punk, and klezmer.

"Arcadia" combines elements of "Gorf" and "Galaxian".

The game combines elements of a quiz game and a dating sim.

various elements

Below these various elements were cellars.

There is a tremendous interdependency of the various elements of PSM.

The proposal was assailed almost immediately by various elements in the community.

elements within

Morris employs the use of narrative elements within his films.

Regulatory elements within 5′ UTRs have also been linked to mRNA export.

I don't blame Sinn Féin for this but I do blame elements within the IRA".

number of elements   (cantidad de elementos)

The maximum number of elements per node is "U"−1.

It follows that the number of elements of is for some integer .

The number of elements in this lattice is given by the Dedekind numbers.

contains elements

"Freedom at 21" contains elements of hip hop music.

"Backtrack" contains elements of soul, jazz and pop.

The album contains elements of rock, country and indie rock.

all the elements

It is not possible to take the measures from all the elements of a population.

In single-stage cluster sampling, all the elements from each of the selected clusters are sampled.

If found, it removes it by concatenating all the elements before it with all the elements after it.

new elements

No new elements have been introduced in this compilation.

The quest for new elements is usually described using atomic numbers.

Here are implemented new elements of European architectural composition.

plot elements   (elementos de la trama)

Current events would be used for some plot elements, e.g.

For the 1961 version of the book, the plot elements did not change much.

The popular video game "Mortal Kombat" borrows multiple plot elements from "Enter the Dragon".

structural elements   (elementos estructurales)

Many of its structural elements are damaged.

He was not disassembling or combining or using them as structural elements.

They form major structural elements in extracellular matrices of cartilage, skin, and tendon.

basic elements

The basic elements of XOD programming are nodes.

It consists of four basic elements called the "four Ps".

Warlord is based on the Rank & File system which in turn borrows basic elements from the d20 system.

different elements

In all, he induced radioactivity in 22 different elements.

And as a result, sometimes the song has lots of different elements.

There are multiple criticisms that focus on different elements of SAPs.

certain elements   (ciertos elementos)

There are, however, a few restrictions on certain elements.

Each one improves certain elements of chance or resource production.

There are certain elements of the book of Esther that are historically accurate.

gameplay elements   (elementos de juego)

"Band of Thieves" brings several new gameplay elements into the fold.

They added gameplay elements and features that would have been impossible on 8-bit hardware.

Conversely, IGN's review cited the same console version's outdated graphics and poor gameplay elements.

main elements   (elementos principales)

One of the main elements of the early campaign was the 'Million Faces' petition.

It presents five "main elements...central to success" at achieving magical results.

The game tracks 5 main elements of survival: Health, Hunger, Thirst, Cold and Stress.

chemical elements

For pure chemical elements, polymorphism is known as allotropy.

The following sortable table shows the 118 known chemical elements.

For 80 of the chemical elements, at least one stable isotope exists.

incorporated elements

In "Vera Drake", Leigh incorporated elements of his own childhood.

Some of the cold war reforms incorporated elements of progressivism.

The TEAF represents a revision to TISAF and incorporated elements of FEAF.

several elements

It complements the holotype in several elements, mainly the lower arm, hand and foot.

Base stations use an antenna array of several elements to achieve higher selectivity.

The John Holt House was built in c. 1850 and has several elements of Italianate style.

incorporating elements

's previous albums, incorporating elements of Reggaeton and Latino music.

Several songs have been written about Mary Hartman, many of them incorporating elements of the theme song.

Bartók and Kodály quickly set about incorporating elements of such Magyar peasant music into their compositions.

elements of both

"Banacek" borrowed elements of both characters and plot points.

Nonetheless, it incorporates elements of both zoning ordinances.

If the group contains elements of both genders, the masculine form is used.

important elements

The picture developed by BKL has several important elements.

Fire and smoke (their traces) are important elements in these pictures.

It is one of the most important elements in psychotherapy and counseling.

elements include

Other elements include sphinxes, snakes, and celestial mosaics.

Major elements include: The New Terminal/Concourse opened on June 3, 2015.

Praised elements include "prettier" and "grittier" graphics compared to "F-Zero X."

musical elements

The album's songs feature contrasting musical elements.

These changes can include alterations to tempo, meter, key, instrumentation, and other musical elements.

"Loser" revolves around several recurring musical elements: a slide guitar riff, Stephenson's sitar, the bassline, and a tremolo guitar part.

essential elements   (elementos esenciales)

(Eric Rasmusen refers to these four "essential elements" by the acronym "PAPI".)

There are two essential elements of the aftermarket: installed base and lock-in effect.

They covered the essential elements of theory, modeling and data analysis and featured lectures and tutorials.

combined elements

The little-recorded Robert Johnson combined elements of urban and rural blues.

The game combined elements of both a space combat simulator and a role-playing game, like the much later and .

Xuanxue philosophers combined elements of Confucianism and Taoism to reinterpret the "Yijing," "Daodejing," and "Zhuangzi."

orbital elements   (elementos orbitales)

Its orbital elements are as of January 2000.

Its orbital elements were very uncertain and it was lost.

From the orbital elements, the total mass of Alpha Centauri AB is about —or twice that of the Sun.

includes elements

It includes elements of Greek Revival and Federal architecture.

Its style includes elements of the English Gothic style of architecture.

It includes elements of International Style and Prairie School architecture.

common elements

Some common elements found on a one-sheet can include:

Because and contain no common elements, .

Plant elements and extracts are by far the most common elements used.

trace elements   (oligoelementos)

These trace elements derive mainly from minerals and ions in the ground.

His interest in trace elements led him to study their effect on the human body.

The concentrations of other trace elements vary as well according to the kind of coal combusted to form it.

incorporate elements   (incorporar elementos)

Several other programming languages incorporate elements first introduced in Eiffel.

The game's designer, David Mullich, strove to incorporate elements of Franz Kafka's "The Castle".

Some representative democracies also incorporate elements of direct democracy, such as referendums.

combining elements

England produced the final script combining elements from his and Kaneko's version and Yamazaki's.

Hybrid SON is a mix of centralized and distributed SON, combining elements of each in a hybrid solution.

Together they created a hand-to-hand acrobatic act combining elements of dance, acting, and high-level acrobatics.

elements including

As a result, the novel employs many Burundian cultural elements including Kirundi proverbs.

His design elements including his projectile-firing "rifle arm" were called fresh and innovative by Gameswelt.

Its design is mainly Italianate but has other architectural elements including Gothic Revival and Mission Revival.

classical elements

Air is not one of the traditional five Chinese classical elements.

Empedocles roots became the four classical elements of Greek philosophy.

Empedocles’ roots became the four classical elements of Greek philosophy.

story elements   (elementos de la historia)

Criticism focused on some story elements, specifically its ending.

This episode contains many story elements based on episodes of "Star Trek".

Paradigm also worked with C2 Pictures on the game's enemy designs and story elements.

visual elements

Other visual elements in Ashevak's creations included varying sizes and shapes of eyes.

These visual elements were processed in 2009, as part of a NASA-approved restoration project of the first moonwalk.

Some of the magazine's visual elements are whimsical, frequently appearing in the artwork without context or explanation.

natural elements

A serrated leaf edge may reduce the force of wind and other natural elements.

The dogs have a pantheon of gods for different natural elements, like forests and earth.

Ti Noel joins Macandal and both learn about the magical attributes of these natural elements.

major elements   (elementos principales)

The site covers a broad area including the major elements of volcanic sequence.

The three major elements of the cytoplasm are the cytosol, organelles and inclusions.

These spectra contain quantitative information on all major elements in the samples except for hydrogen, helium and lithium.

following elements

Typical conferences consist of the following elements: At most youth conferences there are only two adult leaders (the directors) and one adult presence (AP).

The early plays ("The Acharnians" to "The Birds") are fairly uniform in their approach however and the following elements of a parabasis can be found within them.

According to John W. Welch, based on the appearance of the following elements in Alma 12-13, the Nephite temple ceremony utilized familiar temple motifs, including:

stylistic elements

These stylistic elements became trademarks of this cinematic movement.

All of the Khanzhonkov Tolstoy films shared similar stylistic elements.

Girvan produces all of the music, and all three members contribute lyrical content and stylistic elements.

included elements

The performance included elements of audience participation and was warmly received.

The Ultimate Collection from 2009 included elements of Rhythm and blues, and Swing music.

It included elements that had broken away from Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)).

game elements

The game also features a fantasy story, full-colour 2D overhead scrolling graphics, and role-playing video game elements.

It combines run and gun shooter gameplay with role-playing video game elements, and was also the first action role-playing game to feature 3D polygonal graphics.

It is a more action-oriented version of "Temple of Apshai", with smoother and faster graphics, streamlined controls, fewer role-playing video game elements, and fewer room descriptions.

cultural elements

As a result, the novel employs many Burundian cultural elements including Kirundi proverbs.

The novel contains cultural elements from later dynasties, rather than Tang Dynasty China, however.

Freestyle, a dance genre, emerged in New York City, sharing musical and cultural elements with electro and hip hop.

heavier elements   (elementos más pesados)

Within the cores of stars, beryllium is depleted as it is fused into heavier elements.

Elements such as lead formed largely through the radioactive decay of heavier elements.

It is generally agreed that no heavier elements than boron were produced in the Big Bang.

contain elements   (contener elementos)

More churches contain elements of Norman architecture.

Petty's film and short novels contain elements of the horror genre.

However, many of the stories contain elements of fantasy and surrealism.

include elements

Genres that can include elements of escapist fiction include:

Lee's works often include elements of sexuality in their characterizations.

A single book can include elements from multiple parts of each sect of this vast world.

support elements   (elementos de apoyo)

All these support elements would also be mechanized in a PzGren.

boarding ships), a training inspection, and further support elements.

India's contribution was an infantry battalion and other support elements.

electronic elements

The orchestration is for 19 musicians and uses no electronic elements.

To help create the desired atmosphere, electronic elements and effects were also utilised.

It was shortened from its original seven or eight minutes and a choir and electronic elements were added to it at the wish of the Wachowskis.

supernatural elements

One of his rules was to avoid supernatural elements so that the focus remained on the mystery itself.

De Souza said that he avoided the supernatural elements and powers from the games but would hint at their use for a sequel.

Whereas Gilas' supernatural elements are dark and gothic in nature, the Halaw team members' origins are based on folklore and fantasy.

elements found

Some common elements found on a one-sheet can include:

Many elements found in Ibn Tulun Mosque are represented in the building as an abstract form.

In the original 13 colonies, most laws contained elements found in the English common law system.

data elements

There are instructions used to define data elements to hold data and variables.

More complex computations may involve many operations and data elements together.

Conformance with the CADM ensures the use of common architecture data elements (or types).

religious elements

It is a singular combination of philosophical, nationalistic, cultural and religious elements.

Vodou encompasses several different traditions, and consists of a mix encompassing African, European and indigenous "Taíno" religious elements.

Its most common expression is the Tijaniyah, an order followed by the 35% of Chadian Muslims which incorporates some local African religious elements.

traditional elements

It advocated centralisation, respect for traditional elements, and close ties with Belgium.

Resistant culture also incorporates traditional elements like flute, drum, and gourd rattle.

The band's music mixes traditional elements of Balkan music with modern dub and drum 'n' bass elements.

core elements

The core elements of the Ross Model include:

The ACA comprises four core elements that must be successfully completed.

It is crucial to harmonize three core elements: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

heavy elements

It consists of old stars deficient in heavy elements.

Astatine's alpha decay energies follow the same trend as for other heavy elements.

Beneath the Earth's crust lies the mantle which is heated by the radioactive decay of heavy elements.

fantasy elements   (elementos de fantasía)

Its dark tone lacked typical Irish fantasy elements (e.g.

Rose is used by Davies as an introduction to the shows mythos and fantasy elements.

Many other role-playing settings pay homage to the series by including fantasy elements he invented such as the darkness-dwelling Grues.

combine elements   (combinar elementos)

The interiors combine elements from the Baroque, Empire and Neoclassicism.

His paintings combine elements of eroticism and social critique in a style often called magic realism.

La Posada Hotel, and the depot, combine elements of the Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture styles.

individual elements

Array contents may be copied, however, by using the codice_243 function, or by accessing the individual elements.

This means you can change inline styles on individual elements and change style rules using simple JavaScript programming.

He later used ion exchange to separate isotopes of individual elements, including hundreds of grams of almost pure nitrogen-15.

features elements

The album's song "Jonestown Tea" features elements of spoken word.

The album is primarily a R&B album, although it features elements of trap.

This version features elements that are also featured in the Tokyo version.

elements of traditional

The new style used elements of traditional folk theatre from indigenous Bihari culture.

The Kuraza team aimed to fuse the elements of traditional Japanese heritage and luxury with modern technology.

Later, more progressive bands like Folque incorporated elements of traditional Norwegian folk music in their recordings.

style design elements

It has some Colonial Revival style design elements.

It is a 2 1/2-story, Federal style brick double house with Greek Revival style design elements.

rock elements

Funk rock (also written as "funk-rock" or "funk/rock") fuses funk and rock elements.

The album incorporated country music, doo-wop, krautrock and surf rock elements into the music.

Early recordings have rock elements, but these were less evident from 1996's "Milk and Scissors" onwards.

such elements

The listed heights exclude flagpoles, antennae and other such elements.

It also established a fund to provide emergency assistance for the preservation of such elements.

In general, such elements up to iron are made in large stars in the process of becoming supernovas.

more elements

Alloys are made by mixing two or more elements, at least one of which is a metal.

"Cash Box" commented: "A rough and ready rocker that has more elements of tough than tender.

There are plans to synthesise more elements, and it is not known how many elements are possible.

whose elements

formula_7 is a collection whose elements will be called sets.

A second example is the space whose elements are pairs of complex numbers .

a topological group with a discrete topology whose elements form a finite or a countable set.

between elements

Additionally, steps and turns can be used as transitions between elements.

The text between elements is also available through DOM properties and methods.

Then the most irrelevant interactions between elements of network are discarded.

conservative elements

These revolutions were eventually put down by conservative elements and few reforms resulted.

The conservative elements were not happy and they launched attacks on the Kemalist reformists.

Through his wife's family, Kapp acquired a family connection with politically conservative elements.

including elements

Critics acknowledged eclectic influences that resonate throughout the track, including elements from dance-rock.

Force protection duties were performed by a number of units, including elements of the California Army National Guard's 1–143rd FA.

The album's 11 tracks were produced by Brian Foote (aka Nudge: Jackie-O Motherfucker, Cloudland Canyon) and Danilova herself, including elements of cello, double bass, violin, and viola.