Фразы и примеры предложений

civil engineer   (строительный инженер)

In 1925, he earned his degree as a civil engineer.

Her father was a civil engineer and an agnostic.

The earliest civil engineer known by name is Imhotep.

chief engineer   (главный инженер)

Troffer's brother Mike serves as chief engineer.

Later that year, he became Sopwith's chief engineer.

M. Gimmel'marsh and chief engineer Century W. Buresh.

electrical engineer   (инженер-электрик)

He originally qualified as an electrical engineer.

He is employed as an electrical engineer at Telekom Srbija.

She graduated as an electrical engineer.

sound engineer   (звукооператор)

One of his children is sound engineer, Phil Dudderidge.

Also joining the team was sound engineer Yasuhiro Yamanaka.

Mobin returns as sound engineer supreme.

mechanical engineer   (инженер-механик)

In 1891 he was promoted to chief mechanical engineer.

The car was built by city mechanical engineer Frank Loomis.

Naik is a mechanical engineer with a P.G.

mining engineer

Brown's father was an Anglo-Irish mining engineer.

She married mining engineer Andrew White Newberry in 1925.

The project was led by the mining engineer Enrique Nouvion.

recording engineer   (инженер звукозаписи)

Harry Smith was a former recording engineer for Brunswick Records.

At Crystalate he met the recording engineer Arthur Haddy (1906–1989).

The album was mastered by Richard Dodd, a Grammy-winning recording engineer.

software engineer

Matthew Atherton is a software engineer from Las Cruces, NM.

She works as a software engineer recruiter for Thumbtack in Silicon Valley.

Previously employed full-time as a software engineer, he now pursues his writing full-time.

audio engineer

Bernard was the audio engineer for John Coltrane's last recording, "."

He is also a guitarist, backing vocalist, audio engineer and record producer.

O'Neil is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, audio engineer and visual artist.

military engineer

In 1914-1917 Golosov served as a military engineer.

His son Kane William Horneck was also a military engineer.

Subsequently, Haxo was regarded as the premier military engineer in Europe.

chemical engineer

Her father was a chemical engineer, her mother a nurse.

The younger William Webster trained as a chemical engineer.

James Wei (engineer) James Wei (born 1930) is an American chemical engineer.

flight engineer   (бортинженер)

The flight engineer shut down the engine.

The flight engineer could also stand next to the pilot, and often did.

He served as flight engineer.

consulting engineer

He worked as a consulting engineer and auditor.

In later years he served the company as vice-president and consulting engineer.

Craik also worked as a consulting engineer in Winnipeg from 1966 until his death.

assistant engineer

He spent many years as an assistant engineer for the city of Boston.

He entered the service of the Great Western Railway as assistant engineer in 1865.

Kyle Black acted as assistant engineer while Dawson provided additional engineering.

aeronautical engineer   (авиационный инженер)

His father, Archibald Milton Turrell, was an aeronautical engineer and educator.

Fritz Fend Fritz Fend (April 14, 1920 – November 22, 2000) was an aeronautical engineer.

His brothers were the aeronautical engineer David Keith-Lucas and the political scientist Bryan Keith-Lucas.

structural engineer

He also had a successful career as a structural engineer.

Mark Sarkisian Mark Sarkisian is an American structural engineer.

Madhukar Gogate Madhukar Narayan Gogate (born ) is a retired structural engineer.

railway engineer

His son was the railway engineer Guybon Atherstone.

He later worked as a railway engineer on the construction of the Schwarzwaldbahn.

He worked as a railway engineer for the Imperial Chinese Railways from 1896 to 1900.

design engineer

By 1957, he was working as a design engineer.

The same year he began work at the BBC as a design engineer.

Walter Mickle Smith was chief design engineer for the complex.

aerospace engineer   (авиационно-космический инженер)

Kirsty Barr is an aerospace engineer.

Ram Narain Agarwal Ram Narain Agarwal is a noted aerospace engineer of India.

Jack Clemons Jack Clemons is an aerospace engineer and air and space industry professional.

engineer and inventor   (инженер и изобретатель)

William Sellers (disambiguation) William Sellers (1824–1905) was an American engineer and inventor.

Dahir Insaat Dahir Insaat is a company founded in Istanbul by Russian engineer and inventor Dahir Semenov.

René Lorin René Lorin (24 March 1877– 16 January 1933) was a French aerospace engineer and inventor of the ramjet.

engineer and politician

Gheorghe Pogea Gheorghe Pogea (born 21 December 1955) is a Romanian engineer and politician.

Eva Lokko Eva Naa Merley Lokko (died 6 October 2016) was a Ghanaian engineer and politician.

Renata Alt Renata Alt (born August 27, 1965) is a German chemical engineer and politician of the Free Democratic Party (FDP).

resident engineer   (инженер-строитель)

The resident engineer was Henry Ernest Milner, also from England.

J. J. Allison was the resident engineer from Kellex, and Edwin L. Jones, the General Manager of J.

The work was overseen by resident engineer Douglas Derbyshire and the main contractor Alfred McAlpine.

engineer working

Ponnada started her career as a software engineer working at Tata Consultancy Services in Chennai.

Jeff Lieberman (roboticist) Jeff Lieberman (born March 1978) is an artist and engineer working in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Steven Sasson, an electrical engineer working for Kodak, invented the first digital still camera using a Fairchild CCD in 1975.

combat engineer   (боевой инженер)

These weapons were issued 6 per company, 2 per platoon for each combat engineer company.

By April 2013, the task force had 1,100 soldiers with six combat engineer and two construction companies.

During his Army National Guard service, he served as a combat engineer in the 1457th Engineering Battalion.

architect and engineer   (архитектор и инженер)

Thomas C. Howard was lead designer, architect and engineer for both companies.

Until modern times, there was no clear distinction between architect and engineer.

The castle was constructed under the supervision of a Moorish architect and engineer.

producer and engineer

Aside from his own material Thomas is also a record producer and engineer for other artists.

The group was to be called "Detective" and Robinson was to serve as producer and engineer for the first album.

Their version was recorded on March 14, 1994 with producer and engineer Mark Schwarz at Vuber Studio in Chicago.

engineer and producer

IMF Magazine called TenDJiz "the very talented engineer and producer".

His father, Bernard ("Bernie") Drayton, was a prolific studio audio engineer and producer.

He is a published novelist and has a long career as a musician, sound engineer and producer.

computer engineer

Bill Joy William Nelson Joy (born November 8, 1954) is an American computer engineer.

Bill Atkinson Bill Atkinson (born March 17, 1951) is an American computer engineer and photographer.

In 1990, with the rise of computer technology, the first search engine was built by computer engineer Alan Emtage.

marine engineer

Her father, A. Conrad Wall, was a marine engineer.

I went back to work as a marine engineer on Monday.

He gave up a lucrative career as a marine engineer to pursue music.

construction engineer

Head of the project was Jorge Matute Remus, construction engineer and headmaster of the Universidad De Guadalajara at the time.

Dunes Highway construction began in 1922 under the guidance of Gary contractor Ingwald Moe and construction engineer Ezra Sensibar.

Actual construction started in December 1926, with Albert E. Paddock as project superintendent and Ralph Lowry as construction engineer.

mastering engineer   (ведущий инженер)

Tony Dawsey Tony Dawsey is mastering engineer at Masterdisk in New York City.

Bob Ludwig Robert C. Ludwig (born c. 1945) is an American mastering engineer.

Alexander handles A+R and Hunt serves as the mastering engineer and web designer.

railroad engineer

The drivers are required to get a licence of railroad engineer as well as a driver's license.

Suspicion is also cast on Tom Jordan (Matthew Betz), a recently discharged and disgruntled railroad engineer.

A motorman is in charge of the motor (of the electric car) in the same sense as a railroad engineer is in charge of the engine.

senior engineer

After one year he returned to Alcoa research center as a senior engineer, where he worked for 20 years.

worked as a senior engineer and a junior researcher at the Institute of Building and Building Materials.

He was trained in their Test Program, and was promoted to the second most senior engineer working in the Power and Mining Department.

mixing engineer   (инженер-миксер)

Mike Schuppan Mike Schuppan is an American producer, mixing engineer and recording engineer.

Drums (all tracks), Roland TR-808 (tracks 2, 8) Iron Mike Norton – producer, mixing engineer

Shortly after he relocated to Los Angeles and worked as a studio intern while freelancing as mixing engineer.

engineer who worked

Céline Victorine Degrond was born at Vernouillet; her father was an engineer who worked for the railway company Chemins de fer de l'Ouest.

The DVD also contains a director's commentary track and a featurette with Norman "Hurricane" Smith, the engineer who worked on many of the Beatles' songs.

Walter Mickle Smith Walter Mickle Smith, Sr. (October 26, 1867 - March 12, 1953) was a civil engineer who worked primarily on U.S. dams and waterway projects.