Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

then enters

This parasite then enters and destroys red blood cells.

Albert then enters to inform Del that Raquel has left him.

Blood then enters the left ventricle to be circulated again.

enters the city

Then SR 42 enters the city of Harrisonburg on High Street.

North of the I-99/US 220 underpass, PA 36 enters the city of Altoona.

I-264 enters the city of Virginia Beach at the Newtown Road interchange.

road enters   (đường vào)

At Bull Mountain Road, the road enters a forest.

The main road enters the town from the north through a thin pass.

Just before junction 3 with Albrighton the road enters Shropshire.

highway enters

The highway enters Decatur by curving due west.

The highway enters South Union Township in the village of Uledi.

The highway enters the urban area of Windsor along Ascutney Street.

enters the town   (vào thị trấn)

SR 75 enters the town of Abingdon and crosses Interstate 81/U.S.

The main road enters the town from the north through a thin pass.

It enters the town of Livermore Falls and has a concurrency with SR 133.

enters the room   (vào phòng)

As Betty and Johnny discuss this, a servant enters the room.

Maya then enters the room with a hunky prince(Arunoday Singh).

She is just about to beat Nora up when a scared Kayla enters the room.

route enters

The route enters Angola and has an interchange with I-69.

The route enters the Norbeck area, and passes under Emory Lane.

The route enters Liberty Township and passes through more of the state park.

river enters

The Spiliakos river enters the sea at Kolymvari.

From Andhra Pradesh State, The river enters Bellary district.

The river enters a forested, hilly area between Connecticut Route 118 and Thomaston.

before it enters

The Grass River (Manitoba) joins the Nelson just before it enters the lake.

The stream passes under Missouri Route 30 about one mile before it enters Heads Creek.

The route continues its northwestern orientation until just before it enters Batesville.

enters the house

He enters the house and finds Patrick.

Police arrive, and Lisbon enters the house to discover Reede Smith.

She becomes impatient of waiting in the car, and enters the house to search for Rodger.