eleven years   (11年)

Martin remained at the Chronicle for eleven years.

They can live for over eleven years in captivity.

She was eleven years old at the end of the tour.

eleven children   (11人の子供)

Christian and Christiana had eleven children:

Franciszek and his wife had eleven children:

He would marry Eva Juditha Koch and have eleven children.

starting eleven   (開始11)

When I was named in the starting eleven buzzing!"

However, he was dropped from the starting eleven after four games.

His only appearance was in the starting eleven against Yeovil Town.

age of eleven   (11歳)

At the age of eleven, Wallace ran away from home.

Torell started his career at the age of eleven.

She wrote her first song at the age of eleven.

eleven days   (11日)

He died eleven days later on 30 April in Paris.

The 'star' only did eleven days work in the entire film.

They had spent eleven days in the water.

first eleven

It was remodeled three times during its first eleven years.

On 11 May 2013, he made the first eleven for the first time against 1.

For 2015, the purses were increased to $175,000 for the first eleven events.

eleven months

The first of Velasco's five periods as president lasted only eleven months.

The two have been married for eleven months, but Anne still protects her virginity.

After eleven months, the actress was declared innocent and returned to her country.

eleven times

Axmyr was denied parole eleven times between 1999 and 2001.

She has fractured her legs eleven times.

He spent two and a half seasons with Koblenz, scoring eleven times.

eleven games

He played eleven games for Ireland between 1905 and 1907.

He scored three goals in eleven games in the Emirati second tier.

He was then inactive for eleven games, but saw playing time in three.

number eleven   (ナンバー11)

He was given a number eleven shirt ahead of a new season.

The single just missed the UK top ten, peaking at number eleven.

The album reached number eleven on Billboard's Top Soul Albums chart.

eleven seasons

As of June 2018, 126 episodes of the series have aired over eleven seasons.

In the eleven seasons of the league, 54 umpires have officiated at least one IPL match.

His tenure with the Saints spanned eleven seasons and he coached the Colts for four seasons.

only eleven   (わずか11)

When Dunn was only eleven, her father died.

He was only eleven years old when his father died in 1174.

By 1961 Air Rescue Service would have only eleven squadrons assigned.

eleven other   (その他11)

Sadler recorded the song and eleven other tunes in New York in December 1965.

In the past, trolleybus systems existed in eleven other Brazilian cities; see list.

There are only eleven other stations in the United States which broadcast on 700 kHz.

total of eleven   (合計11)

The single spent a total of eleven weeks on the UK chart.

The Cubs have appeared in a total of eleven World Series.

There are a total of eleven zones (1–11).

eleven years old

She was eleven years old at the end of the tour.

Motylev became a Candidate Master at eleven years old.

As of "Small Favor", she was eleven years old.

eleven weeks

The song spent eleven weeks on the UK Singles Chart.

The single spent a total of eleven weeks on the UK chart.

The hit was number one on Colombian radio for eleven weeks.

won eleven

Raymond has also won eleven county championship medals.

He won eleven FIS races from 1995 to 2006 at all distances.

She has won eleven medals in her career.

age eleven

The guard was open to any boy age eleven or older.

He started training with Shaqiri at age eleven.

She has kept a journal since age eleven.

all eleven

Carl Hubbell went all eleven innings in the 2–1 win.

The following is the competition schedule for all eleven events.

However, as the progress is made, all eleven vehicles can be unlocked.

eleven members

When the ECB was created, it covered a Eurozone of eleven members.

NAFI is governed by a board of directors composed of eleven members.

It is governed by a council of eleven members who are chartered accountants.

eleven tracks

Joe Walsh produced the album and played on ten of the eleven tracks.

The album consists of eleven tracks, including the title track, "Candyland".

Five of the album's eleven tracks are from Nesmith's career with The Monkees.

played eleven

He played eleven games for Ireland between 1905 and 1907.

He played eleven tests for Papua New Guinea between 1992 and 1996.

During his time with FK Sarajevo, he played eleven games, and scored eight goals.

eleven teams

District sizes vary and consist of four to eleven teams.

The eleven teams will be split into two groups of five and six teams.

Group Stage The eleven teams are drawn into two groups of five and six.

eleven songs

The Dutch Anabaptists wrote another eleven songs.

the eleven songs were co-produced by Simon Byrt.

The original LP release had eleven songs.

eleven players

The Soviet Union entered a squad of eleven players.

Matches are played between two teams of eleven players, across up to four innings.

Santa Cruz was part of Paraguay's starting eleven players for the 2011 Copa América.

eleven different

The initial range comprised eleven different models.

Fourteen riders from eleven different nations competed.

Sixteen swimmers took part, representing a total of eleven different nations.

eleven matches

The event had eleven matches, with two being on the pre-show.

He played in eleven matches over two seasons, scoring one try.

Dawkes played a couple of second eleven matches in 1962, and then retired.

eleven goals

He played all eight matches and scored eleven goals.

He stayed in the club for two years and scored eleven goals.

Despite this his eleven goals made him the club's top scorer.

spent eleven

The song spent eleven weeks on the UK Singles Chart.

They had spent eleven days in the water.

Prior to her employment at LSU, Dr. McGuire spent eleven years working at Cornell University.

least eleven

The Tjapwurrung are known to have had at least eleven hordes.

The maxilla was tall and bore at least eleven rather long teeth.

He was one of at least eleven children of the marriage, including six sons.

eleven points

Horan had lost to Charles Leavy by eleven points in the previous race in 1940.

In 2016, Dalloyau has eleven points of sale in France: 10 in Ile-de-France and one in Marseille.

Things weren't going well for Cheasty's side and at one stage Waterford were eleven points in arrears.

next eleven

Five more daughters were born over the next eleven years.

Newton rested briefly before returning to the deck to steer for the next eleven hours.

For the next eleven days Baháʼu'lláh received visitors including the governor of Baghdad.

eleven minutes

The engagement had lasted just eleven minutes.

They comprised a doublet separated by eleven minutes, with magnitudes of 6.4 and 6.2 .

Jakes prematurely ended his session in a barrier at Moorish Hill with eleven minutes remaining.

eleven appearances

After eleven appearances for Saints he returned to West Ham.

He made a total of eleven appearances at under-19 level, scoring one goal.

By the end of his loan, Dickov had scored six goals in eleven appearances.

consists of eleven

The town of Salem consists of eleven member locations :.

The suite now consists of eleven songs.

The album consists of eleven tracks, including the title track, "Candyland".

made eleven

Nugent made eleven appearance for the club and returned to his parent club.

Between 1779 she made eleven complete voyages as an East Indiaman for the EIC.

Michalík made eleven appearances for the full Czechoslovakia national football team.

eleven people

Within 20 minutes eleven people were murdered.

About 30,000 families were affected by Morakot; eleven people are confirmed dead.

The third note read: A total of eleven people survived the shooting with injuries.

eleven men

Twelve men were killed, and eleven men seriously injured.

VMV 1 saved eleven men from the water, one being the commander of the ship, and Mannerheim knight Osmo Kivilinna.

In June 2003, Zamora and his family were held hostage in their home for hours by a group of eleven men and one woman.

eleven consecutive

CAHS chess teams have won eleven consecutive city and state championships from 1998 to 2010.

"Irreplaceable" peaked atop the US Radio Songs, staying atop the chart for eleven consecutive weeks.

He featured in eleven consecutive games from Round 1 (Wakefield Trinity Wildcats) to Round 11 (London Broncos).

eleven years later

They married eleven years later, .

He would go on to use this song in "Lost Highway", eleven years later.

Both teams would meet again eleven years later after the Giants relocated to San Francisco.

contains eleven

It contains eleven classic tracks and two unreleased songs.

"Lentera Timur" contains eleven songs using composers from Malaysia and Indonesia.

"P. xanthostoma" is a member of the genus Prochyliza, which contains eleven species.