not enter   (立ち入り禁止)

However, he did not enter the field during the match.

Noiljadae did not enter the lake, but Yeosan Buin did.

However, he did not enter the line-up including bench.

did not enter   (入らなかった)

However, he did not enter the field during the match.

Noiljadae did not enter the lake, but Yeosan Buin did.

However, he did not enter the line-up including bench.

allowed to enter   (入ることができます)

The police were not allowed to enter the premises.

Only Muslims are allowed to enter this place.

Each National Federation was allowed to enter 2 riders.

enter service   (サービスに入る)

The aircraft is intended to enter service in 2035.

The first unit is planned to enter service in 2019.

It was then scheduled to enter service in 2020.

able to enter   (入ることができる)

Two days later both vessels were able to enter Port Jackson.

From there Yuri was able to enter Moscow State University in 1953.

Film cameras were able to enter almost every aspect of Polish life.

decided to enter   (入ることにした)

In 1969 Vixen decided to enter Formula 3.

Robinson, It was decided to enter a team in the Munster Junior and F.A.I.

Berry's success continued until 1893, when he decided to enter the hotel business.

enter the city   (都市に入る)

The party won one seat and did not enter the city council.

The Persians devised a plan to enter the city via the river.

On July 15, 1099, Gaston was the first crusader to enter the city.

failed to enter   (入場に失敗した)

The song failed to enter the "Billboard" Hot 100.

"Love Me Now" failed to enter on any of the main "Billboard" component charts.

AfS ran in the Swedish general election in 2018, but failed to enter the Riksdag.

attempted to enter   (入ろうとした)

Starbucks had previously attempted to enter the Indian market in 2007.

Several manufacturers attempted to enter the Sigma 9 replacement market.

In 2012, she attempted to enter the Eurovision Song Contest for third time.

enter the competition   (競争に参加する)

All 20 teams enter the competition in this round.

All 16 teams enter the competition in this round.

then enter   (入って)

Three other men then enter the hotel room.

The top four teams would then enter a playoffs for the championship.

The monosaccharide units can then enter into monosaccharide catabolism.

permitted to enter   (入ることが許可されている)

Only the priest were permitted to enter.

Reserve teams are also no longer permitted to enter the Copa del Rey.

Though located on private land, the public is permitted to enter the area.

not to enter   (入らない)

However, the Romanian army was not to enter these cities.

They then picketed the entrance, endeavouring to convince patrons not to enter.

She remained unsure about whether or not to enter public office until she was in her 30s.

enter the country   (国に入る)

Azerbaijan's diverse landscape affects the ways air masses enter the country.

San Martín's books were deemed too liberal, so he was not allowed to enter the country.

Eventually the Polish government finally allowed them, in stages, to enter the country.

enter the house   (家に入る)

They enter the house and fight the man's henchmen.

She was the fourth person to enter the house.

In their final year roughly half of boarders chose to enter the house.

enter politics   (政治に入る)

He resigned both positions to enter politics in June 2011.

Many times he refused when he was persuaded to enter politics.

It was during this period that Babbage tried to enter politics.

enter the war   (戦争に入る)

The United States did not wait to enter the war to become active in the Atlantic.

In an example of tragic irony, Behm was the only one who did not want to enter the war.

Following the German conquest of Poland, Mussolini would change his mind repeatedly as to whether he would enter the war.

tried to enter   (入ろうとした)

It was during this period that Babbage tried to enter politics.

Conflict between the protesters and the police started when the former tried to enter the US Consulate.

Robey often gambled at nearby Louisiana Downs, carried a gun, and once tried to enter a racehorse in the Kentucky Derby.

order to enter   (入る命令)

in order to enter the Taiwan Football Premier League.

A party or coalition must garner a minimum of 4% of the vote in order to enter parliament.

He walked in the snow in order to enter the employ of the competition, the North West Company.

enter production   (生産に入る)

A Spyder prototype was also developed but did not enter production.

However, the 747X family was unable to attract enough interest to enter production.

In 2006, Barker again claimed that the mini-series adaptation was about to enter production.

enter through   (通り抜ける)

Jake lets himself be caught so Boyle can enter through the vent.

Most of the flow appears to enter through the floor of the last cavern.

The two are able to enter through a window that has no garlic clove or salt.

enter the race   (レースに参加する)

Boaks opted to enter the race by rollerskate.

Patrick decides to enter the race and gets there just in time.

Talent did not enter the race, which was won by Democrat Jay Nixon.

managed to enter   (なんとか入った)

Two thousand Fatah fighters managed to enter Syria.

According to one source, she managed to enter the Irish Sea.

It also managed to enter government under a traffic light coalition.

eligible to enter   (応募資格)

As a consequence, Vasas were eligible to enter the 1961–62 European Cup.

Therefore, they were eligible to enter the 2003–04 UEFA Champions League.

Therefore, Videoton were eligible to enter the 2018–19 UEFA Champions League.

began to enter   (入り始めた)

Over the years, warez groups began to enter the ASCII art scene.

In addition to government officers, other outsiders began to enter Fore territory.

At this time, a number of Spanish gunners and a supply convoy began to enter the fortress.

attempt to enter   (入ろうとする)

Hawke's first attempt to enter Parliament came during the 1963 federal election.

Factor thought the series attempt to enter the 3D market was an "utter failure".

The Arabs had to return and the Caliph had decided to stop further attempt to enter India.

first to enter   (最初に入る)

Members of the 106th were among the first to enter Le Mans on 8 August.

Australian troops were the first to enter Damascus, which fell on 1 October.

Babcock was the first to enter the Confederate lines and planted the colors on top of the Confederate works.

enter the top   (トップに入る)

It failed to enter the top 40 in Italy, reaching number 42 on the FIMI Albums Chart.

She would make the final cut and enter the top 5, also finishing in 4th place overall.

With Boyzone, Gately had a record-breaking sixteen consecutive singles enter the top five of the UK Singles Chart.

attempting to enter   (入ろうとする)

As was attempting to enter port during a gale she wrecked on some reefs.

This was then reworked into a fake burial chamber in an attempt to deceive thieves attempting to enter the king's tomb.

They undertook a desperate march along the shores of Lake Constance, attempting to enter Switzerland via the alpine passes.

unable to enter   (入ることができません)

The pair were unable to enter Tibet or Nepal due to the recent Chinese invasion of Tibet.

Van Helsing does this as a test; if Mina is unable to exit the circle, he reasons that vampires would be unable to enter, as well.

From June 27, 1544 to March 4, 1550, he was nuncio to the Kingdom of Portugal (though he was unable to enter Lisbon until September 1545.)

enter the building   (建物に入る)

Tenants enter the building through the Art Deco lobby located at 350 Fifth Avenue.

The Chartists did manage to enter the building temporarily, but were forced to retreat in disarray.

Five members went on to enter the building, where a Legal Aid Training session (Kalabahu) was being held.

right to enter   (入る権利)

Eastern Division and earned the right to enter the first division.

Motha Kalasam and Vaikalasam have the right to enter to the temple first.

They have no legal right to enter a house until they win the house at auction.

trying to enter   (入ろうとする)

The ships were trying to enter the Black Sea

The organization also supports local companies trying to enter the foreign markets.

I was a young fellow, trying to enter the industry, which was very difficult because I had no track record.

permission to enter   (入場許可)

Hayes gave the group permission to enter the area.

During inspection, permission to enter may be suspended.

However, gaining permission to enter the desert was no longer easy.

refused to enter   (入ることを拒否した)

Most of the production crew refused to enter the cell, thinking that it was haunted.

In April 2014, she refused to enter the Government Manuel Valls as Secretary of State for Trade.

Louis XIV refused to enter into treaties with Prince Rákóczi, leaving the Hungarians without allies.

enter and exit   (出入りする)

Seneca has Heracles enter and exit at Tainaron.

Likewise, Soviet military patrols could enter and exit West Berlin.

His staff were given passage permits to enter and exit the ghetto for work.

prepared to enter   (入る準備をしました)

Policies based on sexual orientation appeared as the United States prepared to enter World War II.

In March 2018 he told Quds news agency that Hamas was prepared to enter into dialogue with the US.

In this way, engineering students would, theoretically, be better prepared to enter the engineering workforce.

expected to enter   (入る予定)

The banknotes are expected to enter circulation in 2017.

Each team is expected to enter two drivers.

In response to arraignment, the accused is expected to enter a plea.

enter up   (入る)

Each songwriter can enter up to 3 songs.

Each National Olympic Committee might enter up to one men's and one women's team in the handball tournaments.

The National Olympic Committees might enter up to one 12-player men's team and up to one 12-player women's team.

enter a maximum   (最大値を入力してください)

A nation may enter a maximum of one boat in each of the ten events and a maximum of 17 athletes.

Each country may enter a maximum of twenty competitors with limited number of competitors per event.

A nation was allowed to enter a maximum of one boat in each of the ten events and a maximum of 15 athletes.

enter and leave   (出入りする)

The two lines joined to each other can have any momentum at all, since they both enter and leave the same vertex.

SIDs and STARs are procedures and checkpoints used to enter and leave the airway system by aircraft operating on IFR flight plans.

In these modern times, though malls and shopping centres have fixed prices, one can enter and leave as one wants without purchasing any item.

required to enter   (入力する必要があります)

After the intensive work required to enter, he found life there easy.

In an attempt to prevent fraud, Speedpass users are now required to enter their zip code into scanners at some gas stations.

Ireland had not finished in the top ten at the previous Eurovision Song Contest, thus they were required to enter that year's semi-final.

teams enter   (チームが入ります)

All 32 teams enter the championship at this stage.

All 20 teams enter the competition in this round.

intending to enter   (入ろうとする)

Concurrently, parties and federations intending to enter in coalition to take part jointly at an election are required to inform the relevant Electoral Commission within ten days of the election being called.

enter the tournament   (トーナメントに参加する)

In "The King of Fighters 2001", the team was set to enter the tournament as usual.

Filled with confidence from his new model, the two decide to enter the tournament.

Hoping to hunt down the clan's traitor, Ron, he agrees to enter the tournament with them.

enter the room   (部屋に入る)

Later, Vassiloff and Boris enter the room to dispose of evidence.

When the Prince exits, the Chamberlain and Steward enter the room.

A bunch of students enter the room and the instructor asks them to be seated.