ensuing battle   (続く戦い)

In the ensuing battle, Mérope is struck by an arrow and killed.

In the ensuing battle the Sioux killed Grattan and 29 of his men.

During the ensuing battle, Black Racer stabs Diamondback in the gut.

ensuing years

The ensuing years were some of his most productive.

In the ensuing years, his fight against the UN occupation of Haiti continued.

During the ensuing years Schwab was held in prisons at Brandenburg, and Sinnenburg.

ensuing kickoff   (続くキックオフ)

Vandy returned the ensuing kickoff to their own 24.

The ensuing kickoff saw yet another Connecticut special-teams blunder.

On the ensuing kickoff, Egekeze attempted to kick the ball as it fell off the tee.

ensuing drive   (続くドライブ)

The ensuing drive resulted in a 38-yard Leigh Tiffin field goal and a 3–0 lead.

On the ensuing drive, Michigan faced a fourth down with one yard to go at its own 29-yard line.

On the ensuing drive, Bills quarterback Rob Johnson led a 5-play, 37-yard drive to the Titans' 24-yard line.

during the ensuing

The shepherd's neck is broken during the ensuing scuffle.

All but four died in captivity in the Galveston Island area during the ensuing six years.

On 14 October 1066, during the ensuing battle, Harold was killed and the English defeated.

ensuing possession

On the ensuing possession, Tiffin hit a 49-yard field goal to bring the score to 12–3.

On the ensuing possession, Tar Heel halfback Daley Goff rushed 11 yards for a touchdown.

Connecticut went three-and-out on the ensuing possession, punting the ball back to Toledo.

ensuing fight   (続く戦い)

Gorgiano died in the ensuing fight, however.

Both are killed in the ensuing fight, unaware of their identities.

In the ensuing fight, Veer leaves many cops dead and Shukla cornered.

ensuing decades

In ensuing decades, however, "It's a Wonderful Life" and other Capra films were revisited favorably by critics.

In the ensuing decades, she served in administrative and advisory capacities of numerous boards and institutions.

Throughout the ensuing decades, Simmons Field was used by little leagues, amateur leagues and for exhibition games.

ensuing chaos   (カオスの発生)

In the ensuing chaos, four students were killed.

In the ensuing chaos, it was found that the left door was blocked.

Jonah and Gavin are shot in the ensuing chaos, but JB appears and rescues Jonah and Katherine.