İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

enormous amount   (muazzam miktar)

That much money means an enormous amount of power.

The Washington Post said that it was an "enormous amount of hate mail and death threats".

An enormous amount of work was undertaken by the founding Chairman, Mr Edwin Derriman M.B.E.

enormous success   (muazzam başarı)

Commercially, Phillips' memoir became an enormous success.

Mahler put her on a contract and she soon experienced enormous success.

Owing to its enormous success, it remains in service to the present day.

enormous influence   (muazzam etki)

He had gained enormous influence but did not shift any major decisions.

Pollienus Auspex was a man who wielded enormous influence in the imperial court.

He probably tutored the artist, Johann Theile, and had an enormous influence on him.

enormous number   (çok sayıda)

An enormous number of patents will now have no enforceable claims.

The country has an enormous number of local gods, unknown to the world outside.

This technique has been used since the mid-1990s to determine the orbits of an enormous number of minor planets.

enormous impact   (muazzam etki)

Glaciation had an enormous impact on the coastline of the North Sea.

In his post-competitive years, Read has had enormous impact on sport in Canada and worldwide.

The Apple II series of computers had an enormous impact on the technology industry and on everyday life.

enormous amounts   (muazzam miktarlar)

This requires physical scanners and produces enormous amounts of data.

Sciabarra's mastery of enormous amounts of material is almost literally incredible.

Congress spent enormous amounts of time figuring out these tariff import tax schedules.

enormous size   (muazzam boyut)

During that year, he came across a way of growing plants and animals to an enormous size.

By human standards, dinosaurs were creatures of fantastic appearance and often enormous size.

Some quilombos would grow to an enormous size, becoming a real independent multi-ethnic state.

enormous popularity   (muazzam popülerlik)

Their enormous popularity significantly opened a new wave of music and a in the history of Pakistan.

However, she retained enormous popularity and support among NLD youths with whom she spent most of her time.

This was a response to the sudden and enormous popularity of the "Batman" television series starring Adam West.