emerging markets   (新兴市场)

It is aimed at India and other emerging markets.

It covers both developed and emerging markets.

Plans to enter other emerging markets exist.

emerging artists   (新兴艺术家)

In 2007 she was one of fifteen "emerging artists" selected by "American Photo" magazine.

In 2005 she participated in Bronx AIM, a program that exposes and educates emerging artists.

The theater's mission is to provide a venue for smart, surprising new work from emerging artists.

emerging technologies   (新兴技术)

Under Dr. Howard, NIOSH shifted its research efforts to focus on emerging technologies.

Other established and emerging technologies are also finding use in archaeological applications.

At the White House, Kratsios has advocated for the promotion of emerging technologies in the United States.

emerging field

Combinatorial aspects of dynamical systems is another emerging field.

This is the theme for the emerging field of bioorganometallic chemistry.

Ince's first two books concerned the then emerging field of environmental law.

newly emerging

The working-class element was moving rapidly toward the newly emerging Labour Party.

"Pariksha Guru" reflects the inner and outer world of the newly emerging Middle class.

Finally, branching out into the disco scene comes the last of Olsher's newly emerging projects.

emerging economies

The 2017 report covers 144 major and emerging economies.

For emerging economies in Africa, the term "lion economy" is used as an analogy.

Among emerging economies, China's e-commerce presence continues to expand every year.

emerging market

This term was replaced by "emerging market".

Video gaming in India Video gaming in India is an emerging market.

granted city rights under Lübeck law to the emerging market settlement.

before emerging

The gelding made steady progress before emerging as a top-class horse in autumn.

The species spends approximately 43 days in their cocoon before emerging as an adult.

The species spends approximately 151 days in their cocoon before emerging as an adult.

emerging victorious

Tiverton became the third club to win consecutive finals, emerging victorious in 1998 and 1999.

These two countries met once more in the final in Beijing, with Iran emerging victorious by 3–0.

The race featured many lead changes and ended in wet weather, with Robert Doornbos emerging victorious.

emerging technology

The times changed and Phalke fell victim to the emerging technology of sound film.

The emerging technology of drone displays has recently been used for advertising purposes.

CEP has evolved from an emerging technology to an essential platform of many capital markets.