environmental issues   (環境問題)

She is strongly concerned with environmental issues.

The paper also contains news on environmental issues.

There are many environmental issues in Bihar.

environmental impact   (環境への影響)

An environmental impact study was finalized in 2011.

This breaks up environmental impact into five stages.

, the city has focused on reducing its environmental impact.

environmental protection   (環境を守ること)

Goldwater was a strong supporter of environmental protection.

She is also very active in promoting environmental protection.

Rankin has been an outspoken advocate for environmental protection.

environmental conditions   (環境条件)

Some environmental conditions stimulate broodiness.

The fossil assemblage present suggests arid environmental conditions.

Environmental sensors would monitor environmental conditions at the landing site.

environmental factors   (環境要因)

Cancer is often related to environmental factors.

Most of the focus on CCD has been toward environmental factors.

Total photosynthesis is limited by a range of environmental factors.

environmental education

The park offers environmental education programs based on similar themes.

The environmental education center opened in 1977 and the training center opened in 1980.

Its focus is environmental education about the natural history of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

environmental impacts   (環境への影響)

Coasts also face many human-induced environmental impacts.

Further discussion on environmental impacts was initiated in 2000.

Cement manufacture causes environmental impacts at all stages of the process.

environmental concerns

Diesel oil is no longer used as a release agent due to environmental concerns.

Various plans encountered resistance due to budgetary and environmental concerns.

By 1972, the plan for the nuclear plant was dropped due to environmental concerns.

environmental groups

Trevena campaigned more in the rural areas and with environmental groups.

The environmental groups could not point out any concrete ongoing injury.

At the same time membership in environmental groups became more suburban and urban.

environmental health   (環境衛生)

As a result, they function as indicators of environmental health.

Elemental antimony metal does not affect human and environmental health.

Regarding environmental health, studies have found no or a positive effect.

environmental problems

Armenia is trying to address its environmental problems.

Armenia is working on addressing its environmental problems.

He also lists twelve environmental problems facing humankind today.

social and environmental   (社会的および環境的)

Impact investments provide capital to address social and environmental issues.

Roper's most recognised works relate to the aspects of social and environmental communication.

Her work focuses on the role of the arts and design in addressing social and environmental concerns.

environmental degradation   (環境劣化)

The spill caused environmental degradation.

Haiti also suffers from severe environmental degradation.

PERC says that government policy is the root cause of much environmental degradation.

environmental damage   (環境被害)

Poor mining practices have led to environmental damage.

Agent Orange also caused enormous environmental damage in Vietnam.

As CEO of the , he organised a reduction of the environmental damage mining had caused.

environmental studies

She was an affiliate faculty of the Goucher environmental studies program.

Polak attended the University of Waterloo in the environmental studies program.

The Science exam included content in science, technology, ecology and the environmental studies.

environmental law

Ince's first two books concerned the then emerging field of environmental law.

The case is a contributor to the development of international environmental law.

Customary international law is an important source of international environmental law.

environmental sustainability   (環境の持続可能性)

They advocate action for environmental sustainability.

The seminars focus on environmental sustainability and human sustainability.

The UTC specialised in engineering, construction and environmental sustainability.

other environmental   (その他の環境)

He proposed funding cuts for clean energy and other environmental programs.

Greenpeace and some other environmental groups have called for the chlorine industry to be phased out.

Unlike other environmental groups, Seacology does not offer memberships, which further reduces its expenditures.

environmental policy

Initially, EU environmental policy focused on Europe.

To that end, an ambitious environmental policy has been set.

This includes environmental policy and safety and social aspects.

environmental effects

Spray paint has many negative environmental effects.

Most concerns are around the health and environmental effects of GMOs.

Modern mine reclamation minimizes and mitigates the environmental effects of mining.

environmental science

Catalysis is relevant to many aspects of environmental science, e.g.

Xu has a MS degree in environmental science degree from Peking University.

She studied environmental science and public policy at Harvard University.

environmental activist   (環境活動家)

Susana Heisse Susana Heisse is an environmental activist in Guatemala.

The party was founded in May 2012 by former environmental activist Darko Pajović.

Marco Camenisch Marco Camenisch is a Swiss anarchist and environmental activist.

environmental movement

environmental movement at the first ever national meeting.

More recently, Dürr has contributed to the global environmental movement.

environmental movement.

environmental management

Its inventor has referred to it as "an environmental management device".

SMPI is committed to environmental management and became ISO 14001 certified in 2008.

The foundation of Teatown's Stewardship Program is built on science and environmental management.

environmental and social   (環境社会)

Another risk concerns environmental and social impacts.

The song is about the growth of suburbia and its negative environmental and social aspects.

A major component of concrete is cement, which similarly exerts environmental and social effects.

environmental justice

Waste management is a significant environmental justice issue.

"MULE" claims to be committed to social, economic and environmental justice and social change.

She describes the themes of her work as "architecture, infrastructure, environmental justice, and abstract drawing."

environmental awareness   (環境意識)

The "school" is host to music and environmental awareness camps.

It is included in a booklet about environmental awareness that is distributed by the Anjō city government.

Members share a strong sense of environmental awareness, therefore they strive to live lightly on the land.

environmental changes

This is a thin layer of tough limestone (formed as a result of environmental changes).

They may have included environmental changes and failings of the Khmer infrastructure.

"G. spixii" tolerates a wide range of environmental changes, though they need open habitats.

environmental organizations

However, since then, environmental organizations have taken steps to save the species.

gogoyoko pledged to donate 10% of all advertisement revenues to charity and environmental organizations.

The main opposition to CAFTA came from PAC, labor unions, environmental organizations and public universities.

environmental assessment   (環境アセスメント)

DDOT began an environmental assessment of the CSX tracks in July 2003.

The department approved the project and its environmental assessment report.

In practice, the River Continuum Concept is used today mainly for environmental assessment of rivers.

environmental conservation

The city is home to seven environmental conservation units.

The government plays an active role in environmental conservation efforts.

Nature Club Surat is actively starting projects to promote environmental conservation.

environmental regulations

Residents alleged that the company regularly violates local environmental regulations.

This application has declined since the 1970s due to environmental regulations (see below).

are lower or environmental regulations are more lax, which are usually further from consumer markets.

environmental change

However, it may also reflect a sudden environmental change or boundary.

Together they proposed a feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change.

Microfauna are better indicators of climate and environmental change than larger species.

due to environmental

Diesel oil is no longer used as a release agent due to environmental concerns.

The highway was ultimately canceled due to environmental and community opposition.

By 1972, the plan for the nuclear plant was dropped due to environmental concerns.

environmental pollution

In China, heavy metals also cause environmental pollution.

One of the most burdensome legacies of the Soviet era is widespread environmental pollution.

Problems for all ecosystems include: environmental pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss.

environmental laws

Other programs work on developing stronger environmental laws, regulations, and standards.

An additional debate is to what extent environmental laws are fair to all regulated parties.

He maintains that many federal environmental laws and regulations infringed on individuals' property rights.

economic and environmental

The plans were controversial from the start because of economic and environmental concerns.

In economic and environmental issues, the RPF was in favour of strong government influence.

"MULE" claims to be committed to social, economic and environmental justice and social change.

environmental engineering

Upon high school graduation she studied environmental engineering.

As such he has bridged biomedical engineering with environmental engineering.

This interaction plays an important role in natural system as well as in environmental engineering.

environmental organization

Iniciativa Amotocodie Iniciativa Amotocodie is an environmental organization in Paraguay.

They worked with Reverb, a non-profit environmental organization, on their 2007 summer tour.

Dumont is a member of The Surfrider Foundation, an environmental organization to preserve coastal life.

global environmental

More recently, Dürr has contributed to the global environmental movement.

The country's haor wetlands are of significance to global environmental science.

Together they proposed a feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change.

environmental benefits

Using waste as fuel can offer important environmental benefits.

This produces a strong product with good insulation properties and environmental benefits.

The decreased distance of food transportation has also been promoted for its environmental benefits.

environmental monitoring

The Station is the site of research in the areas of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem ecology, and environmental monitoring.

View video presentations and displays which exhibit sophisticated environmental monitoring systems installed in the Trail area by Teck.

Soil Moisture Active Passive Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) is a NASA environmental monitoring satellite launched on 31 January 2015.

health and environmental   (健康と環境)

Most concerns are around the health and environmental effects of GMOs.

New chemicals, however, would be subject to review for health and environmental risks.

The following year, USAEHA was given command of the health and environmental resources of the Army medical laboratories.

environmental standards

To this end it has adopted laws establishing minimum employment and environmental standards.

Water quality standards and environmental standards relating to wastewater are usually set by national bodies.

Built in 2014, the Brooks headquarters meet the environmental standards of Seattle's Deep Green Pilot Program.

environmental causes

This mobile display helped to publicise his environmental causes.

The diseases of affluence are non-infectious diseases with environmental causes.

No environmental causes were found after repeat testing and the students improved once the media attention died down.

various environmental

The school has an active participation in various environmental works.

Offshore structures are exposed to various environmental loads, notably wind, waves and currents.

First, the person is usually predisposed to decreased blood pressure by various environmental factors.

environmental quality

It regulates economic development, transportation, and environmental quality in the region.

In matters concerning environmental quality, the authority is subordinate to the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment.

They also perform functions in the areas of environmental quality control and the operational phase of a chemical plant.

environmental hazards

The world is populated with hostile monsters and environmental hazards.

The threats posed by many of these environmental hazards have been amplified by climate changes in recent decades.

Pikmin appear in a variety of colours, which signify the Pikmin's abilities and resistance to environmental hazards.

international environmental

Georgia participates in a number of international environmental agreements.

The case is a contributor to the development of international environmental law.

Customary international law is an important source of international environmental law.

negative environmental

Spray paint has many negative environmental effects.

The song is about the growth of suburbia and its negative environmental and social aspects.

Byrne tried to kill the proposal because of the negative environmental impact it would have.

environmental impact statement   (環境影響声明)

A second study was initiated around 1992, and a draft environmental impact statement was issued in 1997.

The EPA granted permission for the experiment without requiring a hearing or an environmental impact statement.

Governor Abercrombie subsequently approved the project's final environmental impact statement on December 16, 2010.

environmental policies

Costa Rica also has progressive environmental policies.

Several influential scholars from RFF's early years helped shape environmental policies worldwide.

The city has introduced a series of environmental policies since the 1990s to address these problems.

environmental sciences

She co-created the Master of Science in aquatic environmental sciences at FSU with Jeff Chanton.

From 1978 to 1990, he was director of the division of environmental sciences at Columbia Mailman School of Public Health.

and a number of interdisciplinary programs, including environmental sciences, molecular biology, and international studies.

environmental impact assessment   (環境影響評価)

Plans for construction of the high rock-filled Letsibogo Dam on the Motloutse River also included careful environmental impact assessment studies.

Laws mandating environmental impact assessment and requiring or encouraging development to minimize environmental impacts may be assessed against this principle.

Ultimately, following an environmental impact assessment and Bord Pleanála approval in 2009, the project was approved without any changes to the planned location.

environmental activists

On December 7, 2005, one of the largest arrests of environmental activists in American history began.

Greenpeace was founded in 1971 by Irving Stowe and Dorothy Stowe, Canadian and US ex-pat environmental activists.

The reserve was proclaimed as a national protected area in 2015, after environmental activists successfully lobbied against development of the land.

local environmental

Residents alleged that the company regularly violates local environmental regulations.

EN4M allows local environmental groups to coordinate their efforts and share resources.

The pipeline was opposed by local environmental groups, who felt it would disturb a nearby artificial reef.

major environmental   (主要な環境)

Also there are no major environmental issues or natural hazards.

Environmentalists consider these events major environmental disasters.

It sank off the coast of France in 1999, causing a major environmental disaster.

environmental group

When questioned about his opinion on campus environmental group, MaryPIRG, the King answered that he "used to date her sister".

"The damage done is irreparable and the apologies offered by the environmental group aren't enough," she said at a news conference.

On March 23, 2005, the city filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent Time's Up!, a direct action environmental group, from promoting or advertising Critical Mass rides.

environmental performance   (環境パフォーマンス)

The Code is intended as a good practice global standard for measuring the environmental performance of corporate buildings.

The Aquaculture Innovation and Market Access Program (AIMAP) of the DFO aims to encourage technological innovation in the industry to improve its "global competitiveness and environmental performance".

Improved environmental performance and the need for stable economic environment provide incentive for investment to substantially reduce the negative environmental impact of burning raw ('as mined') brown coal.

environmental research

He was awarded the Centenary Medal in 2001 for service to environmental research.

The institute's activities are focused on environmental research and management in the polar regions.

Synergic to the environmental policy in Europe is the European environmental research and innovation policy.

environmental and economic

Harris offers an explanation based on environmental and economic factors instead.

Construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline near the Borjomi has been controversial because of potential negative environmental and economic impacts on the region.

They are planning a community consultation program and hope to reassure residents of Famatina about the potential environmental and economic impacts a mining project in their area could have.

environmental stewardship

Scientists call this environmental stewardship process adaptive management.

Avalon has made social responsibility, health and safety and environmental stewardship its cornerstones of development.

Brown has committed to "minimize its energy use, reduce negative environmental impacts and promote environmental stewardship."

environmental challenges

The world faces serious environmental challenges.

These efforts include setting management priorities and deciding on specific responses to environmental challenges.

This process, as well as the emerging coastal environmental challenges are being dealt, together with other Mediterranean countries .

significant environmental   (重要な環境)

Waste management is a significant environmental justice issue.

The dam also feature significant environmental remediation efforts.

European rabbits and red foxes cause significant environmental damage in the region's agriculture areas.

genetic and environmental

Aggression in cattle can arise from both genetic and environmental factors.

Autism is associated with a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Dyslexia is believed to be caused by the interaction of genetic and environmental factors.

environmental influences

In this manner, genetic differences between plants were separated from environmental influences.

However, shared environmental influences often decrease to near zero after adolescence but do not completely disappear.

This observed co-occurrence is partly due to genetic and environmental influences shared between these traits and anxiety.