entire length   (全長)

The river is navigable for its entire length of .

The entire length of the highway is within Nayarit.

entire career   (全キャリア)

Maeboodi has played his entire career with Malavan.

Nazari has played his entire career with Fajr Sepasi.

It was his lowest season in his entire career.

entire season   (シーズン全体)

Lyons spent the entire season on the Injured Reserve.

He played almost the entire season with a broken jaw.

However, he lost the entire season with a knee injury.

throughout the entire   (全体を通して)

This election was close throughout the entire campaign.

However, this is not the case throughout the entire basin.

This will broadcast a message throughout the entire campus.

entire life   (一生)

Dorothea held Lutheran sympathies her entire life.

He was born and lived in Swindon for his entire life.

He expressed transcendental leanings his entire life.

entire family   (家族全員)

Despite Ursula's reluctance the entire family attends.

In 1879, her entire family moved to Lutsk.

In 1896, the entire family moved to a new house in Seattle.

entire country   (全国)

The average rainfall for the entire country is about .

After six days' fighting, they occupied the entire country.

Faroese is spoken in the entire country as a first language.

entire area   (全域)

The entire area is a part of the Gangetic Delta.

entire series   (シリーズ全体)

The entire series is available on the STV Player.

The entire series was written for children ages 4 – 8.

The entire series is also licensed to Netflix.

almost the entire   (ほぼ全体)

He played almost the entire season with a broken jaw.

Boyle overhauled almost the entire schedule.

MASN airs almost the entire slate of regular season games.

entire population   (全人口)

The entire population must pay compulsory health insurance.

Only 37% of the entire population were born in the territory.

44% of Scotland's entire population.

across the entire   (全体にわたって)

There are no bridges across the entire width of the river.

In 1941, PSV decided to build stands across the entire ground.

A tricorder scan indicates EM bursts across the entire spectrum.

entire city   (市内全域)

This is just over 15 percent of the entire city.

Presently the entire city council is Democratic.

The entire city is administrated by Sreepur municipality.

entire route   (全ルート)

In 1940, the entire route was renumbered to NC 127.

The entire route is in Halifax Regional Municipality.

Very little cell phone service along the entire route.

entire album   (アルバム全体)

The entire album was produced by Cameron Mizell.

The entire album can be played on the band's website.

The entire album was leaked through YouTube in May 2012.

spent his entire   (彼の全体を過ごした)

He spent his entire military career as a cavalryman.

He spent his entire career with the Packers.

Tyukalov spent his entire life in the city.

entire world   (全世界)

This boosted VON's transmission to the entire world.

It's a very dangerous precedent for the entire world."

it found only here in this entire world.

entire region   (地域全体)

Since then, the entire region shared the fate of its capital city.

Today it is an essential reference of the city of Viseu and its entire region.

It covers almost the entire region of Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Arusha and Mwanza.

entire state   (州全体)

This later expanded to the entire state on August 29.

The entire state of Maharashtra was put on high alert.

The entire state had been under the influence of the United States for many years.

during the entire   (全体の間に)

There were no breaks of serve during the entire match.

Nevertheless, diligence persisted during the entire period.

She served in several roles during the entire First World War.

entire body   (全身)

Soon Cai felt his entire body grow hot as if on fire.

He regularly coughed up blood, and his entire body shook.

The face and entire body was green, with paler underparts.

along the entire   (全体に沿って)

The firefight extended along the entire French front.

Very little cell phone service along the entire route.

It ran along the entire ridge to the "Hirschhornklippen".

entire year   (一年中)

He also recorded four tackles for the entire year.

In , he spent nearly the entire year in the majors.

The ban lasted an entire year.

entire line   (行全体)

Line printers print an entire line of text at a time.

It closed on 31 March 2007 when the entire line was closed.

The entire line 3 was canceled because of the 1985 Algarrobo earthquake.

entire island   (島全体)

Bastia remained the capital of the entire island.

The entire island has a permanent population of 182.

Rice later sold the entire island to the government.

entire game   (ゲーム全体)

Northwestern dominated play the entire game.

They kept the Niners out of the endzone for the entire game.

Despite feeling pain in his neck, he played the entire game.

through the entire   (全体を通して)

The fire quickly spread through the entire vessel.

A corridor runs through the entire length of the complex.

He fought through the entire Civil War and saw action in many battles.

entire building   (建物全体)

The entire building is outfitted with free Wi-Fi.

The entire building spans 17,620 square feet.

In 1982 a fire destroyed the entire building.

entire town   (町全体)

A fire in 1884 almost destroyed the entire town.

In 1842, the entire town burned down and did not recover.

A second fire in 1869 destroyed practically the entire town.

entire system   (システム全体)

For an entire system to be at steady state, i.e.

Five computers operated the entire system.

The entire system was covered by cloth to reduce stray light.

entire village   (村全体)

The entire village eats dumplings in celebration.

The entire village is decorated with colourful light.

Dodang Gunung are Gunungshin who guard an entire village.

spent the entire   (全体を過ごした)

He spent the entire 2012 season on injured reserve.

Lyons spent the entire season on the Injured Reserve.

Nowak spent the entire 2012 season on injured reserve.

entire project   (プロジェクト全体)

The entire project was completed in June 2007.

The entire project was expected to cost over $100 million.

The entire project cost NOK 1,814 million.

entire history   (全歴史)

She is also the only woman to win in the entire history of the SFICC.

A recent book on the entire history of aphasia is available (Reference: Tesak, J.

The 1924 season proved to be arguably the strangest year in Essendon's entire history.

entire time   (ずっと)

The rider must remain on the horse the entire time.

The rider must remain mounted the entire time.

Earp continued walking toward Boyett, talking the entire time.

played his entire   (彼の全体を果たした)

Maeboodi has played his entire career with Malavan.

Nazari has played his entire career with Fajr Sepasi.

Rahmani played his entire career in Malavan.

entire group   (グループ全体)

The entire group was then renumbered as 301-311.

Soon the entire group heads for the farm.

The entire group hears this.

cover the entire   (全体を覆う)

His son Antonio expanded the premises to cover the entire block.

those who efficiently cover the entire ice surface during their programs.

Love FM was the first private radio station to cover the entire nation of Belize.

missed the entire   (全体を見逃した)

Benson missed the entire season with a torn rotator cuff.

Naitanui missed the entire 2017 season.

Malcolm missed the entire 2018 season after sustaining a torn ACL.

nearly the entire   (ほぼ全体)

In , he spent nearly the entire year in the majors.

The following year the Maroons signed nearly the entire Montreal A.A.A.

By the end of the decade, nearly the entire landfill had been developed.

entire match   (完全一致)

There were no breaks of serve during the entire match.

Llullaku was an unused substitute for the entire match as he remained on the bench.

Morris’s 17 in the first innings was actually the fourth highest score for the entire match.

entire run   (全体の実行)

They played Warped Tour 2014 for its entire run.

The show ran for an hour during its entire run.

The entire run of 40-ounce bottles sold out in five minutes.

entire crew   (クルー全員)

"Shark" was a total loss, but her entire crew was saved.

The entire crew of 52 officers and men were taken prisoner.

The "Empire Spring"′s entire crew of 55 died in the sinking.

played the entire   (全体を果たした)

He played the entire 90 minutes in a 2–1 win for Grimsby.

Despite feeling pain in his neck, he played the entire game.

“He broke his arm in the second quarter and played the entire game."

entire process   (全体のプロセス)

This entire process allows for blebs to be rescued .

The entire process took well over four years to film.

The god Anubis was supposed to watch the entire process.

entire community   (コミュニティ全体)

The cooperative owns the entire community; residents own their homes and hold shares in the cooperative.

In 1969, Bill Christ bought the entire community and opened a new gas station as well as a general store.

Holy Week is marked with colorful processions on Good Friday and on Pascha, with the entire community engaged.

entire team   (チーム全体)

And it was the same way for the entire team."

The entire team is turned into zombies.

Her 10 points were the most the entire team has scored in 14 years.

entire film   (映画全体)

The music for the entire film was produced in two weeks.

The 'star' only did eleven days work in the entire film.

The entire film was shot in Sri Lanka.

covers the entire   (全体をカバー)

It covers the entire Western Visayas (Region 6) and Palawan.

A "kang" which covers the entire floor is called a dikang ().

Forest covers the entire property.

entire collection   (全コレクション)

The entire collection was sold out online within three weeks.

A free Davis Art Walk map serves as a detailed guide to the entire collection.

The highlights being there paintings, the entire collection is in handloom fabric.

entire fleet   (艦隊全体)

In 2011 Upper Lakes Shipping sold its entire fleet to Algoma Central.

Their entire fleet, under both consuls, attacked Panormus early in the year.

From 2005 to 2006 the airline replaced its entire fleet, introducing the current 767s.

entire complex   (複合体全体)

The entire complex divided into three countryards.

The entire complex consists of 15 townhouses, housing 75 students.

His true field of influence was the entire complex of the United Nations family...

entire cast   (キャスト全体)

In later years, Podge would terrorise the entire cast, humans and all.

The entire cast of dancers and band members were announced on April 6, 2018.

"Episode 523" is one of only a few "Neighbours" episodes to include the entire cast.

entire day   (全日)

Hale's phone "never stopped ringing the entire day".

He said,I didn't feel anything the entire day.

He spends the entire day with his family.

entire structure   (全体の構造)

The entire structure is covered with a glass roof.

The entire structure may be gravity gradient stabilized.

In fact, a single change can change the entire structure.

entire school   (学校全体)

During the fifth period of the day, the entire school studied or elected a music activity.

The computers are embedded in the platform desks and are linked to the entire school's networks.

TEA rules specify that if a racial group fails the tests, the entire school's rating is unacceptable.

entire range   (全範囲)

Its entire range is less than 40 square miles.

However, hunting for food and sale in the black market continues to occur throughout its entire range.

Neotel is licensed to provide the entire range of telecoms services with the exception of full mobility.

entire first   (最初に全体)

Kyle dominated the entire first round and knocked Sims out at 4:59.

ADV also released the entire first season of "Monster Rancher" on VHS.

By 1935, the Old Colony Cooperative Bank occupied the entire first floor.

when the entire   (全体が)

It closed on 31 March 2007 when the entire line was closed.

The battle ended when the entire village was engulfed in flames.

when the entire cone moves in and out as a unit without cone breakup.

entire nation   (全国)

The entire nation is standing shoulder to shoulder with our armed forces."

An entire profession is holding him up so that an entire nation can applaud him.

Love FM was the first private radio station to cover the entire nation of Belize.

entire field   (全体のフィールド)

The entire field is enclosed with high embankments and towers.

The entire field jogged through the first 400 at warm up pace, 1:15.84.

Rollbacks in fusion research funding dramatically reduced funding levels across the entire field.

entire period   (全期間)

It is based on fairly good data for the entire period.

entire army   (全軍)

From 1842, it was used as the flag of the entire army.

He ordered the entire army to march in review under arms.

The entire army, a total of several "taxeis" or "moræ" was led by a generals' council.

entire war   (戦争全体)

In the entire war, Jennewein flew 271 missions and shot down 86 enemy planes.

This unit remained firmly entrenched on the fortress throughout the entire war.

The Group was founded in 1940 and was led by Ms. Jacoba van Tongeren during the entire war.

covering the entire   (全体をカバー)

External advertising covering the entire bodies of trains was abandoned at this time.

The latter was reserved for organisms with cilia covering the entire surface of the body.

In some cases, the elderly or otherwise toothless can be capable of gurns covering the entire nose.

up the entire   (全体を)

The work takes up the entire B-side of the album.

The monkeys arrive, and mess up the entire house.

All elements are related and are necessary to make up the entire PSM picture.

entire territory   (領土全体)

Ostensibly, the French government administered the entire territory.

The incorporated localities' territories cover the entire territory of the country.

By late July 1919, almost the entire territory of Litbel was occupied by foreign armies.

entire work   (全体の仕事)

The entire work rests on a square concrete base.

Although a single tempo is used throughout the entire work ( = ca.

Translations have been made of the entire work into Latin, German and Italian.

entire story   (全話)

This is also the core of the entire story.

The entire story is an "If ____________ , then ___________" scenario .

The entire story was changed by Ouida Bergere eliminating every element of religion.

entire district   (地区全体)

In 1950, there were just 2,400 persons in the entire district.

Construction began in 1964 and four years later the entire district was almost completed.

It is located near the Ugli Railroad Station, the second railroad station in the entire district.

entire estate   (不動産全体)

In Muter's will, he left his entire estate to Todd.

The entire estate now comprises some s and is a working farm.

He left his entire estate to his widow.

entire professional   (プロ全体)

He played for the Detroit Lions his entire professional career.

Jacobsson spent his entire professional career with GAIS, from 1949–1960.

He played for Northampton Saints his entire professional career from 1993-2005.

entire company   (全社)

He sold the entire company, minus the Sports Arena, to promoter Sandy Barr.

The final section has the entire company reprising the main melody in slow 3/4 march tempo.

After many orgies and the execution of disloyal officers, the entire company kill themselves upon hearing of Hitler's death.

covered the entire   (全体を覆った)

By 1970 the newspaper covered the entire Geelong area.

Moderate to extreme drought covered the entire continent.

414 formerly covered the entire eastern third of the state.

entire universe   (宇宙全体)

Angered Narmada orders to stop the sunrise when the entire universe standstill.

""According to their karma", all living entities are wandering throughout the entire universe.

The Objectives Resolution declared that sovereignty over the entire universe belongs to God Almighty.

entire course   (コース全体)

Chiques Creek flows generally south for its entire course.

It flows westward for its entire course, roughly parallel to the North Fork.

The goal is to build and launch a starship, completing the game's entire course.

entire production   (生産全体)

Both his performance and the entire production were lambasted by critics.

The entire production was shot with four cameras running at any given time.

The machines were available for the 1911 season and entire production sold out.

entire set   (セット全体)

Artwork for the entire set will be done by Joe Jusko.

The entire set of computable numbers is countable, so most reals are not computable.

In the span of 10-15 minutes, you often dance with everybody in the entire set of dancers.

entire site   (サイト全体)

The entire site, including grounds, covers about 6 acres.

The entire site remains in private hands.

The entire site is surrounded by the Plumas National Forest.

entire tournament   (トーナメント全体)

Incredibly, United failed to concede during the entire tournament.

Originally, the entire tournament was set to take place in Kochi, Kerala.

The entire tournament is taking place in one stadium, the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar.

entire surface   (全面)

The entire surface of wall and ceiling is sumptuously painted.

Other than the brownish upper cap, the entire surface of the mushroom is yellow.

The latter was reserved for organisms with cilia covering the entire surface of the body.

entire existence   (全存)

The AFL played a 14-game schedule for its entire existence, starting in 1960.

The canal was an expensive failure, being used only three times during its entire existence.

The tower was reportedly built very poorly, and was plagued by problems its entire existence.

entire network   (ネットワーク全体)

The entire network has double track.

The entire network is elevated.

Planners anticipate 13.6 million riders over the entire network by the year 2025.

entire block   (ブロック全体)

The 7th Avenue frontage spanned the entire block.

The entire block on which the fort stood was fortified.

The disk read time above was actually for an entire block.

around the entire   (全体の周り)

From the poles, declination is uniform around the entire horizon, approximately 0°.

There are settlements all around the fjord, and roads along the coast around the entire fjord.

Schoolchildren run around the entire sporting area, younger children once, older children twice.

entire county   (郡全体)

NTE owns the power grid in the entire county.

In 1908, the entire county had a population of 185,004.

Antonio Villaraigosa declared a local emergency for the entire county of Los Angeles.

entire province   (州全体)

An uprising involving an entire province was called a Kuni-Ikki (kuni meaning province).

The river is considered to be one of the greatest gold creeks in the entire province of British Columbia.

The Ultra-Trail Harricana relies on over 230 volunteers and 40 commercial partners from the entire province of Québec.

entire planet   (惑星全体)

The blast knocks GL into space and continues until the entire planet is destroyed.

NASA reported on June 20, 2018 that the dust storm had grown to completely cover the entire planet.

On earth, we use dimensions like north, east, and elevation, which are used throughout the entire planet.

entire show   (ショー全体)

It is clarified in the final series that the entire show spans a single academic year.

However, it is common for an entire show to pass without a call being taken from a listener.

There was also Holmes (Daddy-O) Daylie the rapping bartender, who did his entire show in rhyme.

entire operation   (全体の操作)

The other departments served the entire operation.

The entire operation was photographed by the SS.

The entire operation lasted about two hours.

virtually the entire   (実質的に全体)

It follows virtually the entire east coast of Brazil from Rio Grande do Norte to Rio Grande do Sul.

Book Salon guests and hosts have covered virtually the entire gamut of political, economic, and contemporary thought.

In point of fact, Capp maintained creative control over every stage of production for virtually the entire run of the strip.

entire episode   (全エピソード)

The only actor in this entire episode is Mickey Rooney.

This occasionally provides a method for Felicity to narrate an entire episode.

The entire episode has since been known as `Krishna Lila` or Krishna's magical charm.

entire professional career   (プロとしてのキャリア全体)

He played for the Detroit Lions his entire professional career.

Jacobsson spent his entire professional career with GAIS, from 1949–1960.

He played for Northampton Saints his entire professional career from 1993-2005.

including the entire   (全体を含む)

10,276 persons from Biešankovičy and the raion were massacred, including the entire Jewish population.

The Paul Sacher Foundation, opened in 1986, houses a major collection of manuscripts, including the entire Igor Stravinsky archive.

Throughout the 1980s, the BPCA oversaw a great deal of construction, including the entire Rector Place neighborhood and the river esplanade.

entire second   (まるごと)

He came in at the 46th minute, replacing Raoul Loé and playing the entire second half.

He made his debut on 5 March, playing the entire second half in a 0–0 draw at Georgia Dome.

The entire second half of this movie is non-stop suffering, sadness, dismemberment, and cannibalism.

entire duration   (全期間)

The storm moved northwestward for its entire duration.

Other Choctaw companies joined Washington's army during the war, and served the entire duration.

There are compression algorithms that keep the BPP almost constant throughout the entire duration of the video.

entire league   (リーグ全体)

That achievement was also for fourth-best in the entire league.

The entire league ceased operations after 1884, its first and only season.

The entire league's home run totals were up, thanks to the change to the Chicago ground rules.

entire band   (バンド全体)

The lyrics were written by Geezer Butler while the music is credited to the entire band.

The drummer said that the group frequently argued during production, and that the entire band almost quit.

The entire band were abusing both alcohol and other drugs, but Iommi says Osbourne "was on a totally different level altogether".

entire class   (クラス全体)

The abandonment of an entire class of weapons remains unrepeated in U.S. history.

A KWL chart can be used as a study tool for an individual, group or entire class.

Mr. Meinert, the chorus teacher, is wound so tight that he blows up at Hart and the entire class.

playing the entire   (全体を演奏する)

He came in at the 46th minute, replacing Raoul Loé and playing the entire second half.

He made his debut on 17 February, playing the entire 0–0 away draw against Burton Albion.

He made his debut on 5 March, playing the entire second half in a 0–0 draw at Georgia Dome.