people employed

Previously there were 100 people employed by the hall.

, there were a total of 239 people employed in the municipality.

, there were a total of 1,886 people employed in the municipality.

people were employed

About 15 people were employed in his milling operation.

73,200 people were employed at banks in 2010.

96 people were employed in the secondary sector in 23 businesses.

people are employed

Around 1,500 people are employed across the group.

Many people are employed in Pakistan Rangers Force.

8,379 people are employed by Progressive in the region.

school employed   (就職した学校)

The school employed 25 teachers (9th-12).

The school employed 74 teachers.

The school employed 44 teachers.

often employed   (よく使われる)

Stemmeries often employed African-American laborers.

The use of a calibrator is often employed in immunoassays.

In North America, Holsteiners are often employed as top-quality show hunters.

company employed   (雇われた会社)

In March 2013, the company employed 3,958 workers.

As of end 2011 the company employed 686 workers.

At its height, the company employed 840 workers in 1960.

currently employed

Peta is currently employed as a nurse for Barwon Health.

She is currently employed at the Elmore Stoutt High School.

Diaz is currently employed with The Bronx Defenders as an intake coordinator.

employed more

At its height, the project employed more than 800 men.

By 1937, he was employed more than 3,000 men.

Their firm employed more than 40,000 people.

then employed

Success continued, and she then employed four workers.

Apple then employed the same technology to create iDVD for the consumer market.

The cap trapper method is then employed to ensure selection of full length cDNA.

first employed

He was first employed by the Gyldendal publishing house.

He was first employed as a research assistant from 1974 to 1978.

The format was first employed with the launch of "Os Dias Eram Assim".

commonly employed

However, sovereignty is the term most commonly employed.

This method is commonly employed in undergraduate teaching labs.

Such filters are commonly employed in the treatment of waste water.

still employed   (まだ雇われている)

All were still employed by the state, and the pharaoh had final say in their appointments.

When Heisman left Tech after 1919, his shift was still employed by protege William Alexander.

As of 2011, Neri was still employed with the New York Police Department making $76,488 annually.

not employed

About half of people in their 20s with autism are not employed.

They are not employed by the company to whom they provide labour.

Many of the Kapiti Coast's residents are not employed in the area.

later employed

He was later employed by TELCO in Pune.

Story arcs from "Kiri no Orgel" were later employed by Eno in "D2".

It was built for John Ward who later employed Burton to lay out his Calverley Park Estate in Tunbridge Wells.

employed during

Techniques employed during self-rescue include:

"Atemi" () are strikes (or feints) employed during an aikido technique.

4,000 staff are expected to be employed during construction with another 2,000 needed for on-going operations.

workers employed

32% of workers employed in the British Virgin Islands work for the government.

The flights are used to transport oil workers employed by the companies that make up the IAC consortium.

The Chinese presence began with workers employed in the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880s.

employed many

Eun's father was a carpenter who employed many workers.

Until the 1950s the Dutch Sea Scouts employed many different boats.

The large cattle farms in the surrounding areas employed many families.

employed around   (周りで採用)

As of November 2012, Yura Corporation employed around 5,500 employees in Serbia.

The company had 288 stores across the United Kingdom and employed around 1800 staff.

As at January 2018, SeneGence employed around 70 people in Sapulpa and Broken Arrow.

frequently employed

Overhead camshafts were frequently employed.

Individuals also frequently employed magical techniques for personal purposes.

Like the German Empire, that of Austria-Hungary frequently employed liberal economic policies and practices.

usually employed

Waxed linen or silk threads were usually employed to fasten the braces.

Academic anatomists are usually employed by universities, medical schools or teaching hospitals.

Professional dancers are usually employed on contract or for particular performances or productions.

methods employed

The methods employed to make the victims talk were always the same.

Countercult apologetics has several variations and methods employed in analysing and responding to cults.

The usual methods employed to strengthen buildings are to reinforce it with significant extra structure or to install tuned mass dampers.

employed in agriculture

About 2,500 persons were employed in agriculture.

Most people of Kuspangi are employed in agriculture.

53.6% of Ghana's workforce were employed in agriculture in 2013.

district employed

In 2007, the district employed 266 teachers.

In 2007, the district employed 166 teachers.

In 2007, the district employed 110 teachers.

previously employed   (以前に雇われた)

Real Sociedad also previously employed such a policy.

He was previously employed by the Kings School in a role as Director of Football.

The CBC previously employed this strategy with the shows "Rideau Hall" and "An American in Canada".

widely employed   (広く採用されている)

The nutating motion is widely employed in flowmeters and pumps.

PEG is a widely employed indicator of a stock's possible true value.

The Rundbogenstil was also widely employed in Belgium, for public buildings as well as for churches.

became employed

In 1893 Roy became employed under the District judge of Rajshahi.

Djajakusuma became employed at the Cultural Centre as a translator and actor under Armijn Pane.

He then became employed at Salins du Midi, where he gained charge of maintenance and created the FO Union.

now employed

A small section of the people are now employed in cottage industries.

Benjamin is now employed by Southern Cross Austereo, working in breakfast radio in Queensland.

Wilson is now employed as an International Scout by Chelsea Football Club concentrating on the Scandinavian countries.