fully equipped   (設備の整いました)

By 1978 the MBC was fully equipped for the broadcast of colour programs.

The faculty has several fully equipped labs used for research or teaching.

For those visitors wishing to stay, a fully equipped campsite is provided.

well equipped   (設備が整っている)

Honduras' infantry was smaller and less well equipped.

Vytautas' army was well equipped, but smaller in number.

The school is well equipped in all aspects, especially in technology.

not equipped   (装備されていない)

Being for track use only, the Pista is not equipped with lights.

Additionally, the present day building is not equipped with fire escapes.

The design was not equipped with air-search radar unlike her predecessors.

better equipped

According to Herodotus, the Greeks were better equipped.

The better equipped Hi-Deluxe version also appeared in December 1969.

This was also when the "Bravo" name was added to better equipped van models.

trained and equipped

Overall the military is poorly trained and equipped.

These units employ personnel that are trained and equipped for their task.

This incident ended with the victory of Japan’s well trained and equipped military force.

poorly equipped

Government forces were poorly equipped and unprepared for the war.

The TDF reservist is comparably poorly equipped for modern warfare.

Spain had a large army but it was poorly trained and poorly equipped.

initially equipped

Jasta 79 was initially equipped with Pfalz D.III fighters.

The squadron was initially equipped with the Cessna T-41 Mescalero.

It was initially equipped with three Douglas DB-7s and twenty-three Douglas P-70s.

equipped with modern

The school is equipped with modern technology known as 'The Smart Class.

This building was equipped with modern desks and a teacher’s desk and chair.

They were led by experienced military leaders and were equipped with modern arms.

came equipped

In 2014, BlackEnergy 3 came equipped with a variety of plug-ins.

During this time, PCs frequently came equipped with drives of both sizes.

The Japanese version came equipped with 16" alloys with chrome center caps.

squadron was equipped

The squadron was equipped with Hawker Harts.

Back at Bergstrom the squadron was equipped with new F-84s.

each equipped

They were each equipped with an 88 mm/26 (3.5 in) deck gun and an machine gun.

Max and Hit are each equipped with an automatic weapon and a missile launcher.

The building comprises mainly triple rooms, each equipped with air-conditioning and fans.

ships were equipped

The ships were equipped with 2 shaft reciprocating engines, which were rated at and produced a top speed of .