almost entirely   (ほぼ完全に)

Other jurisdictions ban abortion almost entirely.

This was a route worked almost entirely by sail.

The film was shot almost entirely in West Yorkshire.

not entirely   (完全にではない)

Who exactly wrote this draft is not entirely clear.

This method is not entirely satisfactory to anyone.

But Leavitt's life was not entirely free of trouble.

entirely new   (まったく新しい)

SR 233 was designated in 1956 over entirely new routing.

Butt was determined that his foundation be entirely new.

The latter boat was an entirely new design.

entirely within   (完全に)

The respective rivers are entirely within China.

The highway is entirely within Habersham County.

It is entirely within the city of Marathon, Florida.

entirely different   (全く違う)

Her view of Einstein was entirely different.

The beats and tempo that define house are entirely different.

The US reviews were entirely different.

located entirely

The road is long and is located entirely in County Roscommon.

South Korea is located entirely outside of the Arctic Circle.

The Mid Hills are located entirely within Mojave National Preserve.

composed entirely

The music for the 5th episode is composed entirely by Buckethead.

Apart from a double bass the band is composed entirely of ukuleles.

This meant that the fleet was now composed entirely of AEC vehicles.

made entirely

The third purse is made entirely in double-crochet.

They were made entirely with private finance.

It may be the first US feature motion picture made entirely in Mexico.

entirely clear   (完全に明確)

Who exactly wrote this draft is not entirely clear.

However, the true intentions of Rwanda are not entirely clear.

How it works is not entirely clear.

not entirely clear   (完全に明確ではない)

Who exactly wrote this draft is not entirely clear.

However, the true intentions of Rwanda are not entirely clear.

How it works is not entirely clear.

shot entirely

"Pinoy Fear Factor" was shot entirely in Argentina.

Many films are still shot entirely in Cinecittà.

A "B" production, it was shot entirely in Manhattan.

located entirely within

The Mid Hills are located entirely within Mojave National Preserve.

Today it is located entirely within the unincorporated area of Martin County.

NY 148 is a north-south route located entirely within northeastern Niagara County.

built entirely

The trucks were built entirely to customer order.

"Soft lofts" are loft-style residential buildings built entirely anew.

However, the Casa Milà was not built entirely to Gaudí's specifications.

entirely separate

Truphone's SIM based products are entirely separate from the Apps.

by a groove in the stem) or appear entirely separate (a dimorphic areole).

The Council of Europe is an entirely separate body from the European Union.

written entirely

Excluding its two prologues, the play is written entirely in prose.

New Conan stories written entirely by de Camp and Carter were added as well.

The album's third single, "Somewhere to Hide," was written entirely by Carah.

consists entirely   (完全に構成されています)

The grandstand consists entirely of chairbacked seats.

The water area consists entirely of Lake Santee, the reservoir.

The third disc consists entirely of the score from "Heaven Sent".

based entirely

"Ab initio" methods are based entirely on quantum mechanics and basic physical constants.

Historically, the first decade of semiconductor electronics was based entirely on germanium.

Historically, Barbadian law was based entirely on English common law with a few local adaptations.

up entirely

The station staff is made up entirely of FIU students.

God promises not to give them up entirely.

Her 1998 country-rock album "Hungry Again" was made up entirely of her own compositions.

lies entirely

The choice of fund type lies entirely with the donor.

The glacier lies entirely within Mount Hood Wilderness.

consisted entirely

Volume 2 consisted entirely of a site inventory.

In 2001 the allocation consisted entirely of Dennis Darts.

Consequently, the cast has since consisted entirely of regular church members.

consisting entirely

is a woman who works for Einstürzen and controls her small army consisting entirely of genetic experiments.

The original airing was followed by an edition of "Uranium Classics" consisting entirely of Metallica videos.

Balbhadra Kunwar was appointed General and commander of the new "Lahure" regiments consisting entirely of Gorkhali/Nepali troops.

entirely through

Road, runs entirely through the district of Thane.

The game is controlled entirely through touch screen input.

Since 2010, CCCI has operated the facility entirely through private fundraising efforts.

filmed entirely

The film was not filmed entirely in England.

"The Adventures of Huck Finn" was filmed entirely in Natchez, Mississippi.

"Stetson, Street Dog of Park City" is set and filmed entirely in Park City.

entirely covered

The house is entirely covered with dark wood shingles.

This one had the face entirely covered.

The upper is almost entirely covered by glacial snow and ice.

entirely dependent

The newspaper had been entirely dependent on the government for funding.

Until the 1970s, life was thought to be entirely dependent on energy from the Sun.

The ""Monaspa"" was entirely dependent on the king and had no bonds with the feudal nobility.

entirely made

The islands are entirely made out of bedrock.

The airframe is entirely made of lightweight composite materials, as are the rotor blades.

The entrance portal is entirely made of shaped stone with side columns that support an arch-tympanum.

produced entirely

The album was produced entirely by Cooder.

The album was produced entirely by daedaePIVOT, Daoud and Saba.

"Rose Gold" is the first album that Kitty has produced entirely herself.

made up entirely

The station staff is made up entirely of FIU students.

Her 1998 country-rock album "Hungry Again" was made up entirely of her own compositions.

The album's opening track "7th October 1984" was made up entirely of words from the letters.

entirely destroyed

Venzone was almost entirely destroyed by the 1976 Friuli earthquake, killing 47 inhabitants.

On 26 July 1944, during World War II, San Casciano was almost entirely destroyed by an Allied bombardment.

The town was almost entirely destroyed during the Gothic Line phase of the Italian Campaign in World War II.

run entirely

EMF is a non-profit event run entirely by a team of volunteers.

This hospital at Wimereux, near Boulogne-sur-Mer, was run entirely at her own expense.

Line 1 mostly runs at ground level and the other two (Line 2 & 3) routes run entirely underground.

entirely composed

Some extrasolar planets may be almost entirely composed of diamond.

This album, entirely composed by the band, remains to date its most successful one.

The song was entirely composed by the band (members are writers, composers and performers).

lies entirely within

The glacier lies entirely within Mount Hood Wilderness.

The peak lies entirely within the bounds of Contra Costa County.

devoted entirely

He gained experience in neurosyphilis, having a 200-bed ward devoted entirely to that disorder.

And now, the second exhibition beyond the French border was about to take place; the first devoted entirely to Cubism.

In July 2008, Steven Meisel selected Dunn to appear on the cover of the "Vogue Italia" issue devoted entirely to black models.

entirely surrounded

This small village is entirely surrounded by many hills.

It is entirely surrounded by the Bahr Salamat Faunal Reserve.

This is an isolated crater that is entirely surrounded by lunar mare.

entirely produced

It was almost entirely produced by Beats By the Pound.

The album was entirely produced and arranged by Takuya Kuroda.

Sixtoo entirely produced Isaiah Toothtaker's "Sea Punk Funk" in 2012.

entirely black

are almost entirely black.

Female abdomen always darker, and may be entirely black; the yellow marks vary considerably.

Although the frames are entirely black or white, many people report seeing movement, shapes, or colors.

funded entirely

The film was funded entirely by the Garofalo Pasta Company.

The wing was funded entirely by Postgate from royalties received from the BBC.

Operations are funded entirely by revenue generated from sale of services, not from taxes.

entirely white

The ventral surface of the disc is entirely white.

The pope's pellegrina is entirely white.

In the 1960s, most of the northern suburbs were almost entirely white.

entirely devoted

Her life was entirely devoted to the cause, which she represented.

Chapter IV of the decree is entirely devoted to describing the flag and the protocol for its use.

It was named after the swallowtail butterfly genus "Papilio", and was entirely devoted to Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths).

entirely absent   (完全に欠席)

In the far north of this bay, saltwater species are almost entirely absent.

Neoantigens are those that are entirely absent from the normal human genome.

Other than a few early exceptions, the human figure is entirely absent from his oeuvre.

constructed entirely

The hull and wheelhouse were constructed entirely of aluminium to save weight.

Félicien de Saulcy suggested the temple was originally constructed entirely of white marble.

Unlike the Cornershot which is chiefly made of plastic, the POF Eye is constructed entirely of metal.

composed almost entirely

in 1969, which is composed almost entirely of covers of Western psychedelic rock acts.

During the mid-1980s, trains composed almost entirely of the distinctive TT containers were common.

Since film boards were composed almost entirely of whites, few review boards initially banned Griffith's picture".

entirely rural   (完全に田舎)

Apart from the small village of Chetton, the parish is entirely rural.

The site occupied 3,000 acres of farmland and market gardens, and was entirely rural in character.

The parish contains the village of Chelmarsh and smaller settlements, and is otherwise entirely rural.

never entirely

And thus was born a legend which has never entirely perished.

The circumstances and cause of his death were never entirely clear.

The mass media of Chile were never entirely freed from the influence of the United States.

entirely on location

"Sense8" was filmed almost entirely on location in a multitude of cities around the world.

It stars Claire Foy and Christian Cooke and is shot entirely on location in the Middle East.

It was based out of Marcel Pagnol's studios in Marseille and shot entirely on location in the South of France.

entirely based

Stevens's absorbed dose was almost entirely based on the Pu-238 in his system.

"Note: This text is entirely based on the municipal statistical database provided by the city council."

Characters in a party have a set initiative that is entirely based upon their Basic Speed characteristic.

entirely rebuilt

The abbey was entirely rebuilt between 1740 and 1752.

The temple was entirely rebuilt on a larger scale by Pepi I in the Sixth Dynasty.

Soon after, Mentuhotep II entirely rebuilt the temple, laying a stone pavement over the area, about square.

entirely possible

It is entirely possible for a peerage to remain in abeyance for centuries.

It is entirely possible to have safe air every day of the year but still fail the annual pollution benchmark.

It is entirely possible that police and investigators worked under immense pressure and were forced to stop the investigation.

place entirely   (完全に置きます)

He also goes on a date with Amy, which takes place entirely in Super Club.

The new comedy was the first ICTV show to take place entirely at Cornell University.

to not have a stationary stage, with the show taking place entirely on barges and boats.

entirely independent

This step is entirely independent of microbes.

Below the federal level, the parties are entirely independent.

The producers insisted their new series would be entirely independent.

entirely without

The film was produced in October 2011 entirely without permits in Kansas City and in London, England.

It is then possible to create an RTP-MIDI network entirely without needing to define any IP address and/or UDP port numbers.

CIG's co-founder and general counsel Ortwin Freyermuth characterized Smart's claims as "defamatory" and "entirely without merit".

not be entirely

However, consequentialism and virtue ethics need not be entirely antagonistic.

Thus this is a very tenuous dating parameter, but it cannot be entirely excluded.

Some claim that C2C certification may not be entirely sufficient in all eco-design approaches.

entirely successful

This is our first case, and I hope it will prove entirely successful.

Perhaps it should not be said that Gneist's career as a politician was entirely successful.

Unfortunately their efforts are not entirely successful and the three of them end up in jail for the night.

entirely due

In still others, the current is entirely due to positive charge flow.

Their advance was almost entirely due to centre Herb Gilbert, who moved from Easts, Hull F.C.

The concept of "cross"-examination is entirely due to adversarial structure of the common law.

entirely free   (完全に無料)

But Leavitt's life was not entirely free of trouble.

Antoine Fuqua's action movie is entirely free of surprise.

The writers aren't entirely free in choosing the name either.

now entirely

Its grapes are now entirely organically grown.

The area is now entirely agricultural.

The Classicomm service area is now entirely part of Rogers Cable.