until the end   (終わりまで)

The family was not reunited until the end of 1948.

The school remained open until the end of the year.

He served only one year, until the end of his term.

end up   (結局)

Then they both pass out and end up in hospital beds.

Sebbe and Sofie end up alone and drunk in a bedroom.

Penha, Cida and Rosario end up in jail for contempt.

towards the end   (終わりに向かって)

He signed for Morton towards the end of July 2012.

The splits became most evident towards the end.

I'm moving towards the end of "Fantastic Four".

southern end   (南端)

It is located on the southern end of Lake Winnebago.

It opens into the McClure Strait at its southern end.

At the southern end of the beach is a small harbour .

before the end   (終わりの前に)

The AAF folded before the end of its first season.

Hughes returned to California before the end of 1860.

He was released before the end of the contract.

northern end   (北端)

There is a bridge at the northern end of the pond.

It is situated on the northern end of Jabal al-Arab.

At its northern end the road becomes Brecknock Road.

north end   (ノースエンド)

At the north end is an entry porch and flagpole.

The semicircular north end stands out in this design.

The north end is dominated by shallow mudflats.

near the end   (終わり近く)

There is a hostage drama near the end of the film.

The positions reverse again near the end of the song.

He begins at the beginning and ends very near the end.

eastern end   (東端)

Black Rock is located at the eastern end of the bay.

(Park Avenue) at the eastern end of downtown Norton.

The halt was at its eastern end near the SPO paper mill.

western end   (西端)

The western end of La Braye is now Le Grand Havre.

These restaurants remain open in the western end.

tight end   (タイトエンド)

Noble played tight end for University of Toledo.

Herndon was the sixth tight end drafted in 2018.

Turk also played the tight end position at UWW.

west end   (ウエストエンド)

The Zaka Valley lies at the west end of Lake Bled.

The west end of the tunnel is at , the east end at .

It then passes the west end of K-92 near Rock Creek.

south end   (南端)

It is located at the south end of the campus.

Campbell Center arena in the south end of the stadium).

It is contained by the Medina Dam at the lake's south end.

east end   (東端)

The east end of the chancel contains two aumbries.

The window in the east end of the chapel is similar.

The west end of the tunnel is at , the east end at .

end of each

Score is taken at the end of each player's turn.

Another jersey was awarded at the end of each stage.

Solar terms govern the beginning and end of each month.

defensive end   (守備の終わり)

Thomas was the sixth defensive end drafted in 2018.

Pat had seven sacks as a sophomore defensive end.

30 strongside defensive end prospect in the nation.

end zone   (エンドゾーン)

His teammates piled on top of him in the end zone.

Baschnagel picked it up and ran into the end zone.

Ultimate frisbee also uses an end zone scoring area.

put an end   (終止符を打つ)

This put an end to the second spell of iconoclasm.

Finally, Apollo came to put an end to this cruelty.

As a result, she had to put an end to her education.

other end   (違った終わり方)

On the other end of Soesdyke is the village Timehri.

At the other end, Morris began to take control.

On the other end, he heard Amber and Deacon having sex.

each end

The roof has two flush gable chimneys at each end.

It is wider in the middle and narrower at each end.

Each barrel had a tiny adjustment screw at each end.

marked the end   (終わりをマークした)

This flight marked the end of the Ukrainian State.

"The Surrender" marked the end of the Confederacy.

This marked the end of the First English Civil War.

through the end

She remained in service through the end of 1955.

Atchison continued to serve through the end of 1861.

The Jasta operated through the end of the war.

toward the end   (最後に向かって)

Troubles multiplied toward the end of his reign.

However, his form improved toward the end of the season.

He...was to play a number toward the end of the program.

end of season

Awards were presented at the end of season dinner.

(on loan from Rosenborg) "As of end of season."

However, he left NK Lučko at the end of season.

following the end

Howard retired to Waverly following the end of his term.

It closed down in January 1919 following the end of the war.

At age 9 her family moved to Manila following the end of World War II.

either end   (両端)

There were railway tunnels at either end of the site.

The elevators at either end opened in the same summer.

On either end of the mezzanine is a fare control area.

not end

His political life did not end with his presidency.

However, the compromise did not end the dispute.

This did not end the manufacture of fake wines.

front end   (フロントエンド)

The most significant changes are a new front end.

The front end has the remaining traces of stigma and calyx.

The stages include a front end, a middle end, and a back end.

very end

In subordinate clauses, the verb occurs at the very end.

The femur is long, but the very end is not fully preserved.

He wrestled for the promotion until its very end in late 2001.

end result   (最終結果)

Requirements specified to achieve the end result.

The end result was the release of the prisoner.

Any alleged right which calls for an end result (e.g.

end credits   (エンドクレジット)

"; the film then cut to black for the end credits.

The opening theme is reused in the end credits.

The song was played during the end credits of the film.

end when   (終了するとき)

The interurban end when the motorbus was introduced.

Turns end when blocks are joined.

The protagonist's road trip comes to an end when his car breaks down.

lower end

The eye socket was tall with a pointed lower end.

Table Mountain’s lower end is above sea level.

When cast the lower end of the jacket is completely open.

did not end

His political life did not end with his presidency.

However, the compromise did not end the dispute.

This did not end the manufacture of fake wines.

till the end   (最後まで)

Ānanda was teaching till the end of his life.

That loan was then extended till the end of the season.

He continued as a Minister and MP till the end of 2016.

high end

Compactrons were also used in a few high end Hi-Fi stereos.

Many distilleries in Oregon are producing high end craft spirits.

Tom starts a successful business renting high end clothing to teenagers.

left end

The left end, in the south, is the best preserved.

The glacier left end moraines, kettle holes and periglacial rock fields.

Hilkene won the job and was the starting left end in nine of the team's ten games in 1944.

right end

Druze, who was known as "Tarzan", was the right end.

Towards the right end they pass over a curved wooden bridge.

Alzado started at right end opposite future Hall of Fame inductee Howie Long.

rear end

On the rear end, the tail lights from a Triumph TR6 were used.

At the rear end, the line of the trunk was also designed more angular.

The 2-4-0 rear end was later used in hillclimbing by various drivers including Roy Lane.

dead end

Highway 912 ends in a dead end in the eastern side of the park.

The road continues north as SR 600 to a dead end at a coal mine.

Union Cemetery is at dead end.

end of hostilities

Jasta 63 served through end of hostilities.

However, the end of hostilities did not mean the end of the entire project.

With the end of hostilities, she was decommissioned and sold to private parties.

brought an end

World War I brought an end to the Habsburg Empire.

He brought an end to his player career shortly afterward.

This brought an end to the show.

between the end

It is the area between the end line and goal line bounded by the sidelines.

Street fighting was fierce between the end of November and beginning of December 1941.

This union took place between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.

far end

The far end of the pier had been closed since 1986.

At the far end of the cemetery is a Cross of Sacrifice.

At the far end the conduit opens up into two small caverns.

during the end

He was called back up during the end of the season.

The song was played during the end credits of the film.

It is also played during the end scene of the film "Shall We Kiss?

marking the end   (終わりの印)

Two months later, Jobs died, marking the end of an era for the company.

On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs died, marking the end of an era for Apple.

As a result, he withdrew from the scene, marking the end of "Weird Tales"' Golden Age.

end users

SA Power Networks distributes electricity to end users.

Application software designed for end users have a user interface.

By January 2010, the company had leased five vehicles to end users.

opposite end

On the opposite end of the arm is a pair of counterweights.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Connor Atkinson from "Exclaim!"

On the opposite end of the spectrum, droughts can also wipe out crops.

upper end

The upper end of the cane may have some decorative element.

The process feedstock is fed into the upper end of the cylinder.

The staple is then inserted into the farrow at the upper end of the oboe.

decided to end

So they decided to end it for good.

In 2016, he decided to end his yearly seasonal residency at Space Ibiza.

Seeing this, Richard decided to end the fight quickly by killing the enemy commander.

around the end   (終わり頃)

He completed it around the end of 1913 and published it in 1914.

The "Coolgardie Miner" ceased publication around the end of 1909.

<br> The paaltjasker was built around the end of the 19th century.

beginning and end

Solar terms govern the beginning and end of each month.

Note the use of zero at the beginning and end of the two cycles.

However, the beginning and end of the book of Job are in the normal prose system.

end the war

The US promised to end the war and the economic embargo should she win.

Despite the damage done to the Maratha army, the battle did not end the war.

Upon taking office, Kabila called for multilateral peace talks to end the war.

end user   (エンドユーザー)

The service is free to the end user in the case of an emergency.

Both could be programed by the end user and print out their results.

Other bids may be evaluated by the end user or the buyer in Purchasing.

football defensive end

Xavier Brown Xavier Brown (born February 19, 1988) is an American football defensive end.

James Aiono James Aiono (born January 23, 1989) is a former American football defensive end.

Robert Porcher Robert Porcher (; born July 30, 1969) is a former American football defensive end.

putting an end

On March 19, 2013, founder David Parland died, putting an end to the band.

Later that month he was diagnosed with glandular fever, putting an end to his season.

The Volunteer decides to assassinate Ognin in the hopes of putting an end to New Light.

year end

5, one spot lower from 2008 year end ranking.

Often this will be the projected rate at the next year end.

However Avispa was returned to J2 in a year end of 2011 season.

end of year

He placed fifth at the end of year Asian Games.

42 on "Billboard"s end of year ranking "Top Records of 1963".

Students are re-screened after writing form 2(two) end of year exams.

retired end   (引退した)

The club won J1 League and retired end of 1994 season.

He played in 2 seasons and retired end of 2018 season.

However he retired end of 2010 season.

beginning to end

From beginning to end, there's joke after joke after hilarious joke.

The "new York Times" said "from beginning to end it is compounded as the sheerest twaddle."

DJ Swivel stated the song "goes through a lot of different emotions" from beginning to end.

abrupt end   (突然の終わり)

This brings the JDA Campaign to a rather sad and abrupt end.

In 1985, Johnson's career as an informant came to an abrupt end.

The webcomic came to an abrupt end following the shutdown of ShiftyLook in late 2014.

end the game

Gilbert took a knee to end the game, and Orlando improved to 3–0.

Receiving the ball back, the Mean Green took a knee to end the game.

The goal is to end the game with as many chips showing your color as possible.

football tight end   (サッカータイトエンド)

Matt Spaeth Matt Spaeth (born November 24, 1983) is a former American football tight end.

Mason Brodine Mason Brodine (born February 18, 1988) is a former American football tight end.

Cam Quayle Cameron P. Quayle (born September 24, 1972) is a former American football tight end.

gable end   (ゲーブルエンド)

A flush chimney rises from each gable end of the main block.

Chimneys are located on each gable end.

The iron supports for a drainpipe are located on the south facing gable end.

tail end   (末尾)

It was formerly a tail end of cold front that passed by Northern Luzon.

On lap 121, Kyle Busch got onto the tail end of the lead lap, being pushed by Mears.

Producer Clive Davis described the song as tapping "the malaise at the tail end of the decade."

end to end

The country had been explored from end to end.

2CND half of et end to end but no one can snatch a goal .

A journey takes approximately nine minutes from end to end.

start and end

ET, though the actual start and end times varied by station.

Trains on this route start and end their journey at platform 3.

Each episode would start and end on a segment called 'Floella's house'.

end of every

At the end of every episode, one contestant is evicted.

It is also played at the end of every Denver Broncos home victory.

Kuttor Pooram, usually celebrated end of every march, as part of Utsavam.

marks the end

It marks the end of the third defile of the Irrawaddy.

Epiphany on January 6 marks the end of the Christmas season.

Diocletian's reign marks the end of the classical period of Roman law.

end product

The end product of his labours was the "Enquiry".

The end product (DMT) is illegal in most countries.

Young agreed, and the end product was "Comes a Time".

receiving end

The system allowed for automatic recording on the receiving end.

On the receiving end, the frequencies would be separated with a matching set of resonators.

This consisted of a "communicator" at the sending end and an "indicator" at the receiving end.

end the season

The 1980 Saints were the first team to end the season at 1–15.

"It's a tough way to end the season."

He would end the season with a third-place finish in the season finale at Dover.

back end   (バックエンド)

The stages include a front end, a middle end, and a back end.

The web applications found on ZeroPC are built on Java in the back end.

These flanges are rounded on the front end, and more pointed on the back end.

announced the end

announced the end of cooperation with Mikael Stahre.

They announced the end of their partnership in June 2014.

On March 2, 2008, AllPeers announced the end of the service.

mark the end   (終わりを告げる)

The film would mark the end of the franchise.

By 1411 this turned into a war which was to mark the end of the Patriarchate.

The Stars' did mark the end of Pittsburgh glory years as the cradle of pro football.

top end

The top end of the phurba is used by the tantrikas for blessings.

the top end is centered with a medallion bearing the initials B.T.K.

catering toward top end experienced modellers, rather than beginners.

end point   (終点)

The route network has no implied start or end point.

Endpoint An endpoint, end-point or end point may refer to:

This includes the northern end point of the Cooloola Great Walk.

posterior end   (後端)

A rusty colour appears towards the posterior end.

The keel is prominent between mantle and posterior end.

The posterior end of the foot in this species can act as a sucker.

bringing an end

Hugh died in 1267 at age 14, bringing an end to the first House of Lusignan.

On 1 October 1995, VF-84 was disestablished bringing an end to the "Jolly Rogers".

He retired from club football in 1978, bringing an end to an incredible playing career.

no end

The empire continued to grow with no end in sight.

It shines by its own light that has no beginning and no end.

Barley was there and emmer, and no end of cattle of all kinds."

end of life   (人生の終わり)

She remained active in gas chromatography until almost the end of life.

The end of life Aksyonova decided to go back to the old ritual poetry Dolgan.

At the end of life, metal-halide lamps exhibit a phenomenon known as "cycling".

anterior end   (前端)

It is slightly narrower at the anterior end.

The juveniles are rather paler and have yellowish bars near the anterior end.

The anterior end has a cluster of frontal glands, a pair of eyes and a statocyst.

bring an end   (終わりをもたらす)

He felt that President Lincoln acted too slowly to bring an end to slavery.

Others, like new character Tusk, want to bring an end to Gargos and his reign of evil.

The end of World War I that soon followed did not bring an end to fighting for the Romanian army.

end all

At the end all captured stones and all stones on the board are counted.

But with Saya having grown jealous of Suzume, Ritsu decides to end all contact with Suzume.

The ferocity of the campaign against the English populace was enough to end all future resistance.

low end

Market position is at the low end with products rarely over $80.

Tornadoes exist on the microscale or low end of the mesoscale gamma domain.

As of early 2009, the "HP ProBook" filled out HP's low end business lineup.

nearing the end   (終わりに近づいています)

By late 2010, Schlichter sensed he was nearing the end of his tether.

By 1972, Neel was nearing the end of her life and was living in New York City.

A South African, he was an experienced pilot nearing the end of his first tour.

reached the end

Nugent finally reached the end of his rope in 1942.

I had reached the end of my resources.

When the machine reached the end of the shop, it would be completed.

northeast end

It lies at the northeast end of the Skaručna Basin ().

The four rooms consisted of a nursery on the northeast end.

The highest point is Carrizo Mountain on the northeast end with an elevation of .

not the end

This was not the end of Adams' eternal marriages.

This was not the end of the saga for the George family.

The end of World War II was not the end of Glezos' plight.

northwest end   (北西端)

The shoreline is mostly developed on the northwest end.

It is located at the northwest end of the Bicol Peninsula.

Three 12-pound guns covered the northwest end of the island.

end of production

About 250 Flitzers were built between 1948 and the end of production in 1951.

This engine size was continued through to the end of production for Italy alone.

Over 600,000 GAZ-69s had been built by the end of production in the USSR in 1972.

end of summer

Ongkor is usually in the end of summer.

At the end of summer, mushrooms become plentiful and appear in stews throughout France.

Moonworts die down at the end of summer, frequently lying dormant for several seasons before re-appearing.

southwest end

It lies at the southwest end of the Skaručna Basin ().

An uncontrolled, wide spillway is located at the southwest end of the dam.

There is no freeway connection between U.S. 101 and the southwest end of the Dumbarton Bridge.

southeast end

Mount Holdgate rises at the southeast end of the island.

The southeast end turns and forms a north trending "hook".

In 1845, Sir John Franklin wintered at Beechey Island at the channel's southeast end.

saw the end

1863 saw the end of his service afloat, due to his recurring malaria.

The Canal Turn saw the end of Lord Windermere, Buywise and Final Nudge.

These years saw the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

end of town   (町の終わり)

At the north end of town, the long US 460 Bus.

Today there are Aboriginal communities on either end of town.

At the west end of town, the U.S.

distal end

It is largest proximally and tapers to the distal end.

In 1814, Abraham Colles described the characteristics of distal end radius fracture.

The retriever consists of a long thin wire with a helical coil formed at the distal end.

scheduled to end

It is scheduled to end on 24 February 2013.

It was scheduled to end against VfB Stuttgart II on 18 May 2013.

Herrera's sentence was originally scheduled to end in early 2011.

not end up

He also tried out in September 2012, but did not end up playing.

All along Silman made it clear that he would not end up in the streets.

Worldwide, the majority of those driving under the influence do not end up arrested.

beyond the end

He made six appearances, but was not retained beyond the end of the campaign.

The forewings are incomplete, with the tip beyond the end of the pterostigma not present.

This effect was not, however, to last beyond the end of the "car-less days" programme in 1980.