Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

separate entity   (entidad separada)

Delta Sigma ceased to exist as a separate entity.

In January 2002 they became a separate entity Aragua F.C.

HUF is a separate entity for the purpose of assessment under the Act.

legal entity   (entidad legal)

But it still keeps its legal entity as a village.

Ericsson Mobile Platform ceased being a legal entity early 2009.

Until 2010, the legal entity of the DLM Forum was the DLM Network EEIG.

new entity   (nueva entidad)

A new entity called MOGDEM has been proposed.

This new entity will be run by The Bay CEO Bonnie Brooks.

The new entity will be called Southwest Regional Publishing Co.

single entity   (entidad única)

Kiama (as a single entity) won the title in 1945.

), counties, districts, etc., into a single entity.

If seen as a single entity, the EU is by far Morocco's largest trading partner.

political entity   (Entidad política)

(South Walpole is not a political entity.)

In time, an empire may change from one political entity to another.

Legislative houses in each political entity are the main source of law in Brazil.

independent entity

In 2008, DCMI separated from OCLC and incorporated as an independent entity.

Iklaina is surmised to be an independent entity that was subsumed by the Pylian state.

In 1943, the department became an independent entity again and moved to Taichū Prefecture.

entity called

A new entity called MOGDEM has been proposed.

He was quoted as saying, "Is there really an entity called al-Qaeda?

The regimental stores and treasury eventually went to a new entity called the Legion of Ardennes.

corporate entity

In 2002 it was spun off as a separate corporate entity and eventually sold to Aimia.

In February 2006, she and her corporate entity were sued by Weil for breach of contract.

The two companies became one corporate entity as JohnDel International, Inc. (Jll) in September 1986.

entity known

This is necessary because she has been infected by a malevolent entity known as "Nemesis".

Dying from the poisonous alien atmosphere, players are saved by an entity known as The Steward.

She provided the uncredited voice for the entity known as "The Companion" in the episode "" (1967).

business entity   (entidad de negocios)

Vi Senior Living is a distinct business entity from Hyatt and Global Hyatt Corporation.

"Voice of Hidayatulah" is one of business entity in Hidayatullah that is concentration in press.

The primary objective of a business entity is to make profit and increase the wealth of its owners.

government entity   (Entidad gubernamental)

The image has reappeared sporadically on books produced by the government entity since.

In 2004, the department ceased operation as a County government entity and became the Unified Fire Authority.

The terms defined are those in section 2510 of the title, "remote computing service," "court of competent jurisdiction," and "government entity."

entity within

Baxter Brothers traded as an entity within Low and Bonar until 1978.

The company continued as a distinct entity within the GUS holding company.

In practice it operated as a largely autonomous entity within the Spanish Empire.