İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

strongly encouraged   (şiddetle tavsiye edilir)

Community service is strongly encouraged.

Constantine granted some clemency, but strongly encouraged his suicide.

Gershwin strongly encouraged Ravel to come to the United States for a tour.

encouraged to take   (almaya teşvik edildi)

Students are encouraged to take advantage of their strengths.

They were encouraged to take part in controlled deforestation program.

She was encouraged to take up sailing by her parents who first met on a yacht.

encouraged to participate   (katılmaya teşvik edildi)

Students are encouraged to participate in performing arts activities.

Undergraduates at Caltech are also encouraged to participate in research.

The audience is encouraged to participate in these conversations during the show.

encouraged people   (cesaretlendirilmiş insanlar)

Leave.EU encouraged people to spoil their ballot paper in protest at delays in Brexit.

Riley has encouraged people to make their voice heard, get involved, and lobby their legislators.

The site, ProtectMarriage.wetpaint.com, encouraged people to join protests against same-sex marriage.

encouraged other   (diğer teşvik)

This encouraged other Convention members to also defy Robespierre.

He also encouraged other background artists like "Maddale" beaters.

Ehrenfeld also encouraged other Torah institutions to populate the community.

encouraged the development   (gelişimi teşvik etti)

Holt encouraged the development of house churches on college campuses.

In the 1950s, President Getúlio Vargas encouraged the development of independent national nuclear capabilities.

Hydraulic limes were favored for this, but the need for a fast set time encouraged the development of new cements.

actively encouraged   (aktif olarak teşvik edildi)

Rabbi Yisrael actively encouraged a strong competitive rivalry between the young man in his Yeshivot.

Speakers of indigenous languages were actively encouraged to abandon their languages in favor of Spanish.

By 1986, the Chinese were actively encouraged to take part in parlaying the economic development of Vietnam.

government encouraged   (hükümet teşvik edildi)

The Federal government encouraged irrigation, which probably peaked in the early 1890s.

The federal government encouraged more irrigation, which probably peaked in the early 1890s.

The government encouraged local NGOs to join the government-sponsored Civil Society Platform during 2011.

students are encouraged

The students are encouraged to participate in social, cultural and sports activities.

Rhema University students are encouraged to adhere to the Student Policies and Regulations.

The IB Diploma Program at ISD is inclusive, and all students are encouraged to undertake the full diploma.

encouraged women

The UDC encouraged women to write their own stories.

Debate Boot Camp encouraged women to discuss and defend issues.

The advertisements encouraged women to rediscover a sense of self.

encouraged many

Harsh conditions at home encouraged many soldiers to desert.

These tendencies encouraged many artists to "return to order" stylistically.

These popular stage productions encouraged many people to seek out tango dance lessons.

encouraged to use   (kullanmaya teşvik edildi)

Players were also encouraged to use nicknames on the back of their jerseys.

Residents were encouraged to use the postal services in Farnsworth or in Perryton.

The experiment was a success, and from 1998 onwards all countries were encouraged to use televoting wherever possible.

not encouraged

However, in those days, Catholics were not encouraged to attend non-Catholic secondary schools.

Confucianism was introduced into Japan about at the same time as Buddhism, but it was not encouraged to be spread as much as Buddhism was.

In those days Samiti activists were not encouraged to adopt the semi-renunciate life style adopted by RSS "pracharaks" and travel as active field workers.

father encouraged

Childs' father encouraged him to audition for the show.

When he was young, his father encouraged him to practice sport.

Chapman's father encouraged him to play cricket and coached him personally.