İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

episcopal consecration   (piskoposluk kutsama)

includes episcopal consecration in E.G.C.

His episcopal consecration took place on September 10, 2012.

Grand Master Theodor Reuss episcopal consecration and primatial authority in their GCC.

received his episcopal   (piskoposluğunu aldı)

He received his episcopal consecration from Cardinal Francis Arinze on 27 September 2008.

He received his episcopal consecration from Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Secretary of State, on 31 May.

He received his episcopal consecration on the following February 25 from Cardinal Costantino Patrizi Naro.

episcopal see   (piskoposluk görmek)

It also continued to function as an episcopal see.

The vacancy of the episcopal see was declared again.

Augustine established his episcopal see at Canterbury.

episcopal seat

It is the episcopal seat of the Bishop of Troyes.

This fortress-like episcopal seat was built in the last quarter of the 5th century.

Torreblanda was an ancient episcopal seat of the Roman province of Byzacena in Tunisia.

episcopal ordination   (piskoposluk koordinasyonu)

González received episcopal ordination on May 19, 1999.

The episcopal ordination was received on 5 September 1635.

Before his episcopal ordination he had to return to Belgium.