İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

first encountered   (ilk karşılaşılan)

They first encountered Spider-Man during these events.

The Alabama first encountered Europeans when Hernando de Soto arrived in 1540.

He first encountered Federal resistance at Beaver Creek Bridge, north of Boonsboro.

commonly encountered   (sık karşılaşılan)

However, it is commonly encountered as an adjective in "-мий".

Adults are most commonly encountered in September and October.

Intertidal wetlands are commonly encountered in most estuaries.

encountered during   (sırasında karşılaşıldı)

Other problems were encountered during early carrier trials.

He attributed this to possible spying by trawlers which were encountered during the day.

This situation is most often encountered during drainage processes through media such as soils.

often encountered   (sık karşılaşılan)

Steam explosions are often encountered where hot lava meets sea water.

It is most often encountered in the Southeast, in areas with sandy soil.

The ringstone symbol and calligraphy of the Greatest Name are also often encountered.

frequently encountered

Younger specimens are much more frequently encountered in the open at daytime.

They are frequently encountered by players throughout "Half-Life" and its three expansions, "", "" and "".

In contrast to more therapeutically oriented systemic work, mediation is more frequently encountered in business.

problems encountered

Of special interest, this solves two common and vexing problems encountered in optical heterodyne detection.

All the problems encountered in the game, except in the "Cave Runner" exercise, will fall into the chosen subject.

In fact, one of the major problems encountered by Europeans was the determination of the Ngarrindjeri to rebuild their camps on land claimed for grazing.

encountered difficulties

Boas, due to tone deafness, encountered difficulties studying tonal languages such as Laguna.

Knott encountered difficulties with his walking technique whilst in England prior to the 1948 London Olympics.

Grévy encountered difficulties that included the need to suppress a revolt of the Kabyle people in Batna in May 1879.

encountered financial   (karşılaşılan finansal)

Sexsmith soon encountered financial hardships and decided to try out his fortune in the West.

Work stalled in 2009 with 60% completed as Siegel's company encountered financial difficulties.

Shortly thereafter, CUEA encountered financial difficulties that stemmed from poor management and a loss of Sh.