İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

ended up   (sona erdi)

Some say Cabañas did not die but ended up in jail.

It ended up grossing $1,292,323 at the box office.

He ended up redshirting after suffering an injury.

war ended   (savaş sona erdi)

The war ended before its conversion was completed.

After the war ended, Lili made her way to England.

season ended   (sezon bitti)

Benfica, as the season ended in relegation as last.

His season ended in March as a result of injury.

Trestman and Emery were fired after the season ended.

ended when   (ne zaman bitti)

It ended when he fired Duncan in the fall of 1948.

The inning ended when Alexander struck out Shocker.

The game ended when the ball fell through a hole.

ended the season

The colt ended the season with earnings of £2,170.

He ended the season leading the team with 9 sacks.

Waters ended the season in 13th position overall.

match ended

The match ended as a 1–0 win for Misr Lel Makkasa.

The match ended in a 3–0 loss for the local team.

The match ended with a 1-0 win for the Italian side.

career ended

His career ended with the French invasion of 1794.

Bacon's public career ended in disgrace in 1621.

Her animation career ended in the early 1940s.

game ended

The game ended goalless and England had qualified.

By the time the game ended, Mannion had 13 points.

The game ended when the ball fell through a hole.

ended his career

He ended his career in 1989 at Apollon Kalamarias.

He ended his career at Pezoporikos Larnaca in 1990.

He ended his career without a Railway Cup medal.

ended in divorce   (boşanma ile sonuçlandı)

The marriage ended in divorce after about a year.

Their marriage ended in divorce in 1987 or 1988.

Dorothea's second marriage ended in divorce in 1596.

marriage ended   (evlilik bitti)

The marriage ended in 2001 after about two months.

Edwards's first marriage ended because of the war.

The two had one son and the marriage ended in 1961.

series ended

The series ended in October 1953 with issue #127.

This series ended on a cliffhanger in Issue 28.

The series ended in February 2019 with its 13th issue.

effectively ended   (etkili bir şekilde sona erdi)

The war effectively ended their career as performers.

That effectively ended the Landt Trio's singing career.

This effectively ended her political career.

term ended   (dönem bitti)

Winter term ended on April 23 as originally scheduled.

His term ended with election of Dragan Đilas.

When Lubbock's term ended in 1863, he joined the military.

ended the year

This was the only time Agassi ended the year at No.

She ended the year 1st in the WPRA World Standings.

They ended the year 31st in the world rankings.

ended the war

After many conflicts, in 1845 peace negotiations ended the war.

The final Allied offensive began in August 1918 and ended the war.

The Boxer Protocol ended the war, exacting a tremendous indemnity.

show ended   (gösteri bitti)

The show ended up using ten of his songs that year.

The show ended after its initial six episode run.

The show ended with Diya saying she is pregnant.

finally ended   (sonunda bitti)

It finally ended with an Anglo-Russian Entente in 1907.

May 19, the battle finally ended with Grant being thrown back.

Oliver Cromwell finally ended the exercise of Halifax Gibbet Law.

officially ended

Production officially ended on February 27, 1998.

The federation officially ended on 31 December 1963.

The Malayan Emergency officially ended on 31 July 1960.

eventually ended

The program was eventually ended on June 8, 2005.

The weekly segment eventually ended in 1995.

The streak eventually ended at 127 games on March 5, 2014.

ended up winning

Sakuraba ended up winning the match by forfeit.

Park ended up winning the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy.

Bush ended up winning the general election.

service ended

Traffic was low, and service ended on December 1, 1893.

Passenger service ended on August 18, 1967.

The Intute.ac.uk service ended July 2011.

team ended   (takım sona erdi)

The team ended in third place in the series in 2013.

The team ended the season with a record of 7–5.

The team ended the preseason with a 2–3 record.

ended the game

He ended the game with 112 rushing yards.

Stony Brook ended the game by scoring 20 consecutive points.

Rodgers ended the game going 15–27 on passes with 191 yards.

production ended

When production ended, no successor was scheduled.

RN production ended in 1953 and RND in 1955.

Porsche 914 production ended in 1976.

year ended

For example, the 2007 fiscal year ended on November 30, 2007.

The year ended with Willis on winter tour to Pakistan and New Zealand.

The year ended with the sale of the direct selling business to Tupperware.

ended up losing

The Bucs ended up losing the game in overtime 13–10.

The Packers ended up losing the game 29–37.

Redden ended up losing out to Sydney youngster Dan Hannebery.

battle ended   (savaş bitti)

After the battle ended, they sent notice to Rama I.

The battle ended the threat from both Otto and John.

The battle ended inconclusively as the daylight faded.

campaign ended   (kampanya sona erdi)

The campaign ended on 31 October with mass meetings.

The campaign ended his military career in the field.

The campaign ended in an Allied victory.

ended before

The war ended before its conversion was completed.

The war ended before the end of his exemption.

tour ended

They announced their split soon after the tour ended.

The tour ended after performing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The tour ended on 30 April 2001 at Kallang Theater, Singapore.

ended in failure

French invasions in 1795 and 1805 ended in failure.

However, the 1964 rebellion ended in failure.

ended its run

It ended its run after six seasons in 2018.

The film ended its run, collecting only .

In 1990, the partnership ended its run and was amicably split.

relationship ended

Their five-year relationship ended in January 2007.

The relationship ended when INXS returned to Australia.

Their six-year relationship ended in 2009.

ended his season

A wrist injury ended his season prematurely in August.

He decided to retire in 2005 after a knee injury ended his season.

Mr Jinks ended his season by winning the Hurst Park Two-year-old Stakes in November.

playing career ended

After his playing career ended, Lane turned to coaching.

After his playing career ended, he went into sports radio.

He was a minor league manager after his playing career ended.

ultimately ended   (sonunda bitti)

live show ultimately ended in December 2012 after ten years.

Hearst ultimately ended up purchasing the "Daily Advertiser" in 1917.

He ultimately ended up defeating Cantu by a narrow margin, winning 53% of the vote.

ended without

A discussion in the Knesset in July 1955 ended without a vote.

The meeting ended without agreement.

The protest ended without incident.

run ended   (koşmak bitti)

The production run ended in December 2015.

The run ended with Part Three of "Survival" on 3 February 2006.

The Warriors' run ended in the NBA Finals, where they lost 4–2 to the Toronto Raptors.

ended abruptly   (aniden sona erdi)

Averescu's premiership ended abruptly in June 1927.

The Kaye series ended abruptly when the studio shut down in 1938.

They ended abruptly when Cuba sent combat troops to fight in Angola.

ended his playing

A meniscus injury ended his playing career at age of 27.

He started as a coach where he ended his playing days in Switzerland.

He then ended his playing career with one of Portugal’s oldest club C.F.

ended up playing

Sellers ended up playing three of the four roles written for him.

Both Davis and Clapton ended up playing at the two shows, on 1 August.

Both clubs had started in the MLS qualification tourney, and ended up playing 6 matches each.

streak ended

The streak ended on October 6, 2007, to Plattsburgh.

The streak ended the next day when Agassi lost the final to Sampras.

The streak ended at 50 in the Hawks' next game against the Dallas Mavericks.

contract ended   (sözleşme sona erdi)

He left the club in 2016 when his contract ended.

His loan contract ended on December 3, 2013.

After his contract ended in July 2006, he moved to Sporting CP.

ended production

The last Widelux model F8 ended production in 2000.

The Cobalt ended production on June 23, 2010.

Renault ended production of the car in 1932.

injury ended

A wrist injury ended his season prematurely in August.

The injury ended his college football career.

A meniscus injury ended his playing career at age of 27.

then ended

The musical then ended on April 7, 2019.

ČSSD then ended the coalition talks.

Gordon then ended his loan spell with the club the following month.

eventually ended up

456 eventually ended up in Edgecumbe with a private owner, while no.

Despite originally dismissing it as a rumor, he eventually ended up at ASFA.

Derek told their housekeeper it should live in the kitchen, but Monty eventually ended up sleeping on their bed.

partnership ended   (ortaklık sona erdi)

In 1990, the partnership ended its run and was amicably split.

This partnership ended in April 2011.

The original partnership ended with death of William Evans in 1856.

program ended

The broadcast of the program ended in June 2015.

The program ended with 35 episodes on December 21, 2012.

The program ended 10 months after debut in November 2018.

ended their relationship

They ended their relationship in September 2011.

Theron ended their relationship in June 2015.

They ended their relationship in April 2017.

period ended   (dönem bitti)

The consultation period ended on January 7, 2016.

This period ended with the calling of Paul.

This period ended in April 1990, and 1,047 were dismissed.

ended in defeat

O'Neill's first game in charge ended in defeat with a 3–0 loss to Norway.

This time the engagement ended in defeat at the battle of Kaniów (10-11 May).

He accompanied Warbeck on his invasion of England in 1497, which ended in defeat.

ended early

The Titans won 20–17 on a late field goal, and Baltimore's season ended early.

Schools ended early, and only essential personnel were reporting at Kadena Air Base.

The replay, however, was ended early because of a time-keeping error by the referee Jimmy Cooney.

ended all

The replay also ended all square – 4–9 apiece.

The battle ended all hope of a restoration of the Angevin Empire.

However, in August 2018, Madbid closed up the company and ended all sales.

strike ended   (grev sona erdi)

After the strike ended, coal traffic rapidly fell off.

Once the strike ended Zenker returned to his former post.

The 64th-minute strike ended a near two-year goal drought.

war had ended

After the war had ended, he was promoted to lieutenant on 27 August 1902.

So after the war had ended there were many problems in the city that needed to be addressed.

However, she was informed that she would leave her job once the war had ended and the men came home.

formally ended

On November 23, 1912, he formally ended his studies with d'Indy.

The postwar Occupation of Japan formally ended in 1952, and in 1955 he returned to Tokyo.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo formally ended the Mexican–American War in February 1848.

abruptly ended   (aniden sona erdi)

An unfortunate injury abruptly ended her dreams and made her to pursue other avenues.

Nader Shah's rule abruptly ended in June 1747 when he was assassinated by his own guards.

Kastl's mother abruptly ended her career because of the husband and his family disapproval.

club ended

In the hexagonal, the club ended in the fourth position.

He made eight appearances as the club ended the season in tenth.

The club ended the season with a 97–64 record and met Los Angeles in the NLDS.

trial ended   (deneme bitti)

The trial ended on 21 August.

The second trial ended with the interdict from fire and water in 24 AD.

Klein's first trial ended in a mistrial because the jury was deadlocked.

ended prematurely   (erken bitti)

However, the loan spell was ended prematurely on 9 February after just one appearance.

His career ended prematurely a few months later, when he suffered a serious knee injury.

Carter's stint at Perpignan, however, ended prematurely when he tore an Achilles tendon.

drive that ended   (biten sürüş)

Lefors first arrived in Wyoming in 1885 after working on a cattle drive that ended there.

South Carolina responded with a quick drive that ended with a 31-yard Lanning field goal as time expired in the first half with the score 13–6.

On Buffalo's first play of the third quarter, Antowain Smith broke off a 44-yard run, sparking a 62-yard drive that ended with his 4-yard touchdown run 4 plays later.

ended up getting

He ended up getting sepsis and went into organ shock.

In fact, he hated rock music and ended up getting fired.

Originally meant to be a non-speaking role, he ended up getting a couple of lines.

only ended   (sadece bitti)

Cologne only ended the occupation when it was pressured by the Netherlands.

Between 2003 and 2010, she only ended one year, in 2007, outside the top 10.

This use of the former camp area only ended with the establishment of the memorial in the 2000s.

ended due

His term ended due to term limits in 2010.

This included their captain HD Wood whose career was ended due to his injuries.

In 1954, production from the mine ended due to the destruction of a mill at the mine.

fight ended   (kavga sona erdi)

Sage agreed, however their fight ended indecisively.

The fight ended in a draw after five rounds.

The fight ended with a 10 round points victory for O'Donnell.

ended up becoming

Kouandété ended up becoming Alley's adjutant.

The album ended up becoming the best selling R&B album of 2012.

Eventually he ended up becoming a popular politician in Russia.

ended in disaster   (felaketle sonuçlandı)

The journey took 77 days and very nearly ended in disaster.

The first flight ended in disaster and the approach has seldom been used since.

The first attempt at the record nearly ended in disaster around the 12-hour mark.

ended up having

Brian ended up having to use his Deflector.

The Wesley's ended up having 13 drummers in a twelve-year period.

DeShong ended up having a six-year layoff after the rematch with Martin.

ended up finishing

He ended up finishing the season at 3–3 with a 4.20 ERA in 11 starts.

Manila ended up finishing in 6th place while Latrice placed 5th overall.

He led the most laps in the Daytona 500, but ended up finishing seventh.

began and ended

Spearman's life both began and ended in the city of London.

Disc two began and ended with Son's 1930 song My Black Mama pts one and two.

On June 1, 2012, a nationwide search for the next hosts began and ended on October 1, 2012.

ended the regular

No team ended the regular season without wins.

Summitt ended the regular season series in the summer of 2007.

Like Maryland, Nevada ended the regular season with a 7–5 record.

film ended   (film bitti)

The film ended up making a profit of $65,000.

However, the film ended up being scrapped.

The film ended its run, collecting only .

conflict ended

The conflict ended with the Chapultepec Peace Accords.

The whole conflict ended when Anacletus died on 25 January 1138.

The conflict ended with an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire on 26 August 2014.

ended around   (etrafında bitti)

Production at Greatham ended around 2002–2003.

The settlement of Sannai-Maruyama ended around 2300 BC.

Kirby's formal education ended around 1923.

career was ended

Her army career was ended by arthritis.

After his career was ended by injury, he entered Punjabi cinema.

he won once in 1924 before her racing career was ended by injury.

ended only   (sadece sona erdi)

The campaign of "Russification" ended only with Finland's independence in 1917.

The violence ended only after martial law was imposed and Union regulars were dispatched to the city.

The firebombing attacks ended only because XXI Bomber Command's stocks of incendiaries were exhausted.

ended during

The system ended during or shortly after World War I.

The Korean War ended during this tour, on 27 July 1953.

Extensional tectonics ended during the Early Cretaceous.

match that ended

He also fought Luis Firpo in a match that ended in No Decision.

On 14 April, he scored during his league debut against PKNS in the match that ended draw 2–2.

At Genesis on January 11, 2009, Sewell defeated Bashir in a grudge match that ended their feud.

ended in late

The civil war ended in late April 1923.

Filming for the movie began in May 2008 and ended in late 2008.

The timber contract ended in late 2015 and the line was mothballed in 2016.

ended the first

This effectively ended the first "Golden Age" of the Soviet TV.

The ended the first round with a 0–0 draw against hosts Maldives.

The Sounds ended the first half at 38–32 in second place behind Memphis.

ended in early

The season started in 1986 but ended in early 1987.

Production ended in early December 2015.

The storyline ended in early 2008 and was not mentioned since.

race ended   (yarış sona erdi)

The race ended with Peugeot No.

Still with Team Marcos alongside Chris Hodgetts and Cor Euser, the race ended in retirement.

Again, his race in the Le Mans 24 Hour race ended in retirement with Cor Euser and Pascal Dro.

ended up not

This ended up not happening, as the Hornets were renamed the Pelicans.

Chance ended up not choosing anyone, saying he wasn't ready to fall in love.

He ended up not doing so, but after his death, others compiled and published suites from these ballets.

later ended

The Samanid dynasty was later ended by the Karakhanids.

They had two sons; their marriage later ended in a divorce.

The pair later ended their relationship.

ended in relegation

Benfica, as the season ended in relegation as last.

He was first-choice during the season, which ended in relegation.

He scored four goals in his first season, which ended in relegation.

war ended before

The war ended before its conversion was completed.

The war ended before the end of his exemption.

project ended

The project ended with his death in 1924.

This project ended in 2010.

The project ended when Fend died on 22 November 2000 after a massive stroke.

reign ended

Struensee's reign ended in 1772, but he reportedly dismissed the plan before this.

Torquemada's evil reign ended when Candida mysteriously recovered from her madness.

This reign ended one match later, when Brazil won the UFWC title after winning 2014 Superclásico de las Américas.

rule ended   (kural bitti)

The last vestiges of Roman rule ended in 472.

In Pomerania proper, Polish rule ended with Boleslaw III's death in 1138.

Neither were completed before British colonial rule ended in the colonies.

line ended

The Great Northern line ended service in 1936.

The line ended in March 2015, after a 28-year partnership.

The train line ended at the southern edge of the Bahariya Oasis.

drive ended   (sürüş sona erdi)

Following the safety, the Mustangs' next drive ended in a punt.

The drive ended when a Shawn Robinson pass was intercepted in the endzone by Jordyn Brooks, who returned the interception to the Texas Tech 3-yard line.

Texas continued to struggle for offense in McCoy's absence, and on the next possession a Texas drive ended when Javier Arenas intercepted a Gilbert pass at the Alabama 25.

ended up taking

However Frankie Avalon ended up taking the role instead.

She ended up taking the third-place slot with 117 points.

He was thinking of passing but ended up taking the winning shot.

ended up making

The film ended up making a profit of $65,000.

However, he ended up making a different film.

He ended up making sandwiches for the others.

ended up working

He ended up working for them for more than 50 years.

Xiong ended up working in coal mines and in a banana plantation.

He ended up working as a plasterer.

team ended up   (takım sona erdi)

Unfortunately at the end the team ended up in sixth place.

The Oilers' ladies team ended up second in the first ladies league season (2008/09).

The team ended up losing the match 113–112, thanks to a last-second shot by Kelly Olynyk.

ended following

The show ended following Messer's death in 1973.

Jancek started his coaching career after his playing days ended following the 1990 season.

Tenuta's position at Notre Dame ended following the firing of Weis after the 2009 season ended.

half ended

The first half ended with Purdue leading 10–3.

The half ended 10-5 in favor of FaZe.

The first half ended goalless.

soon ended

However, their pairing soon ended when Ciara quit "Eat Bulaga!"

The relationship soon ended.

These successful times soon ended, however, as Boston lost 100 games in 1906.