Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

enemy aircraft   (avión enemigo)

On 18 September he got his 12th confirmed enemy aircraft.

MiG-17 shot down 11 and MiG-19 shot down 12 enemy aircraft.)

She opened fire on the enemy aircraft, but altitude protected him.

enemy fire   (fuego enemigo)

Two Spirifres from 222 Squadron were destroyed by enemy fire.

On 24 May 1969, the first Spectre gunship was lost to enemy fire.

Even while under enemy fire, he "mutters propositions in physics".

enemy lines   (lineas enemigas)

Streitman stayed behind enemy lines after the occupation of southern Romania.

Mason and Harvey eventually dig their way out only to find that they are behind enemy lines.

Article 30 states that a spy captured behind enemy lines may only be punished following a trial.

enemy forces   (fuerzas enemigas)

Training included engaging enemy forces across Israel's borders.

In 15 versts of persecution, Russian troops scattered enemy forces.

The player has to battle enemy forces and protect his fellow soldiers.

against enemy   (contra el enemigo)

As a result, airstrikes were ordered against enemy positions.

They unite to fight against enemy.

These two guns had not appeared adequate against enemy 6-pdr guns.

behind enemy   (detrás del enemigo)

Streitman stayed behind enemy lines after the occupation of southern Romania.

Mason and Harvey eventually dig their way out only to find that they are behind enemy lines.

Article 30 states that a spy captured behind enemy lines may only be punished following a trial.

behind enemy lines   (Tras las líneas enemigas)

Streitman stayed behind enemy lines after the occupation of southern Romania.

Mason and Harvey eventually dig their way out only to find that they are behind enemy lines.

Article 30 states that a spy captured behind enemy lines may only be punished following a trial.

enemy ships

They used 1,700 ships, and they captured 2,283 enemy ships.

At 11:25, the light cruiser "Southampton" sighted enemy ships ahead.

Troops were often used to storm enemy ships as used by Romans and pirates.

against the enemy   (contra el enemigo)

At the top step, there used to be a wooden building to defend against the enemy.

The town, faithful to Savoia, rebelled against the enemy, and was looted three times.

So they were already overcome with fatigue even before they advanced against the enemy".

enemy territory   (territorio enemigo)

The trio then set out through enemy territory to reach friendly lines.

The invading units do not have to be inside enemy territory to attack.

He was forced to bale out over enemy territory and was a POW for 23 months.

enemy soldiers

In 1901, he was ambushed and surrounded by enemy soldiers.

Two enemy soldiers near the machinegunner fired wildly at Pvt.

The enemy soldiers were all killed.

enemy action   (acción enemiga)

The borough lost 99 civilians as a result of enemy action.

Seven aircraft were lost, only one as a result of enemy action.

82-0806) was lost to enemy action.

enemy troops

The Crusher can see enemy troops from over away with its cameras.

With enemy troops advancing, the Commune looked for potential traitors in Paris.

The enemy troops broke through the Partisan front line and penetrated into the area.

enemy force

"From the right, a large enemy force appeared and headed across the Australians' front.

The German ships withdrew, reporting another contact with an enemy force to the admiral.

The Indian patrol occupying Tse Jong was wiped out when an 800 strong enemy force raided the post subsequently.

enemy positions

As a result, airstrikes were ordered against enemy positions.

Here too, the British lacked intelligence about enemy positions.

They are used to strike enemy positions by the Chadian Air Force, but one was shot down by rebels.

enemy planes

In the entire war, Jennewein flew 271 missions and shot down 86 enemy planes.

During World War II, the landing strip was blocked to prevent enemy planes from secretly landing there.

The map is initially filled with enemy planes and the object of each level is to shoot down every plane.

enemy air

That evening, her anchorage came under enemy air attack.

Despite a number of alerts, there were no enemy air raids in the brigade's area for some time.

On 4 May 1945, she helped repulse an enemy air attack but claimed no kills or assists for herself.

common enemy

Ganga and Ranbir jointly start a mission against their common enemy Jaggu.

With these revelations, Descole forms an alliance with Layton to fight the common enemy.

Rallying support against a common enemy rather than gaining voters through ideas or policy.

enemy attack

Crash can be shielded from enemy attack by collecting an Aku Aku mask.

The Council was provided emergency powers in the event of enemy attack.

Much coal for the gas works was shipped by sea and was vulnerable to enemy attack.

enemy combatants

Africa Command denied the casualty allegations stating that only enemy combatants were killed in the raid.

In September 2008 the Bush administration abandoned the claim that any of the Uyghurs were "enemy combatants".

The gameplay of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" revolves around fast-paced gunfights against enemy combatants.

enemy attacks

When an enemy attacks, the bubble indicating their mood above their head changes.

Fan Neng and Zhang Ying managed to hold their positions against enemy attacks for several days.

The following day, the journalism staff is briefed about enemy attacks throughout South Vietnam.

old enemy

His reputation suffered under the government of Moncada, an old enemy.

She is mentioned as being a "fire girl" and an "old enemy of Wonder Woman."

Honor joins Admiral Mark Sarnow's fleet alongside her old enemy, Pavel Young.

enemy fighters

This made a formation of bombers a dangerous target to engage by enemy fighters.

Beginning 5 January, they flew with a fighter escort to ward off enemy fighters.

Without warning the enemy fighters suddenly broke off their attacks and turned away.

enemy units

Allows the Witch Queen to cast curses on nearby enemy units while fighting.

Score is gained by destroying enemy units, and for refugees crossing the screen safely.

In addition all ranged damage dealt to the enemy units and buildings in that area is increased.

enemy vessels

They were operate with a surface squadron and provide clearance of enemy vessels for it.

There was also the risk that it would allow enemy vessels to detect the presence of the ship.

They are frequently used as ladders for boarding enemy vessels or for disembarking the crew on shores.

heavy enemy

Lee then asked Jackson if his troops could stand the heavy enemy fire.

Despite his painful injuries, he was able to lead his patrol back through the heavy enemy fire.

The evacuation was further complicated by heavy enemy anti-aircraft fire, and two H-34s were lost.

enemy aliens

During the war Italian, citizens in Australia were sent to internment camps as enemy aliens.

It was used by the government to identify and imprison dangerous enemy aliens from Germany, Japan, and Italy in World War II.

In the early part of World War II, the Pioneer Corps was apparently the only British military unit in which enemy aliens could serve.

enemy ship

At 05:15 on 16 December, the destroyer sighted an enemy ship (the destroyer ).

A Sensor Phalanx also can be built, which tracks enemy ship movements in its range.

At 06:50, "Shark" and the destroyers again sighted an enemy ship, the cruiser , defended by destroyers.

enemy tanks

Further German attacks were beaten off, again destroying some enemy tanks.

The battalion repulsed the first German attacks, destroying four enemy tanks.

The tank destroyer on the other hand is specifically designed to take on enemy tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles.

enemy targets

The mission of the frogmen was to conduct re-con and sabotage against enemy targets above and below water.

At the start of the Cold War, bombers were the only means of carrying nuclear weapons to enemy targets, and had the role of deterrence.

However, in during the Cold War bombers were the only means of carrying nuclear weapons to enemy targets, and held the role of deterrence.

enemy submarines

Through the end of the war, "Warrington" operated out of Brest, patrolling against enemy submarines.

With her observer aloft in the balloon she would cruise up and down the convoys, looking for enemy submarines.

Her research on underwater sound detection allowed the United States Navy to distinguish enemy submarines from wildlife.

engage the enemy   (enfrentarse al enemigo)

This was a mobile element designed to engage the enemy once the location of the invasion became known.

Shortly after midday, Antony was forced to extend his line from the protection of the shore and finally engage the enemy.

In a large-scale defensive operation, they would delay attacking forces, whilst screening heavier units as they moved to engage the enemy.

enemy shipping

She patrolled the zone without sighting any enemy shipping for more than a month.

The 41st also raided enemy shipping in an attempt to tighten a blockade of the Japanese home islands.

Their primary mission was the long-range interdiction of enemy shipping trying to run the blockade, which was strangling Japan.

enemy combatant

The 558 names in the official list of captives whose enemy combatant status was confirmed by a Combatant Status Review Tribunal had just three fields.

As author Masha Gessen put it, with the story of the prisoner swap, "...Russian troops had treated a journalist--a Russian journalist--as an enemy combatant."

Most rounds fired were not aimed at an enemy combatant, but instead fired in the enemy's direction to keep them from moving and firing back (see suppressive fire).

enemy hands

He razed his castle in order to prevent in falling into enemy hands.

He then ordered the wagon burned rather than allow it to fall into enemy hands.

And not only would I lose my fief, but your property too would fall into enemy hands.

enemy alien   (extranjero enemigo)

The store was closed, as Mr. Shimasaki had been interned as an enemy alien.

Cameron also reveals that there are 3 hidden enemy alien spaceships in orbit around the Earth.

She was arrested in 1941 when the US entered the war, and was interned from 1941 to 1945 as an enemy alien.

enemy artillery

When under attack by enemy infantry, the cannons first fired at the enemy artillery.

When defending against attack by enemy foot soldiers, the cannons first fired at the enemy artillery.

enemy position

No senior commander had reconnoitered the enemy position.

His fire facilitated his men's advancement, allowing them to physically assault the enemy position and clear the area after a hand-to-hand fight.

His engagement and destruction of the first enemy position and advancement to the second enabled his team to move to cover and break enemy contact.

attack the enemy

Its main role was to attack the enemy flanks and rear.

The being's purpose was to take over the "enemy's" machines and attack the enemy.

Entomological warfare (EW) is a type of biological warfare that uses insects to attack the enemy.

attacking enemy

Defenses are built to defend a planet against an attacking enemy fleet.

There was a naval dimension as well, involving privateers attacking enemy merchant ships.

As it was intended for defense against attacking enemy naval forces, it was built of masonry.

main enemy   (enemigo principal)

Britain then refocused its war to make France the main enemy.

The main enemy of John was Ladislaus of Naples, who protected Gregory XII in Rome.

The main character from "Lionheart" makes an appearance, as does the main enemy from "Amberstar".

destroy enemy

As with most arcade-style games, players accumulate points as they destroy enemy forces.

Set charges, place explosives, sabotage enemy strongholds, and destroy enemy buildings to complete objectives.

British battlecruisers were designed to chase and destroy enemy cruisers from out of the range of those ships.

against an enemy   (contra un enemigo)

The terror achieved some of its objectives but also gave additional motivation to fight against an enemy perceived to be inhuman and cruel.

Five hundred men stayed in Chiquimula to defend the city and to aid in a possible retreat, leaving only 1,500 Guatemalans against an enemy of 4,500.

Recipients must have distinguished themselves at the risk of their own life above and beyond the call of duty in action against an enemy of the United States.

new enemy

With the war against Russia still ongoing, the Commonwealth suddenly had to face a new enemy.

The game also introduces new enemy types, including healers and characters that shoot foam at players.

In the summer of 1655 invaded a new enemy to the republic, the Swedish Empire led by King Carl Gustav.

enemy machine

While observing the enemy, he was shot in the head by an enemy machine gunner.

In 1916, aged 23 and already a captain, he was shot by enemy machine gun fire.

Smirnov would not score his first victory until 2 January 1917, when he and his observer downed an enemy machine with rifle fire.

enemy submarine

"U-66" was able to cast off at a moment's notice to attack an enemy submarine.

She is presumed to have been either torpedoed by an enemy submarine or sunk by an enemy mine.

A Board of Investigation concluded that "Plymouth" had been sunk by a torpedo fired from an enemy submarine.

enemy fleet   (flota enemiga)

Defenses are built to defend a planet against an attacking enemy fleet.

France switches sides just before the battle, and the enemy fleet is turned away.

The Dutch and English forces in the Battle of Vigo destroyed the enemy fleet in the harbor of Vigo.

enemy camp

This done, the army stormed the enemy camp and routed them completely.

Procopius notes that the Roman forces managed to pillage the enemy camp.

The contradictions in the enemy camp should be exploited, but in what way and for what aim?

former enemy

His former enemy Hybrid (real name Scott Washington) was also a Guardsman in the Vault.

Xavier leaves Magneto in charge of the school, but some of the X-Men are unwilling to forgive their former enemy.

Men and women of two world wars, of the Second Anglo Boer War (1899–1902) and even those of former enemy forces streamed into its ranks.