Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

military equipment   (equipamiento militar)

Most of Bangladesh's military equipment comes from China.

In 2008, Mexico purchased US$210 million of Israeli military equipment.

A Model Room includes more than 100 scale models of military equipment.

other equipment   (otro equipo)

Other high costs are related to other equipment and constructions.

Companies may fabricate other equipment in addition to heat exchangers.

The first task was to offload the rover and other equipment from the LM.

standard equipment   (equipamiento estandar)

Brake Assist was offered as standard equipment.

In 1993, a passenger airbag was added as standard equipment.

New low-drag disc brakes were featured as standard equipment.

equipment used   (equipamiento usado)

There are many different types of equipment used for cooking.

These cars consisted of a variety of equipment used on the IRT.

The only modern equipment used is related to safety and timing.

new equipment   (Nuevo equipamiento)

They cannot afford education, food, new equipment.

She can also restock on supplies and collect new equipment.

We will test our new equipment including the landing devices.

equipment such

The following games share common equipment such as tables and balls.

Foodservice equipment such as dish washers, ranges, ovens, mixers etc.

Spotters use equipment such as ADS-B decoders to track the movements of aircraft.

electrical equipment   (equipo eléctrico)

The electrical equipment was supplied by General Electric.

The electrical equipment was contained in the central body.

They reused electrical equipment from withdrawn 1927 Stock units.

medical equipment   (Equipo medico)

Foods and medical equipment can be sterilized with radiation.

The hospital has medical equipment all at a cost more than Rs.

It’s fully customized with state-of-the-art in-flight medical equipment.

heavy equipment

ravines) by heavy equipment is also planned.

The troops left by ship, abandoning some heavy equipment.

They are especially prevalent in the mobile heavy equipment segment.

personnel and equipment   (personal y equipo)

Assumed personnel and equipment of the inactivated unit.

Transferred, without personnel and equipment, to the US in June 1947.

Also in February, personnel and equipment were embarked aboard the USS Mt.

electronic equipment

Jonathan finds a set of computers and electronic equipment on site.

There are many different types of coils used in electric and electronic equipment.

The human ear may be able to tell the difference better than electronic equipment.

radio equipment

Modern mobile radio equipment is "feature rich".

The boats were fitted with radio equipment.

However, the radio equipment was lost during the landing.

communications equipment

Electrical equipment may be for power distribution equipment, or for communications equipment.

Soon, the boat is vandalized, rendering some of the navigation and communications equipment inoperable.

A unit established in 1943 trained radio operators and mechanics on B-29 Superfortress communications equipment.

recording equipment

Anger provided a modest $3,000 for the purchase of recording equipment.

A pickup can also be connected to recording equipment via a patch cable.

During the 1990s, he created several of his own pieces of recording equipment.

construction equipment

Volunteers started to acquire additional railroad and construction equipment.

There was a variety of construction equipment, mobile bridging, trucks, and prime movers.

All the construction equipment required, along with trained operators, had to be brought in.

protective equipment   (equipo de proteccion)

In such cases staff are issued with protective equipment.

it gets stuck in their protective equipment), a penalty corner is awarded.

At some stage, the helmet and protective equipment will need to be removed.

equipment and supplies

The squadron performed worldwide airlift of personnel, equipment and supplies.

The huge build-up of equipment and supplies represented a major AA defence task.

Nisbets Nisbets is a British multi-channel retailer of catering equipment and supplies.

safety equipment

Ice-poles and other safety equipment are not carried.

The College was also criticized for lack of safety equipment.

As with the GTI, a very high level of safety equipment is found as standard on the MkVII GTD.

original equipment

Billson's also retains several pieces of original equipment.

The plant operated with its original equipment until it closed.

UQM's products are sold direct to original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

farm equipment

In 1965, Louden's line of farm equipment was discontinued.

He sold farm equipment.

Following their wedding, Nutter entered the farm equipment business in Sidney.

equipment manufacturer   (fabricante de equipos)

Essex Wire Corporation was founded in 1930 and was an original equipment manufacturer.

These are provided by one of the world telecommunication equipment manufacturer, Huawei.

The headquarters of German television and AV equipment manufacturer, Loewe, is located here.

piece of equipment

Upgrade stations can improve the effect of one piece of equipment.

The first piece of equipment they had was a trailer with a pump on it.

Open frame LCDs are intended to be built into some other piece of equipment.

control equipment   (equipo de control)

All armament was removed, and radio control equipment was installed.

Unpowered carriages could also be attached and some had control equipment.

The control equipment was left unaltered, but adjustable couplings were fitted at both ends.

equipment manufacturers

as well as representatives from most major equipment manufacturers.

It is amongst the top 50 defence equipment manufacturers in the world.

UQM's products are sold direct to original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

modern equipment

He brought modern equipment from England for this purpose.

The clinics lack modern equipment and specialists, however.

The only modern equipment used is related to safety and timing.

supplies and equipment

Delivery of supplies and equipment sometimes took months, not weeks.

Chaban Co. ($2 million in sales) a San Francisco distributor of restaurant supplies and equipment.

On very remote routes considerable supplies and equipment may be required; this can include prearranged caches.

equipment including

We will test our new equipment including the landing devices.

Sigma SE offered equipment including five-position, reclining rear seats.

Wilderness areas do not allow motorized or mechanical equipment including bicycles.

audio equipment

At age twelve, he was tinkering with audio equipment as a hobby.

Company executives promised they would never make or sell audio equipment.

The P300 was designed to produce up to 300 watts of clean power to connected audio equipment.

special equipment

Their special equipment is the tyres.

It is not cleaned chemically, but with special equipment using air.

They used no special equipment.

weapons and equipment

Therefore, most of Canadian weapons and equipment during the war was imported from either Britain or the US.

There are weapons and equipment at their disposal, from offensive systems to defensive drones and satellites.

The series features fully posable military and licensed 12-inch figures with cloth uniforms, weapons and equipment.

test equipment   (equipo de prueba)

Types of electronic test equipment include:

The degree of combustion can be measured and analyzed with test equipment.

The mean time between failures is better than 900 hours with Built-in test equipment (BITE).

sports equipment

The money was used for airfare, uniforms and sports equipment.

VAUDE VAUDE () is a German producer of mountain sports equipment.

For instance, there is an elementary index for "sports equipment in Seattle".

playground equipment

Close to the beach is a small park with playground equipment and picnic tables.

Many things were added and will be added, including new playground equipment and a gazebo.

The high school's landscaped grounds included playground equipment, a track, and a football field.

pieces of equipment

At a minimum, an atom probe will consist of several key pieces of equipment.

In addition, over 3,000 pieces of equipment were deployed from Fort McCoy by train.

Initially Studio WIRESELF operated on large pieces of equipment, both analog and digital.

support equipment   (Equipo de Apoyo)

NATO acquired 18 E-3As and support equipment for a NATO air defense force.

The 42 missiles and their support equipment were loaded onto eight Soviet ships.

There was no damage to the vehicle, and only minor damage to ground support equipment.

troops and equipment

It can carry 32 fully armed troops and equipment at a cruising speed over 1000 km of 14 knots.

But by the time that happened, the Russian government had been moving troops and equipment to the German front for a week.

"Jun'yō" ferried aircraft to Sumatra in mid-August and troops and equipment to the Caroline Islands in September and October.

agricultural equipment

Vermeer Company Vermeer Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial and agricultural equipment.

The community took its name from the Grant-Ferris Company, manufacturers of agricultural equipment.

To this end, each school was supplied with agricultural equipment and farmland with which to teach these skills.

equipment included

Early users of mobile radio equipment included transportation and government.

Other equipment included a mechanical bull and equipment for aerial movements.

Air Force equipment included in 2004 260 fighter-ground attack/training aircraft and 80 attack helicopters.

technical equipment

Thus it was shown what good technical equipment could do for the industry.

This new licence was given effect without material change to the technical equipment already installed there.

The building houses some offices, but is mainly used to house technical equipment (switching equipment, etc.)

equipment needed

It is a set of personally-owned mining tools and equipment needed by the miner in his daily work.

Mohan purchases all the equipment needed from his own funds and oversees the building of the power generation unit.

Due to the sheer amounts of equipment needed, two copies of "Settlers" and "Seafarers" are required to set up this scenario.

equipment includes

Army equipment includes 1800 main battle tanks (MBT) and 2600 AFV/APC.

Its equipment includes Russian-manufactured fighters, bombers and transport planes.

The force's equipment includes several Russian-supplied fighter planes and transports.

necessary equipment   (equipo necesario)

Unfortunately, little of the necessary equipment was available.

All the necessary equipment for the route was carried in rucksacks.

Homeowners would be paid £50 a night and the company would provide any necessary equipment.

radar equipment

The system's primary subject is enemy radar equipment.

FG-1E: Goodyear FG-1 with radar equipment.

During and after the war Bendix made radar equipment of various types.

computer equipment

The building also collects heat from computer equipment and recycles it throughout the structure.

Regulatory agencies, local and statewide, monitor the disposal of CRTs and other computer equipment.

Much of the allegedly stolen merchandise consists of computer equipment and handheld gadgets such as iPods.

mining equipment

At the time, Luckenbach was selling mining equipment to silver miners in Colorado.

As demand for mining equipment and labour grew, so did the surrounding settlements of Ferguson and at Trout Lake.

It has mining equipment, a Stamp Mill that was used for crushing the ore and historic buildings which are pictured.

specialized equipment

Also, the success of the business justifies large investment in specialized equipment.

Later on, specialized equipment and techniques were developed specifically for the unique needs of BASE jumping.

Xenon is odourless and rapid in onset, but is expensive and requires specialized equipment to administer and monitor.

industrial equipment

Lowboys are used to haul heavy equipment such as bulldozers, industrial equipment etc.

Molybdenum was also used to fight weather erosion, friction, and chemical exposure of industrial equipment.

The scope of RoHS 2 is widened to include products previously excluded, such as medical devices and industrial equipment.

men and equipment

Part of the action was a Japanese attempt to reinforce Guadalcanal with men and equipment on troop transports.

This contrasts with army organization where units remain static, with the same men and equipment, over long periods of time.

Once more, the Eighth Army had failed to destroy Rommel's forces, despite its overwhelming superiority in men and equipment.

communication equipment

At 1700 hours all communication equipment was destroyed.

In addition, several firearms, drug loads, and radio communication equipment were confiscated.

New technologies such as mortar ballistic computers and communication equipment and are being integrated.

machinery and equipment

Roy Buckley purchased the manufacturing machinery and equipment.

The physics laboratory is equipped with machinery and equipment suitable for graduate students.

The most important export commodities were clothing, footwear, iron and steel, machinery and equipment, and fuels.

own equipment

Each hoplite provided his own equipment.

It continued to own equipment, but the equipment was operated by the C.S.L.

Mobile discos were hired deejays that brought their own equipment to provide music for special events.

all equipment

This department is responsible for all equipment hung (flown) in the theater space.

The plan includes the modernization and expansion of all equipment and infrastructures and providing enhanced training.

On completion of the flight test, the article is removed and all equipment is disassembled and transported from the site.

laboratory equipment

Splint (laboratory equipment) A splint (or spill) is a simple piece of equipment used in scientific laboratories.

Lucca is a childhood friend of Crono's and a mechanical genius; her home is filled with laboratory equipment and machinery.

Whole process is relatively easy to perform and require just changes of given solutions with no need for some customized laboratory equipment.

diving equipment

DUI has several patents related to diving equipment and dry suits.

Surface supplied diving equipment may provide a constant flow or demand regulated gas supply.

Not only is the underwater environment hazardous but the diving equipment itself can be dangerous.

production equipment

Cramp also purchased new tools and production equipment.

Mike Will uses a variety of production equipment to create beats.

The production equipment for the bridge segments were supplied by the Dutch machine building company H.J.

additional equipment

In training, they may use additional equipment.

The proposed sales also include additional equipment and support.

These services include upgrading overall armor, handling, cargo hold, and an additional equipment slot.

office equipment

Some fanzines are typed and photocopied by amateurs using standard home office equipment.

The Opposition Whips liaise with him on matters such as office equipment which they may require.

A class of office equipment was created to achieve this which became known as "stamp mutilators".

sound equipment

Two buildings were destroyed, along with the park's offices, costumes, sound equipment, and props.

Sunn Sound Equipment based in Meridian Mississippi sponsored the band in the late 1960s by furnishing all sound equipment.

Power for lighting, radios, mobile phones, sound equipment and laptop computers was supplied by solar panels and a wind turbine.

handling equipment

Fork trucks deliver a six-bale stack to bale handling equipment for destacking and dewiring.

This included engine shipping and handling equipment, aircraft towbars and special aircraft tooling.

When the war ended, the Americans left behind in Australia their materials handling equipment and a very large stock of pallets.

equipment company   (empresa de equipos)

Kerui Petroleum Kerui Petroleum is a Chinese oil services and equipment company.

Hi-fi equipment company and record label, Linn Products is situated in Waterfoot.

He subsequently becomes the first professional golfer to open a golf equipment company under his own name.

personal protective equipment   (equipo de protección personal)

Most personal protective equipment for fencing is made of tough cotton or nylon.

These baths require personal protective equipment to prevent injury to exposed skin.

SATRA is also a Notified Body for EU Directives on personal protective equipment, toys and construction products.

equipment and personnel   (equipo y personal)

Support equipment and personnel from the 178th were also reassigned to the 177th.

The extent of the GI can depend on many variables such as, character of site, availability of equipment and personnel and costs of methods.

The operation was directed by the Sicherheitspolizei and the technical equipment and personnel was provided by the Orpo Funkabwehrdienst in Paris.

play equipment   (equipo de juego)

The shop grew to specialise in play equipment, toys and hobbies.

Millfield Close also has a small area with play equipment on, which is rented from Charnwood Borough Council.

There are two groups of play equipment, a basketball court, a baseball/softball diamond, a raised patio sprinkler for water play during summer months.

photographic equipment

When the police searched Williams' flat, photographic equipment was found.

The list is intended to supplement the list of photographic equipment makers.

The first F-9 aircraft were sixteen B-17Fs, with bombing equipment replaced by photographic equipment.

mechanical equipment

No motorized vehicles or mechanical equipment is allowed within a wilderness area.

Wilderness areas do not allow motorized or mechanical equipment including bicycles.

Some mechanical equipment scanned lines vertically rather than horizontally, as in modern TVs.

video equipment

He was also a collector of state of the art video equipment.

A powerful microscope is employed along with video equipment.

The SDI also had the ability to be synchronized to other video equipment.

scientific equipment

"Curiosity" has an advanced payload of scientific equipment on Mars.

Future applications for 3D printing might include creating open-source scientific equipment.

Household appliances, computers, CDs, telephones, medical and scientific equipment are being produced.

processing equipment

The third level is one large room with rolling screens and other processing equipment.

The processing equipment was supplied by Honeywell’s UOP Separex™ Membrane Systems division.

The processing equipment are belt filters, pressure belt filters, disk filters and static filters.

equipment during

Therefore, most of Canadian weapons and equipment during the war was imported from either Britain or the US.

The lack of available technical equipment during the war forced Chevalier and his team to innovate and develop their own.

This latter company employed up to 9,000 people at one time and was a major manufacturer of precision equipment during World War I.

equipment required

The nature of their disability will dictate the type of equipment required.

All the construction equipment required, along with trained operators, had to be brought in.

It will list the personnel and equipment required to be at the worksite before entry is allowed.

telecommunications equipment

ASCII codes represent text in computers, telecommunications equipment, and other devices.

Ericsson, the world's largest producer of mobile telecommunications equipment, shed thousands of jobs, as did the country's Internet consulting firms and dot-com start-ups.

Its major subsidiary Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., is a Chinese telecommunications equipment company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

equipment as well   (equipo también)

The maximum allowed power for portable equipment as well as base stations is 250 mW.

Electrical Engineers deals with the power generating equipment as well as the calculations.

The prime minister František Udržal also provided military equipment as well as people from the state services to finish the movie.

related equipment

The Edmonton area, and in particular Nisku is a major centre for manufacturing oil and gas related equipment.

Heel wedges and related equipment are discouraged by some as they are thought to worsen form over the long term.

In April she was fitted with fourteen Daihatsu-class landing craft, as well as a rangefinder and related equipment in May.

equipment and other   (equipo y otro)

Extensive updates to the lodges, trails, lift, maintenance equipment and other facilities have been made.

Human visitors to the alien sectors are shown using breathing equipment and other measures to tolerate the conditions.

The new Methil dock was entirely successful, and mechanical handling equipment and other modern aids ensured rapid loading of shipping.