Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

employment opportunities   (oportunidades de empleo)

; in search of better employment opportunities.

After that, the tribe provided most employment opportunities.

They are also intended to provide career and employment opportunities.

found employment   (empleo encontrado)

He found employment at the sawmill of Nicholas Lisson.

Eventually, he found employment at a Borders bookstore.

Later she moved to Revel and found employment at a shipyard.

provide employment   (proporcionar empleo)

These operations provide employment and generate international aid.

When finished, the plant will provide employment opportunities to around 1,000 workers, many of them Bedouins.

Until September 2013, HMCS "Carleton" operated continuously to provide employment and training for its sailors.

find employment   (encontrar empleo)

Younger people are leaving the town at a fast pace to find employment.

Graduates of MATC usually find employment with local and regional airlines.

On the reservations, they struggle to find employment and alcoholism is rampant.

full employment

The party supports a progressive taxation system, full employment and Irish unity.

This would not be expected to happen, unless the economy is already at a full employment level.

While 30% of the active population in Andalusia was without work, Marinaleda had full employment.

employment contract   (contrato de empleo)

A fixed-term employment contract is generally limited to one year (there are some exceptions).

Under this system, the worker's employment contract ends before the six month by their employer.

For his employment contract, he had signed an Official Secrets Act 1911 declaration to disclose no information about his work.

employment discrimination

Rader is a lawyer who represents victims of employment discrimination.

Unlike the Equality Act of 1974, the main focus of the ENDA was to end employment discrimination.

This may apply to a wide range of abuses, ranging from domestic violence to employment discrimination.

employment law

He specialised in employment law whilst pursuing an interest in politics.

She had represented plaintiffs in personal injury, medical malpractice and employment law cases.

At Stoel Rives, his practice specialties were labor and employment law, and government affairs law.

source of employment

Tourism is a significant source of employment.

Business services today represent the largest source of employment.

The services sector is by far the main source of employment in the city.

employment contracts

The School Board enters into individual employment contracts for these positions.

In 1928, Parliament passed the Civil Law (Ghanon-e Madanei) which addressed employment contracts.

seek employment   (buscar trabajo)

He lost his father at the age of eleven and had to seek employment to support his family.

His mother's lack of funds forced him to leave school at an early age, and seek employment nearby.

railway maintenance work) and allowed residents to seek employment and engage in trade further afield.

employment rate   (tasa de empleo)

The employment rate is (persons aged 15–64) 66.8%.

The female employment rate is high.

Having a high employment rate in the national universities in Japan.

education and employment

Early braille education is crucial to literacy, education and employment among the blind.

She believed women's education and employment were central to Armenian national development.

The project was launched on Monday 10 May 2010 and provides opportunities for people with autism in education and employment.

finding employment

The aim of the training is to improve the channels of finding employment.

Undergraduates and graduate students were both helped by Stedman in finding employment.

She thought this combination was unhelpful for finding employment and went on to study German.

seeking employment

Harvey left Douglas as a young man seeking employment.

It was not until 1905–1919 that the Wafipa began seeking employment with Europeans.

is a useful credential when seeking employment within the airport management profession.

gained employment

Many of the participants gained employment via this initiative.

After the war, he studied economics at the University of Munich and gained employment as a journalist.

Upon finishing school, Burrows gained employment with the chartered accounting firm Priestley & Morris.

local employment

The closure of CFB Chatham in 1996 further reduced local employment.

More recently, ragstone and newsprint industries have developed and become essential sources of local employment.

However, they reached an agreement with local employment agency Capricorn Training Company to take over the organisation of the event.

up employment

Between 1914 and 1918 an additional one million women would take up employment.

Beginning circa 2000, Ms Kiggundu took up employment in the Uganda Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

When he failed to clear the SSLC exam on his first attempt, he had to take up employment in construction sites at an early age.

employment agency   (agencia de Empleo)

He founded the employment agency Ecco in 1964.

Reed (company) REED is an employment agency based in the United Kingdom.

In 2014 Alexa ranked reed.co.uk as the UK's largest employment agency website.

paid employment

The First World War advanced the feminist cause, as women's sacrifices and paid employment were much appreciated.

In fact, many welfare programs have strict limits designed to encourage unemployed individuals to return to paid employment.

Unpaid household work is associated with the number of people in the household, the location, and the availability of paid employment.

new employment   (nuevo empleo)

Through Gregory Breit, Wigner found new employment at the University of Wisconsin.

Blackborow and his friend, William Lincoln Bakewell travelled to Buenos Aires looking for new employment.

By September 2016, the number of striking workers was down to 56 as some had sought new employment for financial reasons.

provides employment

The temple is the focal point of the city and provides employment to the people of the town.

The Community Development Employment Programme provides employment for many Aboriginal people.

This facility currently provides employment, training and support for 221 people with a disability.

provided employment

These greenhouses provided employment for hundreds of Gazans.

Charcoal kilns, sawmills, salt evaporation ponds and rubber plantations also provided employment.

The existence of the India Security Press provided employment to thousands of residents and spawned the surrounding economy.

discrimination in employment

The defense boom benefited whites, but black workers were denied opportunities because of widespread racial discrimination in employment.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was charged with interpreting the 1990 law with regard to discrimination in employment.

Representatives of the Vodou and Muslim communities have reported social stigma against their communities, and discrimination in employment.