İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

became engaged   (nişanlandı)

They became engaged at the request of his parents.

Instead of learning Spanish they became engaged.

In the spring of 1790, he became engaged to Johanna.

actively engaged   (aktif nişanlı)

Lynn is actively engaged in philanthropy.

Moreover, he was actively engaged in the Manchuria conflict.

Lauper was actively engaged in refining the material once the cast began readings.

become engaged   (nişanlanmak)

Ryan leaves, defeated, and Nick and Lou become engaged.

They become engaged in the season finale.

Jane helps John through his grief, and they become engaged.

got engaged   (Nişanlandı)

In 2017, Magnús got engaged to Hrefna Björk Sverrisdóttir.

Anoop Chandran got engaged with Lakshmi Rajagopal on 6 June 2019.

The couple got engaged in 2014, and on July 15, 2017, were married.

then engaged

He then engaged in the pearls and diamond business.

The EIC then engaged "Union" for a fifth voyage.

The EIC then engaged "Union" as an extra ship for four voyages.

heavily engaged

Breathed’s Battery was heavily engaged at the battle on the next day.

The corps was heavily engaged at Chickamauga, assaulting the Union left.

Masha was heavily engaged in the Leningrad poetic and photography of the 1960−80s.

engaged in agricultural

Afterwards, he engaged in agricultural pursuits.

He engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1865.

He was also engaged in agricultural pursuits.

engaged in agriculture   (tarımla uğraşan)

The population is engaged in agriculture and related activities.

More than 40% of the region's population is engaged in agriculture.

Most of the people in Alakode are engaged in agriculture or business.

not engaged

It was not engaged and suffered only two men wounded.

"cried down") and "nocht vsyt" ("not engaged in"; lit.

VIII Corps was not engaged during the Battle of Bussaco.

engaged in combat   (savaşmak)

It engaged in combat over North and South Vietnam.

From this day on the Seventh was engaged in combat nearly continuously.

When engaged in combat shooting, sometimes cartridges do not feed into the chamber properly.

engaged in work   (iş yapan)

Of the total population, 2862 were engaged in work activities.

Out of total population, 1,356 were engaged in work or business activity.

In Ikolahi village out of total population, 732 were engaged in work activities.

get engaged   (nişanlanmak)

Mishti is about to get engaged to her boyfriend Veer.

Frank and Jin-young get engaged.

Mishti and Veer get engaged.

forces engaged

While in Asiatic waters, she operated in support of United Nations forces engaged in the Korean War.

Over the next fifty years, Carthaginian and Greek forces engaged in a constant series of skirmishes.

The two forces engaged in an action off Rhode Island on 11 August, though both fleets were scattered by a storm over the following two days.

engaged in research

In 1952–53 he engaged in research at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Brooks has been engaged in research on the history of the Ku Klux Klan in Northwest Ohio.

During the late 1930s he engaged in research on the structure of hemoglobin in association with Linus Pauling.

people were engaged

As per census 2011, 44 people were engaged in work activities out of the total population of the village which includes 43 males and 1 females.

As per census 2011, 19 people were engaged in work activities out of the total population of the village which includes 19 males and 0 females.

As per census 2011, 192 people were engaged in work activities out of the total population of the village which includes 183 males and 9 females.

already engaged   (zaten nişanlı)

Later Rocky finds that Nandini is already engaged to Avik.

Easter was already engaged to be married.

He outlined the U.S. role in helping allies already engaged in warfare.

engaged in various

Actively engaged in various sports, participated in the tourist-mountaineering club.

Saloon keeper Flash Arnold and a corrupt mayor are engaged in various nefarious deeds.

Since its inception in 2002, the company has actively engaged in various safe sex awareness campaigns.

becomes engaged

Camille becomes engaged to Marcel Vigneauz.

They grow rich and Bill becomes engaged to Swift's daughter.

She becomes engaged to George Darrow.

company engaged   (nişanlı şirket)

Production increased in 1912, when the company engaged Victor Sjöström and Mauritz Stiller as directors.

Plastic Omnium is a plastic processing company engaged in the manufacture of vehicle components and elements for waste management.

Flowers & Co. and on April 3, 2017, the company engaged in consumer retail loans principally to sub-prime and near-prime borrowers.

engaged in mercantile   (ticaretle uğraşmak)

Then he engaged in mercantile and agricultural pursuits, especially in breeding Merino sheep.

He engaged in mercantile pursuits, and erected the first pottery that manufactured the quality goods for which Zanesville would later be famous.

Born in Gorham Township, Ontario County, New York, Barnes was the son of Demas Barnes and attended public school, then engaged in mercantile pursuits.

currently engaged

FEBT and its members are currently engaged in several activities.

He is currently engaged to former Georgetown Hoyas volleyball player Anna Kleinsorge.

Rivera is currently engaged to Joyce Lee Hernandez Lopez with a wedding date set for 11-5-2016.

engaged in several   (birkaç ile meşgul)

He could be a brawler and engaged in several bar fights.

FEBT and its members are currently engaged in several activities.

Stationed at Albuquerque, the battalion was engaged in several campaigns against the Navajo.

now engaged

He is now engaged on a second book on the interaction of Charles Lyell with Charles Darwin.

He reveals he's now engaged to Brenda, but Carly believes Brenda is still holding onto Sonny.

He is now engaged in editing an English-language annotated anthology of Ze'ev Jabotinsky's writings.

engaged in farming

Then he engaged in farming and the lumber business.

About 80% of the population are engaged in farming.

About 63% of the population are engaged in farming.

politically engaged

After his departure from government, Grandval remained politically engaged.

He was also politically engaged, initially with the Independent Socialist Party, contributing to its weekly paper "Politica nuova".

Fernando Solanas and Octavio Getino called for a politically engaged Third Cinema in contrast to Hollywood and the European auteur cinema.

briefly engaged

In 1861, she was briefly engaged to the Welsh harpist John Thomas.

"Aretusa" briefly engaged the Ottoman torpedo cruiser in the Red Sea.

They are briefly engaged until Cuddy breaks it off, realizing that she is in love with House.

persons engaged

A 2009 review, whose co-authors included persons engaged in DDT-related litigation, reached broadly similar conclusions, with an equivocal association with testicular cancer.

Of the proposals, the former was more radical, calling for lustration to be applied permanently to all persons occupying public office under the Communist regime (whereas the National Liberal project restricts it to Communist Party and Union of Communist Youth active cadres, as well as to persons engaged in political policing in relation to the Securitate).

For investors interested in socially conscious investing, peer-to-peer lending offers the possibility of supporting the attempts of individuals to break free from high-rate debt, assist persons engaged in occupations or activities that are deemed moral and positive to the community, and avoid investment in persons employed in industries deemed immoral or detrimental to community.

people engaged

More and more people engaged themselves in creating Sambalpuri literature.

As in some other Papuan societies, the Urapmin people engaged in cannibalism in war.

By the end of the 1950s Lenore Volz would be one of the people engaged in that groundwork.

engaged in business   (iş yapan)

The majority of them were engaged in business.

He was engaged in business in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

In 1755 Berlin moved to Breslau where he engaged in business.

mainly engaged

It is mainly engaged in real estate development for sales and investment.

The villagers in Bhimbandh are mainly engaged in the field of agriculture.

The first residents of the village were mainly engaged in cattle-breeding.

engaged in sexual

Following his death, it was rumored that Katagiri roshi had engaged in sexual relationships with some female students.

He continued his philosophical studies, enjoyed the cultural life, socialized with intellectuals and engaged in sexual affairs.

They engaged in sexual intercourse, and when she lost consciousness, he strangled her, doused her with gasoline and lit her on fire after taking her jewelry and cash.

engaged to marry

In 2011, Stack was engaged to marry Robert Marcella.

Vincent, engaged to marry that June, was 22.

Anne is engaged to marry Jack Burden, the Governor's aide.

engaged in trade

The former engaged in trade with townspeople.

Most of people of here are engaged in trade and services, but few in agriculture.

Bačić was engaged in trade and owned several stores in Zagreb and Jasenovac, as well as a brickyard.

fully engaged

He was fully engaged in the of the Brandenburg party.

Unmistakably in his element, relaxed and yet fully engaged".

But he was fully engaged and had no other choice than continue his assault.

engaged in battle   (savaşmak)

The minesweeper later engaged in battle.

Đại Việt's small flotilla engaged in battle and pretended to retreat.

Ptolemy and Alexander engaged in battle at Asophon near the Jordan River.

engaged in banking

He was also engaged in banking.

He was afterwards engaged in banking and exchange business in Paris, San Francisco, and London.

After his time in congress, he resumed the practice of his profession and also engaged in banking.