İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

natural environment   (doğal çevre)

It is surrounded by a rural and natural environment.

This beautiful place is in a calm natural environment.

Gold mining can significantly alter the natural environment.

built environment   (yapılı çevre)

It is best known for its design work for the built environment.

Industry is a notable component of the built environment in Hermosa.

More recently, Atlanta's built environment has been getting more eclectic and diverse.

marine environment   (deniz ortamı)

The formation has been deposited in a shallow marine environment.

Their features became adapted for living in the marine environment.

The dolphin ear has specific adaptations to the marine environment.

learning environment   (öğrenme ortamı)

It provides a spacious and conducive learning environment.

This also gives the learning environment a fun and productive atmosphere.

The school delivers a rich and varied curriculum in an innovative learning environment.

work environment   (çalışma alanı)

iTEP Business measures the English skills needed for a work environment.

Duodji items were made and meant to be used in an everyday work environment.

Avian WE has a reputation for fostering a positive and productive work environment.

urban environment   (kentsel çevre)

The urban environment of Iraq made it difficult to utilize mortars.

Her artworks frequently embed natural imagery into the urban environment.

They find an urban environment where apes armed with heavy weapons hunt humans.

surrounding environment   (çevreleyen ortam)

It acts as an interface to the surrounding environment.

The surface phase of a solid interacts with the surrounding environment.

However, fines may be minimal when compared to the damage to the surrounding environment.

development environment   (geliştirme ortamı)

The commercial version of Esterel is the development environment Esterel Studio.

In 2001 Delphi 6 became the first integrated development environment to support web services.

GNAT Pro includes the GNU GCC based GNAT with a tool suite to provide an integrated development environment.

social environment   (sosyal çevre)

Group size is a major aspect of their social environment.

They believed that one's heredity and social environment determine one's character.

According to social learning theory, sexuality is influenced by people's social environment.

local environment   (yerel Çevre)

Organisms adapt to their local environment.

The presence of the Rofft influenced the local environment.

The ranges can change due to adaptation to the local environment.

new environment   (yeni çevre)

The animals are happy in the new environment as there are no humans.

He was not able to adapt with new environment, conditions and training methods.

Once familiar with his new environment, he began exporting Australian birds to Europe.

business environment   (iş çevresi)

A competitive business environment may call for unethical behavior.

The country needs to shift to a business environment that is conducive to private investment.

The original competencies were regulatory in nature, restricted to matters of maintaining a healthy business environment.

political environment   (Politik çevre)

The series is a blend of a political environment and stories of aliens and UFOs.

Last, Ephorist political thought had a dim view of the international political environment.

The political environment shifted with the onset of a new era known as the Hawaiian Revolutions.

working environment   (çalışma ortamı)

Welfare amenities, salary and perquisites, working environment etc.

This pumping creates a dry working environment so that the work can be carried out safely.

Even K.’s working environment is increasingly undermined by the fantastic, dreamlike world.

physical environment   (fiziki çevre)

The physical environment is clean, beautiful, integrating learning.

Virtual reality users remove themselves from the physical environment.

A student's physical environment therefore held an important role in their educational development.

protect the environment   (çevreyi Koru)

To further protect the environment, the rest rooms use recycled water.

This has been done to protect the environment from pollution and other ills.

MCC aims to protect the environment in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, with special attention to Maryland.

hostile environment   (düşman çevre)

"You come into a hostile environment and play the No.

Carol is left stranded on the other side of the barrier, lost in a hostile environment.

In the increasingly hostile environment, Napoleon ordered D'Armagnac to take over the city.

desktop environment   (masaüstü ortamı)

This allowed CDE to become a completely free and open source desktop environment.

In practice, software written on major libraries can be run under any desktop environment.

Storage was part of a larger design for a new desktop environment that was still under development.

safe environment   (güvenli çevre)

It's a safe environment for people of all ages.

This seminar allows ideas to bloom in a safe environment and vital connections are made.

Security Forces and Fire Department personnel provide a safe environment for our families.

environment through   (aracılığıyla çevre)

These contaminants enter the environment through both use and disposal.

While growing up, she became aware of our environment through her Ecology class.

Its purpose is to create a soothing, pleasant environment through the use of imagery.

external environment   (dış ortam)

Overall, Fe is concerned with phenomena to be harmonious with its external environment.

Microorganisms in the external environment have existed on Earth for 3.5 billion years.

City governments search for an equilibrium in their relations with the external environment.

controlled environment   (kontrollü çevre)

Human connection has only ever been speculated but has not occurred in controlled environment.

It also has entertainment systems inside the gondolas as well as a climate controlled environment.

Nurseries provide a controlled environment that is ideal for plant research for ecosystem restoration.

living environment   (yaşam ortamı)

The coloring of its body is extremely variable because it tends to match its living environment.

Pui Pui's Home was designed to provide the reptile with a healthy and comfortable living environment.

It consists of two separate buildings, providing a "home" living environment for 12 upper-division students.

environment around   (çevre)

It also requires infrastructure that disturbs the environment around it.

A habitat and the environment around it has natural flaws that make them vulnerable to invasive species.

Carbon dioxide can be used to extinguish flames by flooding the environment around the flame with the gas.

create an environment   (çevre yarat)

The campus aims to create an environment that will invoke the spirit of innovation, technology and invention.

These buildings help create an environment that is distinctive and lays the foundation for a cohesive community.

virtual environment   (sanal çevre)

Online games require a virtual environment, generally called a "game server".

The virtual environment characterises the environment in which a VFSM operates.

A virtual finite state machine is a finite state machine (FSM) defined in a virtual environment.

harsh environment   (zorlu ortam)

The harsh environment was hard on Iosepans' health.

After settling, this family struggles to survive in the harsh environment.

This harsh environment caused Zainab Pasha along with other women to revolt.

integrated development environment   (entegre geliştirme ortamı)

In 2001 Delphi 6 became the first integrated development environment to support web services.

GNAT Pro includes the GNU GCC based GNAT with a tool suite to provide an integrated development environment.

It has been broadly adopted by programmers and is a key part of the Eclipse integrated development environment.

school environment   (okul çevresi)

It takes place in a high school environment in Den City.

Horror about a psychopathic mass murderer takes place in an elite Catholic girls' school environment.

His parents fought and eventually separated, and he felt alienated from a hostile school environment.

economic environment   (ekonomik çevre)

Helping is influenced by economic environment within the culture.

As an economic environment, Finland's judiciary is efficient and effective.

Texas has been suggested as an alternate for its more amenable political and economic environment.

protecting the environment   (çevreyi korumak)

The defendants claim that they are protecting the environment.

The Declaration makes an Islamic faith-endorsed case for protecting the environment with support from global Muslim leaders.

The master plan for the community called for preserving trees, protecting the environment, minimizing flooding and creating a "pleasant" urban environment.

educational environment   (eğitim ortamı)

The Center benefits from a strong religious and educational environment.

In 2010, the university joined the European educational environment by signing Magna Carta.

In 1996, Acadia University pioneered the use of mobile computing technology in a post-secondary educational environment.

cultural environment   (Kültürel çevre)

The party therefore created an autonomous social and cultural environment in the worker-populated areas of the Weimar.

The Junee roundhouse is assessed as being a rare and endangered example of the state's historical and cultural environment.

The Olvera Street continues to provide a Mexican cultural environment that is influenced by the history of the Avila Adobe home.

home environment   (ev çevresi)

Causes of stress in the environment can be things like a poor home environment or poverty.

Because of a poor home environment, he ran away from home in 1938 to live with an aunt and uncle in Salem, Oregon.

Hardly any of the responses were similar, even though the plants had become accustomed to exactly the same home environment.

favorable environment   (uygun ortam)

Under a favorable environment, the system was named Ian later that day.

and the system is also located under high vertical wind shear and favorable environment.

The disturbance was in an unusually favorable environment with a slightly below-average wind shear and above-average sea surface temperatures.

operating environment   (çalışma ortamı)

Factors influencing the tribological process will vary with the operating environment.

Callio aims to make Pyhäsalmi Mine an operating environment for businesses and an underground research facility.

Requirements for individual software vary widely and must be considered, with those of the base operating environment.

competitive environment   (rekabetçi ortam)

In this case the HHI is 0,0944 (not concentrated market, even if not highly competitive environment).

Furthermore, these companies will often create a competitive environment which pits women against each other.

The school is dedicated to providing the type of education that students need to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

environment such   (çevre böyle)

El Niño can lead to drastic, though temporary, changes in the environment such as temperature fluctuations and flash floods.

The game applies some new features to the franchise, including a highly destructible environment such as blowing walls through houses.

Growing in popularity is the idea of gamifying, or using game design elements and game principles in a non-game environment such as customer service environments.

environment within   (içindeki ortam)

Helping is influenced by economic environment within the culture.

"Myripristis jacobus" can be located in a marine environment within a subtropical climate.

Jump off Joe lies in a semi-arid environment within the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains.

aquatic environment   (su ortamı)

The placoderms began dominating almost every known aquatic environment.

Selective pressures exist however in the aquatic environment that may reduce the virulence of "V. cholerae".

Manatees have evolved streamlined bodies which lack external ear flaps, thus decreasing resistance in the aquatic environment.

academic environment   (akademik çevre)

The institute provides simulating academic environment for new technology.

They started in the academic environment of the Jazz program at the Trondheim Musikkonservatorium.

She was brought up in a well-to-do academic environment together with her four brothers and her twin sister.