İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

found elsewhere   (başka yerde bulundu)

Further details about MCI can be found elsewhere.

Such laments are found elsewhere in the psalms and the Book of Job.

Other, less spectacular vents are found elsewhere in the Marra Mountains.

used elsewhere   (başka yerde kullanılmış)

The upside-down tri-star was used elsewhere in the car.

This tack glyph was used elsewhere also as a form of "Heta", i.e.

The rough equivalent to "county" as used elsewhere is a "Regional District".

moved elsewhere   (başka yere taşındı)

The interior artwork has been moved elsewhere.

In 1987 the church closed and moved elsewhere in the town.

Many military-age men in these western counties had moved elsewhere.

look elsewhere   (başka yere bak)

So if you want funny from a comedy, look elsewhere."

He immediately started to look elsewhere.

Nuance-seekers look elsewhere."

work elsewhere   (başka yerde çalışmak)

Slaves were exported to work elsewhere in the triangular trade.

Initially, Sam states that her father is conducting field work elsewhere.

When mines shut down in 1926, most of the townspeople left to look for work elsewhere.