engagement ring   (婚約指輪)

Harper gave her engagement ring back to Boyd.

He leaves the engagement ring on the ground and walks away.

Her diamond engagement ring and wedding band are from Wartski.

civic engagement   (市民参加)

Monroe was active in public service and civic engagement throughout her life.

He teaches at Kansas State University and operates a website to advance civic engagement.

The mission of the Peace Alliance is to establish a culture of peace through civic engagement.

community engagement   (コミュニティ・エンゲージメント)

Wesleyan students are highly active in community engagement projects.

Lastly, community engagement is important to Bell Shoals Baptist Church.

It also won the MediaGuardian's innovation award for community engagement in 2008.

engagement between   (間の婚約)

The engagement between the U.S. privateers and local militia was one of several in the region.

The engagement between the American privateers and local militia was one of several in the region.

In the Black Sea, engagement between Russian and Ottoman battleships was restricted to skirmishes.

off the engagement   (エンゲージメントから)

Sophy unexpectedly breaks off the engagement to Owen.

She then jumps off the boat and calls off the engagement.

Both sides broke off the engagement.

public engagement   (公的な関与)

Kacar is interested in public engagement and outreach.

Around 66 public engagement events were held.

She blogs about the University of Manchester public engagement.

first engagement

His first engagement was as repetiteur at the Royal Opera, Copenhagen.

Subsequently he got his first engagement at the ballet company of La Scala.

This is considered to be the first engagement of the Irish War of Independence.

engagement party

Casey accepted Chuck's offer to attend Devon's and Ellie's engagement party hoping it was an open bar.

Before their engagement party, Yanzu and Xiangyi go out to dinner at a restaurant where Yiqiao is a waitress.

The next day they go to Khanna's house for Gajodhar and Suman's engagement party, at which Paramveer is a guest.

rules of engagement

But we operated within our rules of engagement."

The new rules of engagement specified that no ship was to be left afloat.

naval engagement

This was a potentially decisive advantage in a naval engagement.

In World War II, the Battle of Ist was a naval engagement off Ist on 29 February 1944.

After the massive naval engagement at Lake Poyang, Zhu Yuanzhang prevailed over other rebel forces in the south.

military engagement

His first military engagement was a tragic one.

It was the last major military engagement during the Muscovite–Lithuanian War (1500–1503).

Beinart has warned that greater military engagement against ISIS could be detrimental to America.

limited engagement

She ended her limited engagement on March 22, 2009.

A production was mounted at London's Royal Festival Hall in a limited engagement.

Daniel Sullivan directed the 20-week limited engagement, which ran until 13 April 2008.

announced their engagement

Seaman announced their engagement in December 2013.

The two announced their engagement in December 2014.

The couple announced their engagement in January 2010.

major engagement   (主な関与)

During the next two days, the 106th Cavalry Group fought its final major engagement.

Though some could hear the battle raging, at that time they could not tell if it was a major engagement or merely a skirmish.

On the way however, he attacked Salacgrīva (Salis) which turned into a semi-naval battle and the next major engagement of the conflict.

during the engagement

Sedgwick had lost 1,100 men during the engagement.

While Britain won the battle, Admiral Nelson died during the engagement.

This would indicate 68 killed and 170 wounded during the engagement on 5 May.

political engagement

: celebrity politics, social networking and the political engagement of young people.

For example, Karl Barth interpreted Christ's prophetic office in terms of political engagement on behalf of the poor.

He was praised as an official "national artist" during the Communist regime but he was criticised for his lack of political engagement.

social engagement   (社会的関与)

Introverts have lower social engagement and energy levels than extraverts.

His criticism evolved to place an increasing emphasis on social engagement.

It also extends to the social engagement of the elderly in the collectivity.