thus eliminating

It passes under Mount Vrmac, thus eliminating the journey along the old curvy road that passes over the mountain.

Helen and Tara vote to eliminate Kristin, while Mike, Ron, and Filipe vote for Laura, thus eliminating Laura from The Biggest Loser.

The shot took place while a commercial advert for "Café Pilón" was running, thus eliminating the planned effect of "his grand finale".

eliminating all

President Sisi has set a national goal of eliminating all unsafe slums in two years.

Adi wants to take revenge and starts eliminating all those responsible for ruining his career and the death of his father.

His 'national revolution' was to be a counter-revolution eliminating all the progress and human rights won in the last one hundred and fifty years".

thereby eliminating

They challenge Pradeep Nauman wins, thereby eliminating Pradeep.

Palak defeats Bobby in a Mechanical bull riding task, thereby eliminating her.

The "Journal" had its printers destroy the "Star-Tribune"′s presses with sledgehammers, thereby eliminating its biggest competitor.