İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

main entrance   (ana giriş)

The main entrance to the park is off Freemans Lane.

The commissionaire kept watch at the main entrance.

On the main entrance there are sculptures of faces.

entrance hall   (giriş salonu)

In 2012 a re-design of the entrance hall was completed.

The entrance hall retains its original stone-flagged floor.

Each room, including the entrance hall, is topped by a small dome.

near the entrance   (girişe yakın)

A house had a fireplace near the entrance.

"San Flaviano" sank near the entrance of Balikpapan harbour.

The second video showed the bombing from a front door near the entrance.

front entrance   (ön giriş)

The front entrance is covered by a slate-covered shed roof.

After their training, the player then goes to the front entrance of the village.

Wes Palm is a talking Palm Tree located at the front entrance to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

entrance exam   (giriş Sınavı)

The entrance exam of class 11th is conducted in Kohat.

At nine, he passed the entrance exam for Brentwood School.

For BE/B.Arch, previously IOE took entrance exam in two parts.

entrance examination   (giriş Sınavı)

Surya helps her in writing the entrance examination.

For this he had to pass an entrance examination.

He will soon be taking a high school entrance examination.

new entrance

A new entrance to the zoo was opened on 9 November 2010.

A new entrance slot was created to the steel Cor-Ten building.

He built a new eastern elevation and made a new entrance to the hall.

entrance building

Six more tombstones are inside the entrance building.

The entrance building of Niederselters station is listed.

The entrance building is a listed building.

above the entrance

The name El Tovar is carved on a scroll above the entrance.

A tughra of Sultan Abdülmecid I is put on above the entrance.

The statue of St Francis, above the entrance, was added in 1937.

entrance gate   (giriş kapısı)

the eastern entrance gate in the bulwark.

There is an entrance gate located on the axis of the building.

It takes about an hour to reach the entrance gate of the fort.

entrance door

The entrance door frame shows "sala bhanjikas".

The wooden entrance door is coffered with central roses.

There were two lines of inscription on the entrance door.

southern entrance

Until 2003 this station only had a southern entrance.

The southern entrance is located in a bus loop.

Next to the southern entrance was a well and an oven.

entrance fee

One hundred and two competitors paid a 10-franc entrance fee.

The garden was opened to the public in 1997, with a £4.50 entrance fee.

The entrance fee was five dollars, and the club sold around 300 tickets.

entrance exams   (Giriş sınavları)

Help is available for Science Fair, final exams and entrance exams.

He passes the entrance exams with flying colors because he is a self-taught genius.

It is read across India, mainly by students who wish to appear for competitive entrance exams.

central entrance

A central entrance door is flanked by multi-light sidelights.

Above the central entrance is a square two-story tower which houses a grand hall.

There is a central entrance pavilion, set between arched windows and Ionic pilasters.

entrance porch   (giriş sundurması)

The entrance porch dates from 1906–07.

Inside the main door is an entrance porch and a security door.

A gothic entrance porch was later (1815 to 1820) designed and added to the south front.

entrance is located

The southern entrance is located in a bus loop.

The main entrance is located in the base of the tower.

Doric Park's main entrance is located in Wharncliffe Road.

university entrance

In addition, Thaksin altered the state university entrance system.

In 1880 Nansen passed his university entrance examination, the "examen artium".

As a result, Dumfries Academy had the highest rate of university entrance of any state school for many years.

western entrance   (batı girişi)

His post was in the western entrance to the pass.

The western entrance to the Behm Canal also lies nearby.

It stands at what was for many years the western entrance to the city.

center entrance

It was originally a five-bay center entrance house.

That facade is five bays wide, with a center entrance.

Rectangular three-room dwellings with a center entrance were not unique to Scandinavia.

entrance examinations   (giriş sınavları)

The preliminary round of entrance examinations are done online.

The admission of students is based on the results of the NRU HSE entrance examinations.

Four scholarships will be awarded every year for each of the four entrance examinations.

station entrance   (istasyon girişi)

The station entrance is at the north end of the station.

The two staging areas will each be the location of a new station entrance.

The existing corner buildings at each station entrance location had been demolished.

eastern entrance   (doğu girişi)

the eastern entrance gate in the bulwark.

The eastern entrance is connected to Prince Regent station.

The highway begins at Osawatomie Road at the eastern entrance to the psychiatric hospital grounds.

northern entrance

In 2003 the northern entrance was opened due to BVG safety policies.

The small building 8 used for administration lies next to the northern entrance to campus.

The Édouard-Montpetit station is located near the northern entrance of the Mount Royal Tunnel.

entrance doors

The original entrance doors and windows are still in place.

The heavy protective entrance doors are the only sign of this dual use.

It has granite steps, wrought and cast iron double entrance doors, and a square cupola.

entrance gates   (giriş kapıları)

There are seven entrance gates to the Istiqlal Mosque.

The entrance gates were built in a Mission style in 1917.

The entrance gates are listed Grade II*.

south entrance

He lies to the east side of the south entrance path, facing away from the path.

The marina is east of the south entrance to the harbour and south of Coaling Island.

Onanole is located in southwest Manitoba, at the south entrance to Riding Mountain National Park.

north entrance

The north entrance provides direct access to the concourse level only with stairs.

The north entrance to New Avondale City Center in Arizona will bear the name Dale Earnhardt Drive.

The lighthouse is positioned west of the Rock of Gibraltar, on the Detached Mole at the north entrance to Gibraltar Harbour.

original entrance

The original entrance doors and windows are still in place.

The building retains its original entrance, windows and brick detailing."

The original entrance halls, as they existed in 1970, are no longer available.

side entrance   (yan giriş)

There was no-one watching at the side entrance.

A smaller side entrance on 43rd Street is only one story high.

The train care centre functions adjacent to eastern side entrance.

entrance and exit   (giriş ve çıkış)

A fifth auxiliary lane was added between the entrance and exit ramps of exits 1, 4, and 5.

It was a "one-way" trail (i.e., same entrance and exit) and ran from PR-143 to the Doña Juana Creek.

The escalators also underwent an overhaul and motorized doors were added to the station's entrance and exit.

park entrance

It was moved in 1964 to make room for a new park entrance station.

National park entrance gate, elephant stable, view tower, eco park.

Monument to Maxim Gorky was opened alongside of the main park entrance.

college entrance

He qualified in the second college entrance exam after Cultural Revolution in 1978.

In another story, Thomas reads his college entrance essay on the Butterfly Effect ("The Butterfly") to Alvin.

in 2006, 66 percent of student survey respondents had spoken with someone about college entrance requirements.

entrance portico   (giriş portiko)

The house features an Ionic columned entrance portico.

It has a 15th-century entrance portico.

It was a single story structure with a simple hipped roof and an entrance portico at its centre.

west entrance

An egg-shaped office designed by Ingo Maurer is near the west entrance.

Alfonso V supplied the theme of Renaissance sculptures over the west entrance.

Below the west entrance pavilion the legend "The Players" is traced in limestone.

arched entrance

The first floor formed an arched entrance to the city.

The side portal is an arched entrance with Tuscan columns and cornice and a cross in relief at the midpoint.

The arched entrance is formed by a millstone grit cap from beneath which the underlying limestone has been eroded.

separate entrance

Retail space with a separate entrance is located in the basement.

The museum main level is wheelchair accessible via a separate entrance.

A separate entrance provides direct access to the street outside the theater.

entrance ramp   (giriş rampası)

During the November revolution in Berlin in 1918, revolutionary leaders addressed the crowd from the entrance ramp of the palace.

The first implementation utilized a police officer at the top of an entrance ramp, stopping and releasing vehicles onto the highway at a predetermined rate.

When the Skyway was built, the old connection to Tonnele Circle became a left-side exit and entrance ramp to the Circle, with the Skyway passing over the Circle.

entrance area

The old bank building was mostly preserved especially the entrance area towards the Domshof.

The color of the station, which can be found on the roof supports and in the entrance area, is gray.

Today the area is in a state of decay as can be seen from the dilapidated state of this once-grand entrance area.

entrance music

"Here Comes the Sun" was used as the entrance music for Ivanka Trump.

It is also the entrance music for the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

In July 2016, "Here Comes the Sun" was played as the entrance music for Ivanka Trump at the Republican National Convention.

gain entrance

He plans to use Juliana to gain entrance into Camelot.

Sebastian and Roy gain entrance into Tyrell's penthouse, where Roy demands more life from his maker.

It is said that the key to gain entrance to the Black Lodge is fear—usually an act of brutal murder.

entrance front   (giriş önü)

Robert Adam designed the screen, which was added to the entrance front in 1788.

The new work created a three-storey three-bayed house with an east-facing entrance front.

Designed by Philip Wyatt and built 1822-28, the entrance front has 13 bays with a 6-column giant Corinthian portico.