not engage   (従事しない)

Workers do not engage in any formal religious training.

The force basically does not engage directly.

They pursued Sterling Price but did not engage his troops.

did not engage   (従事しなかった)

They pursued Sterling Price but did not engage his troops.

His forces did not engage the Egyptian Army immediately, despite his requests.

The men of Humabon who accompanied Magellan did not engage in battle with Lapu-Lapu.

engage in sexual   (性的に従事する)

While they engage in sexual activity once again, Natsume takes part by her own free will.

On the train, Will cruises a young man whom he takes home; they engage in sexual intercourse.

Consequently, officers have threatened female inmates to engage in sexual activity with them.

engage the enemy   (敵と交戦する)

This was a mobile element designed to engage the enemy once the location of the invasion became known.

Shortly after midday, Antony was forced to extend his line from the protection of the shore and finally engage the enemy.

In a large-scale defensive operation, they would delay attacking forces, whilst screening heavier units as they moved to engage the enemy.

not to engage   (従事しない)

Whittaker prefers not to engage in trash-talk outside of the octagon.

This reinforced German determination not to engage in a fleet to fleet battle.

Dutch traders were permitted to continue commerce in Japan only by agreeing not to engage in missionary activities.

likely to engage   (従事する可能性が高い)

Through the covering of one's identity people may be more likely to engage in political flaming.

Research shows that when open spaces are attractive and accessible, people are more likely to engage in physical activity.

It is then assumed that leaders are most likely to engage in international conflicts when the domestic approval is highest.

able to engage   (従事することができます)

Mentored by him, she was able to engage in academic zoology although she lacked university qualifications.

Ground observers were able to engage six German batteries but air observation allowed another be bombarded.

More than half (56%) of EU citizens are able to engage in a conversation in a language other than their mother tongue.

continued to engage

Allen continued to engage racial issues throughout his eight years in office.

Union batteries continued to engage Confederate batteries in an artillery duel.

30 on Vasilievsky Island and at the same time continued to engage in classical wrestling.

engage in combat   (戦闘に従事する)

Henry made no attempt to engage in combat himself.

Only the first group, under the command of Captain Frank R. Walker, arrived in time to engage in combat.

The name is a reference to Lucio Fulci's film "Zombi 2", where a real shark and a zombie engage in combat.