İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

government employees   (Devlet memurları)

There are many government employees in the village.

Two government employees approach him, and he flees.

3109, and serve as special government employees.

former employees   (eski çalışanlar)

The feedback for this survey is given by current and former employees.

This is because the layout was made by current and former employees of I.I.Sc.

"The New York Times" interviewed eight former employees of NECC and Ameridose.

number of employees   (Çalışan Sayısı)

The number of employees is more than 50 persons.

In 1996, the number of employees reached 2,000 positions.

In 1997, the number of employees increased up to 3,4 thous.

other employees   (diğer çalışanlar)

Two other employees of VSL were hospitalized.

murdered the other employees and forced her into sexual slavery.

Abusive behavior consists of inflicting intimidating acts on other employees.

all employees   (tüm çalışanlar)

Citi gives all employees one day off per year to volunteer.

A premium is deducted from all employees' pay automatically.

Membership in the social security system for all employees is compulsory.

state employees   (devlet çalışanları)

Mouton defended the interests of teachers and state employees.

The Court determined that state employees cannot sue their employer for violating ADA rules.

In 2014, the Syrian government was still paying some state employees, but fewer than before.

school employees   (okul çalışanları)

The IU 13 offers preemployment screening, including fingerprinting, for prospective public school employees.

At approximately 9:30 a.m.t, 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot twenty school children and six school employees prior to committing suicide.

She also authored laws that required criminal background checks for school employees after the death of Michelle Montoya at Rio Linda High School.

civilian employees

Initially, rescue efforts were led by the military and civilian employees within the building.

US Army troops did most of the work, but civilian employees received an additional $170.00 in wages.

It was re-activated on July 17, 2012, bringing some of the functions in-house under civilian employees.

federal employees   (federal çalışanlar)

It would also ban federal employees from using instant messaging for work purposes.

All federal employees in the GS system receive a base pay that is adjusted for locality.

Union membership among federal employees increased several times over in the next decade.

public employees   (kamu çalışanları)

640, Sexual misconduct by public employees (2008) S.B.

The public employees, schools, and businesses formed regiments.

Many union leaders were arrested and many public employees were fired from their jobs.

employees working

There are 6 employees working at the Equinet secretariat.

There are 486 employees working in the head office in Germany.

It will also affect 10,000 employees working with about 120 Outlets/Dealership of GM in India.

new employees

Large corporations systematized their training programs for new employees.

At that time, the company was hiring 300 new employees each month, nationwide.

A few months later, they moved into an office at 580 Broadway and hired three new employees.

female employees   (kadın çalışanlar)

In response, one of the female employees screamed in Spanish, "Don't kill me!

However, they may still expect female employees to exhibit the formality of men's suits.

Now even conservative Western workplaces are more accepting of pants on female employees.

employees worldwide

, Adobe has more than 21,000 employees worldwide, about 40% of whom work in San Jose.

Headquartered near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the company employs 45,000 employees worldwide.

RIB’s headquarters is located in Stuttgart, with over 30 offices and around 800 employees worldwide.

city employees

In 1998, four city employees filed charges of racial discrimination.

The first city employees moved into the Daly building on May 19, 1941.

The new health plan extends health benefits to unmarried heterosexual domestic partners of city employees.

company employees   (şirket çalışanları)

The company was entirely held by the Idemitsu family and company employees.

In 2008, the CWA and ver.di launched a coordinated effort to unionize company employees.

In 1988 Honeywell sold Tetra Tech's engineering division to a group of company employees.

district employees

As of 2007, 21 district employees were based at the center.

The district employees approximately 3,200 teachers, 49% of whom have advanced degrees.

Some district employees convinced Chetty to take the initiative and start a Hindu school.

many employees   (birçok çalışan)

It is connecting many employees of ISRO_ Mahendragiri campus.

Hence the dissatisfaction and alienation that many employees experience.

The demonstrators, who came from more than 200 communes, were joined by many employees and traders from Béziers.

employees work   (çalışanların çalışması)

over 4,300 employees work at this complex.

9 employees work at the library.

About 50 employees work in the quarry and another 60 on subsidiary functions.

school district employees   (okul bölgesi çalışanları)

Like all school district employees, they must also attend an anti child abuse training once every three years.

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association keeps statistics on salaries of public school district employees in Pennsylvania.

employers and employees

Liberal labour legislation simplified the relations between employers and employees.

The City and County of Denver levies an Occupational Privilege Tax (OPT or head tax) on employers and employees.

Social Security taxes would be collected from employers by the states, with employers and employees contributing equally to the tax.

more employees

170 more employees were dismissed in May.

Some items apply only to companies with ten or more employees.

Thousands more employees work in Midtown, north of the central business district.