endangered species   (絶滅危惧種)

However, today the horse is an endangered species.

Fish and Wildlife Service as an endangered species.

It has no federal endangered species protection.

critically endangered   (絶滅危惧)

It is listed as critically endangered by the IUCN.

endangered aspects   (絶滅危惧種)

The place demonstrates rare, uncommon or endangered aspects of Queensland's cultural heritage.

rare or endangered   (まれまたは絶滅危惧)

Many of these are known to be rare or endangered.

Several of the sites provide habitat for rare or endangered plant and animal species.

listed as endangered

, the bighorn sheep was listed as endangered by the U.S.

It is listed as endangered by the IUCN.

It is listed as endangered in Iowa and as a special concern in Rhode Island.

uncommon or endangered   (珍しいまたは絶滅危惧)

The place demonstrates rare, uncommon or endangered aspects of Queensland's cultural heritage.

most endangered   (最も危険にさらされている)

It can now be considered amongst the most endangered mammals of the region.

The smallest cetacean, which is also (as of 2006) the most endangered, is the vaquita.

In 2015, the group Preservation Howard County placed the house on its top 10 most endangered list.

rare and endangered   (希少で絶滅危惧種)

The animals feed on some rare and endangered plants.

White beech is rare and endangered in the Illawarra region.

The Macal watershed is habitat to over a dozen rare and endangered species.

critically endangered species

This event wiped out 60% of the population of this critically endangered species.

It is listed as a critically endangered species by the IUCN and protected by law.

Bombus variabilis Bombus variabilis is a critically endangered species of cuckoo bumblebee.

considered endangered

The Ruitersbos pincushion is considered endangered.

It is considered endangered on the state level.

The population is not considered endangered.

listed endangered

It is a federally listed endangered species.

federally listed endangered

It is a federally listed endangered species.

listed endangered species

It is a federally listed endangered species.

endangered language

UNESCO classifies Corsican as a "definitely endangered language."

Leonese was recognised as a seriously endangered language by UNESCO, in 2006.

The Chickasaw language was spoken until 1970 but has since become an endangered language.

threatened or endangered   (脅迫または絶滅危惧種)

, 85 plant species were listed as threatened or endangered.

The Wilderness is home to several threatened or endangered species.

It is a small, dark colored frog that is threatened or endangered in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

highly endangered

The language is currently classified as "highly endangered".

Many of the populations in the southern parts of Eurasia are highly endangered as well.

Although most ants survive attempts by humans to eradicate them, a few are highly endangered.

endangered languages

Currently, as one of the many Nigerian endangered languages, bade serves as a local dialect.

Its goal is to compile up-to-date information about endangered languages and share the latest research about them.

He is particularly concerned with endangered languages and has received awards from the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Poland.